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Two days ago I found out that one of my relatives was ill, courtesy the PIC drug fiasco. My first reaction was to ask why a person who could afford private medical care would go to a hospital that can't even provide parking facility to its patients in cases of emergency. But then I knew the answer already. Every one in Lahore, and even in the far off surrounding areas, who has ever had a case of cardiac or related complication, is always advised by all specialist doctors to go straight to the PIC in cases of emergencies. The doctors there are the best, the facilities are state of the art, and allegedly even the staff in charge of cleaning the corridors, is more proficient in dealing with heart related emergencies than any wide eyed emergency doctor in most private hospitals. I personally have been to PIC on three occasions. Once when a dear one was discharged by a private hospital with an all clear receipt and a hefty bill, only to inform a panicking me an hour later that they were sorry but they didn't know why the patient had collapsed and that I should take my patient to PIC, because PIC is the best place for such happenings. The best as it turned out, comprised of an overflowing emergency ward, an over efficient hanger on more interested in assessing my tip generating potential than finding me a wheelchair, and a newlywed nurse who asked me to prepare my patient for an ECG while she examined the mehndi on her hands. With trembling hands I scuffled with my patient all the while tugging at the curtain to create privacy from the prying eyes of the male patients crowding outside. As I fought for a wheelchair and pushed my patient from one corridor to another, panic gripping my heart and hopelessness eating on my inside, the only thing that kept me pulled together was the presence of extremely professional doctors on duty. They were rude, they were inattentive, they even told me to shut up and leave, but even in an emotional haze I could see that they knew what they were doing. Their patient did not need a panicking relative and they themselves didn't need a teary eyed attendant who thought Google had made her a cardiothoracic expert. I was unceremoniously told to get lost, and I knew in my heart that my patient was in good hands. The second time I went to PIC was for another emergency. The patient was old and I was driving. There was no place to park the car, and no possibility of leaving the patient unattended at the door. Around thirty minutes of emergency time was spent in roaming around the hospital periphery trying to find a parking spot. The patient's breath became irregular, and bowel control was lost. The traffic around the emergency entrance thickened. By the time I made it to the emergency room, I myself needed a nerve relaxant and a scolding from an irritated heart specialist. The third time I visited PIC was when I asked a friend to find me a PIC doctor for a consult. "Let's take you to the PIC and run some tests", said the doctor. It was a textbook lesson in how the presence of a senior doctor could turn tables within an instant. A cloistered emergency room swarming with hollering patients and their clueless relatives was cleared out within minutes because the doctor scanned medical histories, and chalked out treatment plans. The bottleneck at the entrance was cleared just by telling everyone where they needed to be instead of just standing there and getting into one another's way. So my question from my ailing relative with a PIC drug reaction was why he needed to go to PIC in the first place when he was in no emergency and he could easily afford a private consult. I got my answer infixed in a narrative of how he was one of the estimated 40,000 registered patients at the PIC entitled to free medicines owing to their government jobs. So whom did he blame for the whole drug reaction issue, I asked. Was it those who concealed the whole issue, or those who tampered with the procurement records? Was it those who ignored drug returning procedure, or those who never invested in drug testing facilities? Or was it those who never discussed the issue in a committee meeting on January 12 despite having identified the issue and its connection to the PIC? Was it the federal government, or the provincial government, the secretary health or the doctors? The answer took me by surprise. It was the media. Wasn't it the responsibility of the media to make breaking news of the issue the moment it came to light? What was the media that prides itself on inside sources and scoops, doing between December 15 and January 4? By the time the head of PIC identified the issue in a meeting on January 12, 46,000 cardiac patients had been provided free medicines, from which only 7500 were available for telephonic contact. Wasn't it the ethical and social responsibility of the media who prides itself for averting coups and restoring judiciaries, to take it upon itself to inform those who could not be reached through telephone, to declare a state of emergency, to inform those who were poor and illiterate and couldn't read the newspapers? While the media was breaking news about Mansoor Ijaz's Stupidisco and Maya Khan's raid in the parks; ordinary people were vomiting blood and paying hefty fee to clueless doctors, to die after being reassured that all was well with their prescriptions. 