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McDonald's offers free breakfast on test day Glynn County students taking the Criterion Referenced Competency Tests Wednesday can stop at McDonald's restaurants throughout Brunswick and St. Simons Island that morning for a free breakfast. Compton, the lectures bring prominent speakers to the Golden Isles each year to benefit the Coastal Georgia community. Proceeds from the lecture will contribute to the development of scholarships for the college's new scholar athlete programs. Reeves will speak in the Terrill Thomas Auditorium on the college campus. Admission is $10. Tickets may be purchased by calling (912) 279 5777. Thursday at Fort King George State Historic Site. The Revolutionary War action included the British invasion of Liberty County in November 1778 and the capture of Sunbury and Fort Morris in January 1779. Ramsaur recently helped to identify Georgia's Revolutionary War Trail eight historic locations along the Savannah River and the Atlantic Coast. He edited a series of nine brochures that describe Georgia's major Revolutionary War battles that the Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution published. The Lower Altamaha Historical Society is sponsoring Ramsaur's Thursday program that is free and open to the public. Hofwyl plantation to host 1 day encampment Re enactors from Company A of the 26th Georgia, or Brunswick Riflemen, will stage the encampment near the historic plantation house. Visitors can walk through the encampment, speak to soldiers and learn what life was like for a typical Civil War soldier. Hofwyl plantation's original owner, George C. Dent, was an officer in the original 26th Georgia. 624041 700 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt ,Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Red Black Air Jordan 5 Retro Quai 54 White Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Prelude Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Black Red 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM Not long ago, my brother called me in a state of absolute excitement. He felt he stumbled upon a breakthrough moneymaking vehicle that promised unlimited wealth, but required very little effort. He had purchased a CD with thousands of eBooks "covering many different topics "with full resale rights. I mean, if someone is doing something, I don TMt have the right to take anything away from that someone TMs efforts or creativity "even if I feel it can be done better. 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It is filled with irrelevant results, which leaves one scratching their head in confusion. If Kooday is the future of Internet Search, why does it completely ignore the concept of serving up results that are related to the topic one is searching for? The world of Search is dominated by Google, for one reason, and only one reason. When a person searches a topic on Google, they find what they are looking for. Google prides itself on serving up a list of only the most relevant results for any search. They are so good at it that they snatched up the lion share of search traffic in their first year and have held it ever since. Their mastery of relevance has caused sites such as Yahoo and MSN Search, now known as Bing, to completely rewrite their algorithms. So, how does Kooday think they can compete? The answer is simple. Money. Kooday is paying its visitors to use the site. A person can join Kooday, deposit a small amount of money into their account, and actually purchase their own search terms. Then, they share in the revenue generated by those terms. At first, this is an incredibly attractive notion. Imagine if a person owned the keyword "books" on Google and earned a portion of all the revenue Google has generated throughout the years with that term. Before we get into the upside potential represented by Kooday here, let discuss how search engines generate revenue. When a person searches for a term on Yahoo, Bing, Google, or any other major search engine, they get a list of results. At the very top of the results they will see three "sponsored" results as well as a list of "sponsored" results on the right hand column of the page. These are advertisements. Millions of companies spend billions of dollars bidding for placement within these results. Every single search phrase imaginable is a potential income opportunity for the search engine. Therefore, Kooday has the same income opportunity as any other search engine. If they generate enough traffic, millions of advertisers will bid for placement in the "sponsored" results of billions of search terms. However, unlike Google and the others, Kooday allows their visitors to own these terms and share in the revenue. What an amazing concept, until you take a closer look. Kooday may have missed the mark. At first they are not apparent, but Kooday has a few major flaws that could send the site crashing down faster than it launched. For the first several months, Kooday should get momentum simply by the attraction of turning a quick buck. Millions of lay persons will most likely flock to the site and purchase billions of search phrases with dreams of cashing in on their Internet millions. Starry eyed visitors who know nothing of Internet Search will gobble up search terms expecting the cash to flow. And, at first, cash will flow, until reality sets in. As millions of visitors participate in the initial search term feeding frenzy, savvy Internet marketers will pick up on the major flaws. First, Kooday has no relevancy whatsoever within their search results. They are not a search engine at all. They are a directory with absolutely no human editing preventing garbage from cluttering up the results. Second, the "sponsored" results on the right hand column are also irrelevant. The ads that appear on the right hand have nothing to do with the search term queried by the visitor. Third, Kooday is not collecting 1099 information from their members, which could cause a major problem if the IRS comes knocking and blocks them from making cash payouts to members. Lets explore each of these three major flaws and see how they affect the future of Kooday. Without relevancy, the site will not get used. Just like advertisers want to appear in the results that relate to their goods and services, searchers want to see results that relate to their topic of interest. If a person searches for "vampire books" they hope to get a list of books about vampires. They do not expect a list of results about dogs, airplanes, credit cards, music videos, and Barbie Dolls. When they get this jumbled up list of no good results on Kooday, they will leave. And worse, they will not return. Instead, they will go back to the trusty Google, where they find what they are looking for. Without relevancy, advertisers will soon realize their dollar is wasted on Kooday. If a person owns a website that markets shoes, they want their site to appear in the results for all search terms related with shoes. Even more, they want their "sponsored" ads to appear when people search terms related to shoes. After all, the best opportunity for the owner of a site that markets shoes to make a sale is to show up in the results list for a person who is searching for shoes. It is highly unlikely that a person searching for "Beyonce Videos" will click a link to a shoe site. Therefore, without relevancy, Kooday will sacrifice both search traffic and advertiser revenue in the long haul. This is a horrible sacrifice for a quick initial buck. The potential for long term revenue growth is staggering, if only there were relevancy within the search results and "sponsored" ads. Finally, if Kooday plans to attract and retain members by sharing the revenue generated by search terms, they need to be careful of the IRS. Without collecting 1099 information from their members, they are exposed to a huge liability. The IRS could freeze their payouts until they collect and report all 1099 incomes properly. Nothing would drive traffic and members away faster than not being able to get paid. After all, doesn a person want to join Kooday so they can own search terms and share the profits? If they can get paid, they will leave and never return. Kooday is a great idea. The concept of allowing members to own search terms and share the revenues is amazing. It actually could be one of the single greatest concepts ever in the history of the Internet. The initial wave of membership traffic and search term bidding should be proof positive of this. However, Kooday needs to address the flaws of relevancy and IRS reporting quickly, or they will be here today, gone tomorrow.

