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The desire to make our outdoor living spaces as comfortable as our indoor spaces has led to a growth in the outdoor carpet industry. The choices and colors are many and, like indoor carpet, it usually comes in rolls of 12 foot width and is sold by the running yard. Marine carpet, however, usually comes in widths of 6 feet or 8 feet. Frequently referred to as "indoor/outdoor" carpet, this term is really a misnomer. You could use outdoor carpet indoors, but you would never use indoor carpet outdoors. The main concerns are moisture resistance, UV ray stabilization (fade resistance), and mold and mildew resistance. These concerns are addressed by making the carpet with certain fibers and using certain construction methods, as well as special installation adhesives. There is really only one fiber that is suitable for outdoor carpet: polypropylene, usually referred to as "olefin." A by product of the petroleum refining process, polypropylene is dyed while it is still a liquid (solution dyed) so the color is a permanent part of the fiber and thus won't fade or stain. Some of the artificial turf products are made with a nylon fiber for its tensile strength. Since these are usually constructed in a cut pile, the stronger fiber is needed for the cut tips of the fiber to stand up to foot traffic. There are also products called "outdoor sisal" for a more natural, woven grass look. The "outdoor" part of "outdoor sisal" means that it is really made out of polypropylene, but colored and constructed to look like sisal grass. Tufted carpet is the least expensive to make, but requires special attention when used outdoors. The fiber tufts are pushed into a primary backing and then a second backing is adhered for stability. However, exposed to the weather, these two backings could separate. The need for a second backing can be eliminated by instead adding a latex coating, making the carpet more durable but harder to roll, ship and install. Tufted carpet can be made in "cut pile" or "loop pile." The latter is preferable for durability as people are then walking on the twisted sides of the fiber instead of the cut tips of the fiber. Woven carpet is an excellent choice for outdoor carpet construction. Made on a loom, the carpet fibers are interlocked and cannot "run" or be separated. This type can also be made in cut pile or loop pile. A popular and more durable construction for outdoor carpet is "needle punched." Like woven carpet, the fibers are interlocked but with needles and then put in a latex bath to hold it all together. At many golf course clubhouses, the carpet for outdoor landings used by the golfers is spike proof. To achieve this, it has a cut pile of around half an inch high with enough tufts per square inch to give it a fiber density (ounces per cubic yard) of 3200 or more. This construction keeps the golf shoe spikes from reaching the carpet backing and tearing up the carpet. "Marine carpet" is just a low profile outdoor carpet used for boats. It frequently has a "rubberized" back and is available in smaller quantities for the do it yourself crowd. Be sure to get marine adhesive for the installation. Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber ,Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement Air Jordan 6 Rings Powder Blue Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal Air Jordan 7 Olympic Gold Medal Pack OMEGA addicts, good news! OMEGA has announced the launch of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition, the world's first watch to bond ceramics and Liquidmetal. The Liquidmetal alloy is an amorphous metal a metallic material with a disordered, non crystalline atomic structure. Its fusion temperature is half that of conventional titanium alloys but when it is cooled, its hardness is three times as great as that of stainless steel. Its amorphous structure allows it to bond seamlessly with the ceramic bezel. OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal timepiece will be a limited edition of 1,948 pieces, that number being a nod to year in which the first Omega Seamaster made its debut. As with other Planet Ocean automatics, movement is the OMEGA 2500; as many know, this is the proven ETA 2892 base modified for the innovative OMEGA Co Axial Escapement. The OMEGA Seamaster collection enjoys an all new innovative addition to the family with the unveiling of the Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition Watch. The claim to fame for this particular timepiece is based on its special ceramic bezel which is further accentuated with a patented Liquidmetal process which creates a seamless bonding with unparalleled hardness and durability. Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber,If there is one thing we learned from Robin Hood, Hudson Hawk and that guy who gives Indy his hat in the beginning of The Last Crusade, it's that sometimes even the most hardened lawbreaker will defy all expectations and do the right thing to help another human being in need. 7. Carjacker Defeats Terrorism Normally, someone stealing a big red van parked out in front of some brownstones in a decent part of Brooklyn isn't considered too out of the ordinary. And if the countless hours we've spent watching Steven Seagal movies poorly edited for TNT have taught us nothing else, it is that 99 percent of the time that stolen van will find its way into some dockside warehouse to be stripped down by a bunch of dudes wearing denim vests and bandannas. But on July 3, 2008, this criminal act was just a prelude to heroism. As he drove his newly acquired vehicle from the scene of the crime, the carjacker noticed something strange the entire back of the van was stuffed to the brim with explosives and accelerant, a rat's nest of gas cans, wires and switches. This is the point at which your average person would jump out of the car like Charlie Sheen in Navy Seals without a second thought. The most civic minded of us might call the police, once we were well out of the blast radius. For most of us, the 911 call would go something like: "Holy balls! Holy balls! Holy fuck fuck BALLS!" But this unnamed auto thief couldn't bring himself to flee the vehicle he was in the middle of a neighborhood, surrounded by buildings filled with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of innocent people. Instead he drove the bomb rigged van some 15 blocks until he found a deserted stretch of waterfront where he could park it. Then he called a police officer he knew from past run ins with the law and told him about the bomb. Because the first thing cops do after arresting you is exchange phone numbers. Police officials praised the carjacker, and no charges were filed for the break in, teaching us all the powerful lesson that you can steal from anyone you want, as long as they're fucking terrorists. 6. Burglars Steal Laptop, Stop Pedophile Laptops and smartphones have to be two of the most stolen devices in the world easy to carry, easy to convert into money (or drugs!). They really are a godsend for anyone interested in a future in the criminal arts. So when two crooks broke into Richard Coverdale's Yorkshire home in August of 2009, they went right for the most obvious target his laptop. Curiously, they left his treasure dungeon untouched. That is, until the thieves a 20 year old woman and a 38 year old man turned themselves in. As it happens, Mr. Coverdale's laptop was a cornucopia of child pornography. "Boy, I hope this doesn't backfire somehow." The burglars had found over 70 disturbing and thunderously illegal images on the computer, but that wasn't all they also found evidence that Coverdale had been impersonating a young boy in order to trick a 14 year old girl into video chatting with him, at which point he exposed himself on camera. The thieves, having no way to tip the cops off to the abuse without admitting that they had stolen the laptop ("Yeah, we were just walking past his house when this laptop came flying out of the window!"), did the right thing anyway and called the cops. "That's right, officer. Some guys broke into our house and gave us a stolen laptop filled with child pornography. Do you buy that?" The pedophile got three and a half years in jail. The robbers received 12 month community service sentences in light of their good deed, but to be entirely honest, busting a pedophile is a much better service to the community than painting curbs or picking trash off the median. 5. Home Invader Saves His Victim China is pretty close to the top of our list of worst places to run afoul of the law, thanks to such atrocities as the massacre at Tiananmen Square and Richard Gere's performance in Red Corner. "And 20 extra years for Dr. T and the Women! Bailiff, take him away!" These were certainly on the mind of one miscreant as he broke into a home in Lanzhou, a city in northwest China, in May of 2010. The home invader was slinking about, presumably throwing valuables into a giant sack with a dollar sign on it, when he heard the sound of glass breaking. He ran into the bedroom to investigate and found the house's owner, an elderly woman, lying on the floor in the advanced stages of having her shit ruined. She'd been woken by severe chest pains, and in her struggle to get to her medicine she had accidentally knocked it off the bedside table, creating a unique opportunity for the burglar to steal the everloving fuck out of everything in her house. However, the thief instead opted to help the old woman with her pills. Eventually, she recovered enough to ask what the hell he was doing in her room in the middle of the night. Keeping with his bizarre noble streak, he answered honestly, and then tore ass out of there like a flaming housecat. 4. Modern Robin Hood Steals From Rich, Gives to Hobos The impulse to take from The Man is a strong one, and it rose up most recently in the heart of an Italian man named Pasquale D'Angelo, known about town as an altruist and a full time charity worker. However, the death of his mother pushed him a little over the edge, and he decided on a way to benefit his fellow man that would rock infinitely more tits than any local charity. "Would you like to help the unfortunate?" Armed with a toy gun and a freshly empty space that once held the fucks he gave, Pasquale held up the Cassa di Risparmio di Forli for 1,900 lira and then immediately ran outside and started handing the money out to homeless people hanging around nearby. When the police somehow failed to catch him, Pasquale became even more emboldened and stuck up the Banca Nazionale di Lavoro in Rimini, this time making it out with 3,500 euros. Cash in hand, Pasquale made a beeline for the nearest bar and started tossing out euros to the poorest drunks he could find.

