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In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tie shoelaces faster. The knot presented in this video is the Ian Knot. Begin by doing an overhand knot by grabbing he two strings, cross one over, tuck it in the loop and pull down. Now grab the left string with your left hand. The string should be on top of your thumb and index finger. Do the same on the right side. Now crossover the strings and pull. This video will benefit those viewers who have trouble tying shoes or would like to learn a easier and faster way to tie shoes. This video is a demonstration of two ways to tie your shoes. The first method is as follows. Cross the two strings over each other, tuck one under the other, and pull it to tighten. Make a look with one string, then make the same loop with the other string. Cross the two loops, take one of the loops and tuck it in the hole between the two strings, and pull it. The second way starts the same as the first. After you have the first knot, make one loop and hold it with your thumb and index finger. Take the other string and cross it over the loop, push it through the hole and pull it out, then pull. Chris from Hack College shows us the fastest way to tie our shoelaces. He starts with the regular twist around knot on a shore. The key is to take two loops one that crosses on the inside and one that crosses on the outside. Then put the loops through each other so that they switch positions and pull the loops to tighten the knot. A better description is to make two arches (loops) one towards him and the other away from him. Then switch them in the middle and pull. Since practise will make perfect, he encourages us to keep on practising to tie the lace as fast as possible. 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"Honestly, it went the rest of the game did," Tanner responded when asked what went wrong on the given up goals. A scoreless first half saw the Clear Falls on the attack most of the half. Senior goalkeeper was once again able to make the saves she needed to keep the Lady Knights off the board, including one that saw her fully sprawled out to her left. There was considerably more action in the second half, with West Brook getting on the board first. Senior midfielder took a free kick from about 30 yards out on the near the right sideline and drilled it past Clear Falls goalkeeper , who barely got a piece of the ball before it went in the net. Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black,The Walking Dead On Netflix Season 3 You can watch The Walking Dead on Netflix instantly. Register you have access to a wide variety of movies and TV series in streaming instantly . Netflix: The Walking Dead: Season 3. Save The Walking Dead: Season 3 of your movie list. 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