Orders Over 99 For Freeshipping 624041 700 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt,Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Khaki Imperial Blue Olive Khaki More than 30 teams are scheduled to take part in the Kamloops Female Ice Hockey Tournament around town this weekend. The tournament will feature five divisions midget recreational, midget rep, peewee recreational, atom recreational and bantam rep. Games will be played at Valleyview, McArthur Island, Brocklehurst and Memorial arenas. Six Kamloops teams will compete two of them in the midget recreational division, whose games will be played on McArthur Island, and one in each of the other divisions. The games will begin Friday, and run through Sunday. Admission is free. Wishart, who started at quarterback, helped the Vikings into the playoffs this season. He and Brandon Ho of the Clearbrook Rick Hansen Hurricanes were the Grade 11 players of the year. Senior Games, which are to run Aug. 20 24. More than 4,000 participants are expected at the Games, for athletes over the age of 55, and they will be using 25 venues. The Tournament Capital Centre will be home to swimming and athletics, while Riverside Park will play host to dragonboat and lawn bowling competitions. Other venues used will be Charles Anderson Stadium (archery); Kamloops Tennis Centre (tennis); McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre (ice hockey); Tournament Capital Ranch (slo pitch); Kamloops Curling Club (curling); Sun Rivers and Rivershore (golf); Valleyview Arena (floor curling); Sa Hali Secondary (carpet bowling); North Shore Community Centre (whist); Colombo Hall (cribbage); Desert Gardens (darts); TRU Gym (badminton); Heritage House (bridge); Kamloops Christian School and NorKam Secondary (table tennis); Bowlertime and Falcon Lanes (bowling); South Kamloops Secondary (pickleball); Circle Creek Ranch (equestrian); McArthur Island fields (soccer); and Kamloops Bike Ranch (mountain bike). The cycling events will be held on the Summit Connector (hill climb) and in Valleyview (time trial). Master Viani's Tiger Martial Arts will be holding a graduation and demonstration ceremony at the TRU Gym on Saturday. The evening will feature recent graduates demonstrating their skills for spectators. Included in the grads are fourth degree black belts Rick Vowles, 59, and Lori Hamer Jackson, 48, and third degree black belts Carmine Carpino, Jacob Reiser, Corey Lanouette and Jeremy Sale. Viani's also is graduating a pair of second degree black belts, Keisha McRae and Matteo Viani, and first degree black belts Jason Flatt, Lance Martin, Ty Bekkering, Liam Applegath and Justin Lewis. Also graduating to apprentice black belts are Jeremy Seltzer, Jenny McKay, Cain Aspen, Jaxon Bekkering and Colton Webster. There also will be demonstrations from coloured belt graduates in the Lil' Tigers program (4 6 years), the 7 12 class and the teen and adult classes. The evening, which also will include board breaking and concrete breaking, is to commence at 6 o'clock. Dayne De La Roode had three goals and Joel Knuttila scored twice as the Dan's Collision Roos defeated Team 8, 10 2 in a midget recreational hockey game Tuesday. Mitchell Bymoen, Aiden Demers, Keaton Noble, Nick Heinemann and Matt Bruno also scored for the Roos, and Tyler Roberts had two assists. Mac Whitmore and John Collins split the goaltending. Zach Gottfriedson and Adam Cook scored for Team 8, which split the goaltending between Chris Lentz and Brandon Fuhrer. The Sa Hali Sabres finished 11th at the provincial AA senior boys soccer championship in Burnaby. Sa Hali beat the Maple Ridge Samuel Robertson Titans 2 1 on Wednesday. Liam Epp of the Sabres was named to the Commissioner's 11. 624041 700 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt Men's AttireIf the wedding involves attending a religious ceremony in a church, temple or other religious venue, then consider wearing a sport coat and a tie. If the weather is cooler, wear whatever outerwear you need, but make sure you have the sport jacket with some nice slacks that you would wear to an office job or interview. If it's hot weather, pick a great shirt and slacks combination that is lighter in color and fabric. Summer weddings are the time for seersucker jackets in pastels with khakis or white slacks. Forgo the tie in the heat, but arrive wearing the jacket then take it off and you can keep it off, especially if the wedding is outdoors. Women's AttireWomen have a lot of choices when it comes to a late afternoon wedding. Decide if you are going to go for a daytime look or a cocktail look. Since the wedding will cover both the late afternoon and flow into evening, you can adapt either look. If you want to go with the a daytime dress look, be sure to dress it up with great sandals and jewelry. For warmer weather, a dressy sundress can be perfect, just make sure it's not too slinky or revealing. Likewise, if you go with cocktail dress attire, dress your cocktail dress down with more casual shoes and jewelry. And make sure you don't wear stiletto heels to an outdoor wedding, since you'll be sticking your heels into the grass or dirt all day. Stick with a platform or a wider high heel. And, it can't be said too many times, do not wear white. Even if you know the bride is wearing cream or a nontraditional color, white is reserved for the bride only.

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