For Cheap Womens Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber,Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Understand the basic reason Boolean identities take their form; some of them are consistent with basic algebra, others are consistent with how circuits work. Like regular algebra, Boolean algebra has associative, distributive and commutative properties. Think in circuit terms when looking at A + 1 = 1. One represents a signal that superimposes whatever number "A" happens to be. When you're connecting "A" to another "A," you're still getting "A." Think of connecting two party string lights. Imagine both string lights having hot peppers; after connecting both string lights, you still have a string light of hot peppers. To understand double inversion, invert the number 2 to get Invert and you'll end up with 2 again. But, unlike algebra, multiplying these two numbers results in zero, not one. This is due to a canceling effect. This article uses a single apostrophe to represent a bar written over the top of a variable. Discover how to simplify Boolean. How to Convert in Boolean Algebra Use the distributive property to simplify the Boolean expression. Example: B(C + A) + AB = OUTPUT B(C + A) is the. How to Simplify Boolean Functions Boolean algebra is a way of expressing logic using mathematical notation. Boolean equations can be very complicated, but there are a number. Simplification of Boolean Functions Boolean algebra consists of the rules and mathematical operations for binary systems such as computers and other electrical circuits where both inputs. How to Simplify Algebraic Expressions Simplifying an expression is the first step to solving algebra problems. . In order to simplify Boolean algebra, it important to understand. How to Simplify Algebra With a Math CalculatorNumbers and formulas help us put randomness into order. Electronics is no exception, and Boolean algebra takes confusing circuit. How to Convert a Truth Table to a Boolean Expression Simplify the Boolean expression to minimize the circuit. The laws of Boolean algebra provide several rules for simplifying expressions. Simplification of Boolean Functions Simplification of Boolean Functions. Part of the series: Algebra Math Help. In order to simplify Boolean functions, it important to have. How to Write Boolean Expressions A Boolean expression is a phrase that when used in a programming language, results in a value that is either "true" or. Everyday Uses for Boolean Algebra Boolean algebra is unique in that it is applicable for both numbers and problem solving. The basic concept that every outcome has. A Simple Explanation of Boolean Algebra The commutative law suggests that when working with mathematical equations that involve simple addition and simple multiplication, . Solving Boolean Algebra. Rules of Boolean Algebra Boolean algebra uses algebraic conventions to work with the logic values of true or false. . Linear Equations; Rules of Boolean Algebra;. Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber "Austempered ductile iron, if engineered, produced, processed and implemented properly, is a remarkable material. A well conceived application presents an opportunity for broader ADI use. if ill conceived and hastily implemented, however, potential markets may be closed for years."With these words, John R. Keough, head of Applied Process, Inc., summed up the limiting prospects of austempered ductile iron for those who attended the 1991 World ADI Conference on March 12 14 in Bloomingdale, illinois.Like other speakers, he detailed ways to improve ADI metallurgy, production and quality, and, thus, extend the range of the metal's applications. ADI has grown from a laboratory curiosity to a competitive engineering material successful in automotive, agricultural, construction, mining, military, railroad and industrial components, Keough said.However, much needs to be done to attract the attention of design engineers and casting specifiers to the long range benefits provided by ADI parts, he added.The ADI meeting, which attracted representatives from 20 countries, underscored the importance of austempered ductile iron as an engineering material and increasingly as a competitor of other cast and forged products.To further reinforce ADI's acceptance as a casting material, Robert Christ of Deere and Co. reported the June 1990 publication of ASTM specifications that establish National Standard Specifications for five strength grades of austempered ductile iron.In his keynote address, Karl B. Rundman of Michigan Technological University said obvious forces promoting ADI growth include a rising demand for a higher duty material, user education aimed at establishing the quality and consistency of ADI, and expanding the industry's capacity to produce it.ADI demand, he said, will come from a need by designers for higher performance metal components. Ultimately, market penetration will be sustained only by tight controls and limits on alloy content, solidification processing and heat treatment. The ideal production scenario for ADI, Rundman said, would be for the casting supplier to dedicate melting ADI grades with a captive heat treat facility.The large number of applications attractive for austempered ductile iron are those requiring higher strengths and ductilities than are normally attainable in other grades of ductile iron, he said. These applications traditionally have gone to other ferrous materials, such as steel castings and forgings or welded steel fabrications.The demand for ADI will come from designers selecting materials to meet physical, mechanical and economic specifications, Rundman concluded.ADI use is growing because the material demonstrates a good combination of strength, toughness and wear resistance. Since ADI is 10% lighter than steel and is a cast iron, the buyer can benefit from near net shape manufacturing and lower energy consumption per pound. Because ductile iron now enjoys a widening producer base, competition will continue to push ADI technology to extend production efficiencies and user economies.The conference cited the fact that ADI already is replacing some steel forgings and castings by virtue of its excellent properties and relatively low manufacturing cost. Applications are diverse and include: railroad wheels, suspension parts,

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