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It's a fun and easy watch and each episode is only half an hour long. You'll also be introduced to the other cast of characters you may want to emulate as well. Have long straight hair. A distinctive feature of Marcia Brady is her long blonde hair. Part it in the middle and keep is fuss free. If your hair isn't long and straight or blonde, get a wig so you can really look like her. It simply won't do if you're a brunette with curly hair. Stay slim and svelte. Marcia Brady is thin, so keep your body looking like hers. If you're not on the slim side, dance, work out or find other ways to stay active. Your legs need to look just right when you're wearing those miniskirts. Wear hippie clothes. Because Marcia Brady grew up in the 70's you need to dress the part. Wear turtlenecks with a short mini skirt. You may pair it up with a suede vest. If you wear a blouse, make sure the collar is large and stiff. Prints have to be psychedelic, floral or other funky prints. If you prefer pants over skirts, it should be bell bottoms of course! Have the right footwear. Wear wedge platform shoes on your feet to complete the look. Cork side soles are a good option. If wearing boots, wear it with your mini skirt. You will look just adorable in it! Wear light makeup. As a finishing touch, wear a minimal amount of makeup. Wear a bit of gloss, some mascara and just a bit of eye shadow makeup. You can don bright colors such purple, bright blue and green. If you keep it subtle, it will look just right. Have a smile on your face. Marcia Brady is popular because she was a nice friendly girl next door. If you want to look to the part, smile. Don't frown or go around looking glum and depressed. It just won't do. Life is fun and easy for Marcia Brady so you need to look jolly. Nike Kobe 9 EM White Gold,Dansko has several different types of shoes that are available now for spring. A great brand, and always very popular, Dansko has a wide selection of great spring shoes that will keep you upbeat, active and ready for the warm weather. With the right Dansko shoes for spring, you will have the footwear to look great and enjoy each day of beautiful weather, sights and sounds. When you are looking at spring shoes in general, a main attraction is the how comfortable the shoes will be in warm weather. Many pairs of shoes which are purchased during the winter month are decided on without considering the warm temperatures and humidity which, depending on where you live, can be common during these months. Most of the time, people love to wear sandals in the spring. When you are looking at shoes like Dansko sandals, the soles are thick enough to stay up off of the wet surfaces, but you also have enough breathing room from the open toes to keep you moving comfortably in the warm months. A great style for any spring season is a splash of color. Dansko makes several sandals and spring shoes that are black, brown, or white, but they also have a few styles that have a floral pattern. This is a great way to celebrate spring time with a flourish! One of the most popular Dansko shoes for spring is the Dansko Naomi. This is a black and floral fabric shoe. It is a wrap around sandal, with a strap in the back and straps across the front of the feet. It is an open toed shoe for that great spring look. Color is also one of the most important things to consider when it comes to which type of sandal you might be wearing throughout the spring and the summer seasons. Get a pair to go with everything that you own. Remember for night time occasions, wearing jeans, or more formal clothing, black or brown sandals are great. However, you can have a lot of fun with white and tan sandals for an even more summery look. No matter what color you would like to have in your sandals, Dansko has some great ideas for you this spring. There are other fantastic Dansko shoes that are available for spring. If you are into white sandals and lighter colors, there are several different types of Dansko shoes for you. There is a Dansko Naomi in white, a white sandal with flowers. You can also get a Dansko Naomi in white and beige, without the flowers. Remember, the Dansko sandals that are white or beige are great for wearing with summery dresses, shorts, or other light colored items. Traditionally, Dansko shoes that come in lighter colors are going to be less formal. For that slightly dressier look, there are several different great Dansko shoes for spring. The Dansko Raleigh made with black calf leather, is one of the more popular styles for springtime because it is classy and black, but also very open, which lends itself to warmer weather. The Dankso Rochelle is also black, but is not as open as the Raleigh, and so the Rochelle is great for work time or even for fancy dinners out. There is also a Dansko Daria, with three main buckle straps, for a unique and vintage look. The Daria comes in black, brown, and butterscotch. When you find darker colored Dansko sandals, you can still wear them with your spring and summer attire. Remember that for jeans and dark colors, these black and brown sandals look great and accentuate the rest of your outfit. Another thing to consider when you are looking for those perfect sandals to go with your spring wardrobe is the height of the shoes in question. Spring is an interesting time, on one hand you want to celebrate the warmer weather, but on the other hand, you still have to deal with the wet ground and with some messes here and there. Therefore, the type of sandal you get is going to be very important. For a spring look with a heel, there are Dansko Lolita sandals that are a little bit taller and a little bit thicker. They'll keep you up off of the wet ground, and allow you to still enjoy the warm weather. The Lolita comes in black, and there is also the Dansko Reid, which comes in brown calf leather. Both of these styles are sure to have you turning heads, as they are higher shoes, but still very classy. For all of your spring shoe needs, including sandals and closed toed shoes, Dansko has great looking styles made from quality materials, at great prices.

