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Dougald Lamont, a longtime Liberal communications specialist, became the second contender today in the leadership race for the provincial liberal party. A press release stated Lamont handed in his papers today at the Manitoba Liberal Party headquarters at 635 Broadway in Winnipeg this morning. He said he is running because he believes there is potential for the party to win more seats in the next provincial election, which is expected to occur in the spring of 2016. "When I look at the options for Manitoba, I think the NDP is tired and worn out," Lamont said. "Manitoba needs a change. That doesn include a sharp right turn under (Progressive Conservative Leader) Brian Pallister." Lamont, 44, is the owner of Jetpack Media, a advertising agency and communications consultation business he has been running since 2006. In past elections, he has worked for the provincial Liberals as a communications officer and for the federal Liberals as a special campaign advisor for the Manitoba based candidates. Winnipeg lawyer Rana Bokhari announced her intention July 22 to seek the Liberal leadership. Winnipeg businessman Robert Young, who had intended on running, has now said he wants to instead focus on his role as the party vice president. He has also endorsed Bokhari. "In my opinion a leader needs something to lead," Young said today. "My intention was and always will be to build something viable." The leadership convention is Oct. 26. The Liberals are trying to find a replacement for Jon Gerrard, who announced his resignation after the 2011 election that saw the party win only one seat out of 57 and 7.5 per cent of the popular vote, down from two seats and 12 per cent of the vote in 2007. The numbers don't yet suggest a Liberal surge similar to the one orchestrated by leader Sharon Carstairs in 1988. Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue ,Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 10 Powder Blue 2014 Family band Brown Shoe are playing two shows in the New York area this week. On Wednesday (3/28), the guys will be stopping at Rockwood Music Hall, followed by Union Hall in Brooklyn on Thursday (3/29). The band is currently on tour to promote their new album, The Gift Horse, which was released last year. Brown Shoe is made up of four brothers, Aaron, Bryson, Ryan, and Landon Baggaley, and their friend Chandler Clemons. According to the band's bio, the band was originally formed by Aaron and Ryan, who recruited their brother Bryson to play bass, and Jim Mikesell to play drums. When Mikesell left the band after the band recorded Jackalope in 2008, they brought on younger brother Landon as their drummer. In a change of sound, they also began including Clemons on keyboard at about the same time. In 2010, the band got back into the studio to begin recording The Gift Horse. The band's sound reminds me a bit of Coldplay vocally, but with more of an ethereal, soaring melody. Especially on songs like "Late Nights," off of The Gift Horse, there is a penchant for swelling choruses that wash over you with sound. The Gift Horse also has a couple of songs that are less up beat, like "Sick Man" and "Sweet Crazy Baby," which depart from much of their work, but end up taking the album in a very honest direction. A music video for the song "Sweet Crazy Baby," was recently released. The video features the band somberly playing as they look on at a sole ballerina dancing. Brown Shoe's show at Rockwood Music Hall on Wednesday is free and begins at 10pm. Doors for the band's Union Hall show are at 8pm, and tickets are $10 on the day of the show. The Gift Horse is available now. The video for "Sweet Crazy Baby" can be found in the left hand column. Charlie Sheen open to being in 'Two And A Half Men' finaleThe hit series 'Two And A Half Men' is drawing to a close, and fans have been clammering for the return of Charlie Sheen. While many fans would be delighted to see him appear in the finale, there. Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue,If you're into vegan style cooking, drop into this Mediterranean restaurant that is a favorite for locals at lunch. Start your meal with a Lebanese roll with rice and a salad. You can add chicken or beef, grilled lamb or falafels with a side order of fattoush, dolmas or lentil soup. A great way to start the day is with the restaurant's Mediterranean inspired breakfast. There are few restaurants that charge less for either lunch or breakfast. I Dream of Falafel When you enter , you'll be taken aback the walls that are piled high with coolers, containing the almost 75 craft brews that this restaurant has available. If you care for something besides beer, is well stocked with spirits and flavored waters. The menu is varied, featuring traditional bar food as well as dishes such as pepperjack cheese and bacon wrapped Cajun shrimp, sesame crusted Ahi tuna salad and numerous pasta dishes. This restaurant has a separate room with a flat panel television and a studio quality audio visual system for sport fans.225 N. Michigan Ave. Located in the lobby of Equinox Fitness, is known for its healthy menu. It's also the model of efficiency, especially important if you have to return to your job after a workout. Grab a clipboard when you first enter and select the type of food that you want such as a salad, bowl of soup or a wrap. Customize it with toppings that include turkey, tuna, chicken, vegetables and your choice of dressing. It's very reasonably priced by Chicago standards and offers plenty of vegetarian options, too.

