Store Online Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home For Cheap. Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Red Black Shopping Cheap Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home With Professional Service Free Shipping Jerry Russin, 14, of Jericho has a large collection of Planters Mr. Peanut memorabilia. His favorites are a 1950s Mr. Peanut Elmar Jet Racer and a 1930s Planters mint condition, unopened cooking oil can. (courtesy photo) The monocle wearing peanut with a top hat, yes, the one and only Planters' Mr. Peanut, is quite a coveted item for Jerry Russin, 14, of Jericho. He also collects California Raisins, antique sleds, baseball memorabilia, nutcrackers and coins, but the walking legume that's one thing he will never stop collecting, he said. I will never stop collecting Mr. Peanut. I am addicted for life. The feeling you get when you find items is so amazing and that's why I don't want to ever stop. I Love Mr. Peanut. Well, I was watching a TV show about different collections people had, and one guy collected Mr. Peanut. He had all kinds of items. He said that he thought it was fun to have something to look for when he went to flea markets and garage sales. So, I kind of thought in the back of my head "that's pretty cool." So, I went online and started reading about Mr. Peanut and began reading about people who collected and I enjoyed looking at pictures of what they had. Mr. Peanut is special because you have to realize that Mr. Peanut is one of the greatest marketing techniques in history. He literally helped break a social class divider. Peanuts were always the food of the poor people, and when Mr. Peanut was created and marketed he began to represent what was made to look like a very fancy and high end food. The barrier between who ate peanuts was so silly it literally took a peanut with clothes for people to not care anymore. What are your favorite pieces in the collection and why? My favorite pieces would have to be my 1950s Mr. Peanut Elmar Jet Racers; my 1930s Planters cooking oil can, unopened and in mint condition; my 1930s standing Mr. Peanut nut canister that came from Norfolk, Virginia as a souvenir; my 1946 banner celebrating 40 years of the success of Planters Peanuts; and my 1947 Planters Potato Chip Bag. The potato chip was a test product originally from the 40s that was not a success. They later tried it again, but it was still a bust. What are you looking for? Any special hard to find item? I am always on the lookout for items dating from 1916 1961. These items are from what I call the glory years. The Mr. Peanut vendor cart, the different colored banks and any old signs or displays which are harder to find items that I'm always on the lookout for. Do you take the collection to any trade shows? I haven't been able to, but there are conventions held around the country by a wonderful group called Peanut Pals. Their conventions are dedicated to nothing but Mr. Peanut, or as I would call it, a room of heaven. My dream is to someday go to one of their conventions and see all the different items and also meet the people who share the same passion of collecting Mr. Peanut. What are your future goals in life? I know that I need a job to support this collecting, but whatever that job ends up being, it's going to have to be something that allows me to work with antiques or true pieces of history, whether it's an antique shop, an auction house, an archival job or working at a museum. Anything else you would like to add? I would really like to thank my mom, Mia, my Aunt Corina, and The Breimann Family for helping me with my collection. My wife and I were cleaning out an elderly relatives house that had passed away. We came across a whole attice full of very old and vintage items and documents. Letters from the President Rutherford B Hayes, old confederate paper money, old gold coins from the mid 1800 etc. We found nothing that would be dated after 1931. In this collection of vintage items, letters, etc, we found a Mr. Peanut that stands 25 tall, posing with him leaning on his cane from the right side. Most of the images of Mr. Peanut shows him with his cane on the left. There is a marking on the stand that says Peanut Man. On the bottom it has a very old piece of paper that we cant make out what it says. Dont know if u would have any idea how old this thing actually is. Thank you And good luck with your collection we might have another you might be interested in. Peanut collectingJerry Russin on A passion for Mr. Peanut collectingAviation and Aerospace Careers Class mvu after school on Highgate center provides kids options in aviationnike free run 3 on Milton teen swims across the lakeArchives.

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Illinois 59, Purdue 46 10:42 second half The Illini already have more assists tonight than they've had in any Big Ten game this season. Tyler Griffey hoisted up a three pointer early in the half and a handful of fans behind us yelled "HEAT CHECK!" Griffey missed. He missed his next three but he followed his shot (paying attention, kids?) got the rebound, made the bucket and was fouled. "Got to throw it higher, it was there," Groce said after Illinois had an alley oop pass to Nnanna Egwu intercepted. Groce also told Tracy Abrams to play hard without fouling and spread the message to the rest of the team. Tracy came back wearing No. 12 after getting blood on his jersey. Tal Brody, whose jersey was raised to the rafters tonight, wore No. 12. Byrd hit a three with Sam McLaurin all over him, Groce turned to the bench and said, "That's a hell of a shot." Very nice to see Demetri McCamey geta nice hand from the crowd when he was shown on the video board. He was a whipping boy when he was here. Tight deadline, got to wrap this up. Illinois 43, Purdue 29 Halftime That's the first time the Illini have scored 40 points in the first half in Big Ten play. They had 47 against Auburn at the United Center. Matt Painter yelled "Motion!" That sounded very familiar. Painter has ben working on the officials and at least once, he got a call to go in his favor. "Call it both ways!" is what the fans here are yelling. The Krush is all over Painter kind of like the Indiana fans used to get on Weber. Not nearly as harsh, though. None of the Illinois coaches liked the second foul called on Nnanna Egwu. Tom eades hit him with a moving screen. Paul Klee is at the Colorado State game tonight. He says the Rams have 4,000 students in the house tonight. In Fort Collins. Four thousand. In the Chicago Public League, Whitney Young is leading Orr comfortably in the second half. Looks like it will be Young and Morgan Park in the title game. 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