Looking For Cheap Nike Kobe 9 EM White Gold,Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 The Best Red Espadrilles This SeasonIf your looking for a fun and spunky summer look red espadrilles are a great addition to your wardrobe. Ranging from totally casual to slightly dressy, these fun and flighty shoes show you are confidant in your style and don't mind showing of a your feet in bright, hot red. Here are a wide range of the some really gorgeous red espadrille shoes that you are going to love. Be they flat, high or low heeled these espadrilles are flirty and fun. Just the right balance between casual and stylish. You can were these strolling about or to a party. A great shoe to walk around the streets in warm towns and cities. They are lightweight but still look smart and will add a splash of color to the most casual outfit. A Lace Look Red Leather Espadrille Flat Skechers Women's Bobs Doily Flat Skechers Women's Bobs Doily Flat,Red,7 M USThese beautiful flats are a real attention grabber, the lovely doily crochet look make them stand out. Made by Sketchers, this is a very comfortable shoe, almost like wearing a pair of comfortable flip flops. The fit is true to size so you do not have to worry about that. While they might start of a bit tight they will stretch comfortably to accommodate your width. A perfect summer shoe. Virginia Allain 2 years ago from Central Florida Level 5 Commenter How funny. Espadrilles were on my list of pages to make. You did a great job here, so it saves me the trouble. ipadreview 2 years ago They sure are bold and flirty, great selection. Steph Tietjen 2 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico Very nice selection. I have always loved these comfortable shoes and RED is best! Ninche 2 years ago Color red + shoes + summer = perfect match! malena10 2 years ago I love everything in red! ;) Pam Irie 2 years ago from Land of Aloha Level 3 Commenter I love red, so these espadrilles are "right up my alley". :) lilpixiedust 2 years ago I like the pair of shoes from the introduction picture. Tamara14 24 months ago from Zagreb, Croatia, Europe Level 2 Commenter Oh my, I was so sure the espadrilles were long gone. My entire generation used to love to wear them and they were such a hit that our national factory used to make them for decades. I love the selection here, totally breathtaking. I only had flats and the design was very simple. I love the open toe slingback model :) I must get them. Thanks. Nike Kobe 9 EM White Gold A Z Sports Athletics Boxing Cricket Cycling Disability Sport Football Formula 1 Gaelic Games Golf Horse Racing Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Swimming Tennis Winter Sports Full Sports A Z Events Glasgow 2014 World Cup 2014 World Sport European Football Champions League African Football Around the UK England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Football Wales Welsh Football Tables Live Scores All Teams Leagues CupsTables Welsh Football Home More from Football Live Scores All Teams Leagues Cups Wales Home Football Home It was a dramatic ending and the result eases the pressure on Wales boss Chris Coleman but leaves his Scottish counterpart Craig Levein facing an uncertain future. Levein had attracted criticism after Scotland opened with two home draws against Serbia and Macedonia while Wales had started with a defeat to Belgium in Cardiff and a 6 1 thumping in Serbia. But after Coleman avoided becoming the first Wales manager to lose five successive games at the start of his tenure he can now face Croatia on Tuesday with renewed heart. The Scots, who had not won in Cardiff since 1983, were boosted by the return of two Fletchers to the side. Manchester United midfielder Darren had been out for 11 months with a chronic bowel complaint but returned to captain Scotland, while striker Steven in hot scoring form for Sunderland was back having buried the hatchet with Levein after a two year exile. The two players were to the fore as Scotland took an early grip on the game, Darren Fletcher sitting just in front of his defence and spreading the ball wisely, while his striking namesake lurked on the shoulders of the Welsh defenders. A series of short free kicks, with Gary Caldwell heavily involved, gave Wales some nervous early moments, but when they broke clear Bale flashed a volley a couple of feet above Allan McGregor goal. The Tottenham winger had started on the right and moments later Bale went even closer after being picked out by Chris Gunter lofted pass down the flank. Bale cut back inside Daniel Fox and unleashed a curling left foot shot that went just wide of the far post. Scotland best chance of the opening quarter fell to Alan Hutton, but the full back speculative shot caused Lewis Price no discomfort as it sailed high over his bar. The adventure from Scotland full backs Hutton and Fox did leave spaces for Wales to counter into though. Aaron Ramsey, stripped of the Wales captaincy in favour of Ashley Williams, surged upfield before playing in Joe Allen on the left. The Liverpool midfielder brought the ball on to his right foot and only a fine sliding charge from Caldwell stopped the goal bound shot. Bale continued to threaten and outpaced Fox to curl a cross into Morison on the back post. As several Wales players shook their heads in disbelief, McGregor thumped the ball long and high downfield where Steven Fletcher was alive to the opportunity. The Sunderland striker outmuscled his marker to flick the ball into Morrison path and the West Brom man accepted the invitation to bury the ball low past

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