Buy Authentic Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue,Air Jordan 11 Low Concord "This series we played on all cylinders," Shields said. "We pitched, we hit, we played some good defence. We drew our walks, we had good situational hitting and good timely hitting. "I think this is the first series all year that we really hit on all cylinders, so it is nice to see. Alejandro De Aza had a two run double for the White Sox, who lost their fourth straight game. Starter Andre Rienzo (4 4) allowed six runs and six hits in six innings. The White Sox have lost 10 of their past 11 home games against the Royals been outscored 53 20 in them. "Obviously they're playing good baseball and we're scuffling a little bit," Gordon Beckham said. "You know, it's part of (the game). It's frustrating, but we played a pretty good game today. Grinding out at bats, try to do some good things. It just didn't go our way." With one out in the first inning, Hosmer connected on a 1 2 pitch for a two run shot to centre. It was his fourth of the season. "We're getting off to early leads," Hosmer said. "We're giving our pitchers breathing room early. The way they have been throwing for us all year they have been lights out. Now to give them nice breathing room early and get some leads and not let them to be fine with their pitches and let them go out there and let the defence work." With the Royals up 2 1 in the third inning with two outs, Billy Butler was hit by Rienzo's pitch. Alex Gordon drew a walk then Perez followed with a home run to left, giving the Royals a 5 1 lead. It was Perez's seventh of the season. Mike Moustakas scored from second on Jarrod Dyson's RBI single in the fourth inning after he was initially ruled out on a force at second base. The call was overturned after a challenge. Adam Eaton led off the first inning with a hard grounder that went underneath Hosmer's glove at first. Eaton wound up with a stand up triple. One pitch later, Shields appeared to have Eaton picked off at third base, but plate umpire Paul Emmel ruled that Shields did not step off the rubber and awarded Eaton home. Royals manager Ned Yost argued the balk and was tossed by Emmel as he was headed back to the dugout. Yost then confronted Emmel for another animated conversation before leaving the game. "I said something when I was walking away that made me sit in this office," Yost said. "I don't think I ever got kicked out before the first out in the bottom of the first. I just felt really strongly that was a good play." De Aza had a two run double off Shields in the fourth inning. NOTES: Yost was ejected for the third time this season. . White Sox LHP John Danks is scheduled to start on Tuesday against the Giants. He is 2 1 with a 2.11 ERA in his past three starts. . Eaton finished the game with three hits. . White Sox C Tyler Flowers had the day off. He is in a 0 for 22 slump. After a strong start Flowers' average has dropped to .250. Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Ask your parents or someone older you know about clogs and they're sure to remember how popular these shoes were in the seventies. Clogs are now starting to get fashionable again. What are clogs? For people who aren't aware of them, it is the total design that makes clogs what they are. Clogs are easily worn because these shoes have open backs. You can slip them on and slip them off rather easily. The older clog designs had leather tops and wooden soles. Their toes pointed up a bit and were rounded. Think of "Little Dutch" shoes; that's what clogs resembled. Clogs are just the more modern forms. Women like clogs more than men simply because women adore how they can just put the shoes on and go. Those women who especially like wearing sandals would like clogs more. They could put on clogs while keeping some portions of their feet enclosed. Clogs are ideal because you don't have to use them only on particular seasons. You could wear clogs all throughout the year even if you wear or don't wear socks. A great variety of clogs are around for women to try. These could be made of leather, wood, canvas, suede or they could be garden clogs. Whichever among the varieties of clogs you buy would be based on your own preferences and what your intentions for the clogs might be. As an example, garden clogs are just ideal for gardeners, obviously. They are useful footwear since they could be washed off and used again after they get really dirty. They are created out of tough plastics. It's true that clogs for men exist. A lot of guys don't know about that although even if they knew about it, they may still not consider the idea of wearing them. Historically, only women have been wearing clogs and that's why guys wouldn't really think about wearing clogs. But men's clogs are different from women's clogs. Clogs for guys are colored brown or black and they're made out of good leather. Another facet which men might like are the clogs' heels. For the clogs made for women, their heels usually are big chunks, but clogs for guys aren't actually chunky. The many uses for clogs might have made a lot of people like them. Even those in the medical professions like them. Medical clogs are usually made of strong rubber on their tops and bottoms. These give protection from germs and dangers to the feet of doctors and nurses. Medical professionals usually like wearing clogs since they don't slip and a lot of hospitals' floors could be rather slippery. Clogs aren't just popular for their designs; a lot of people like wearing clogs because they are very practical. Clogs have been with us for years now and it isn't likely that they'd go away anytime soon.

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