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As the leaves start changing colors there are important home organization things to get done so you will have a more organized home this fall. These nine steps are a great way to get you started. Before you make a full retreat there are things to take care of outside of your home. Getting your garage organized will pay dividends when the snow starts to fall and you open the door looking for the right equipment. Preparing your garden beds now will make the spring a happier more productive time also. Clean up your garden beds. Perennials are great plants for your garden since they will return each year. In the fall when your plants are done for the season pick an afternoon to go out and prune them back. Put away your lawn equipment and other summer equipment. Hang up your bikes and stow your lawnmower to the back of the garage. Put them away clean. Wipe down the equipment you are storing for the season. If it is appropriate bring them out on to the driveway to hose them down. Clean out your garage. While you are rearranging your garage you may find most of your equipment standing in the driveway. Take advantage of this and sweep the floor and take a broom to your walls to brush out any cobwebs. While you in the driveway open up your car door. Do a quick sweep through your glove box. We tend to keep jamming things in and never clear anything out. Shred or recycle anything out of date in your glove box. Then check your emergency supplies. Do you have a small flashlight with functioning batteries? Home Organization Starts in the Entry Do you have mail piling up? Remove yourself from any mailing lists you no longer wish to be on. Do the same for your email. It getting to be the time of year cold feet become a problem! Keep your guests toes warm and cozy, put a basket of simple slippers by your door. It is a nice way of reminding guests to take off their wet grimy boots and shoes. Fall means the kids are going back to school. This is a serious challenge to an organized home. Save a place for kid backpacks, sports stuff, instruments and other things that they regularly take back and forth to school. If you aren blessed with a mudroom or large entry area make room for a shelf or hooks in your garage for your kids coats, boots, and bags. Your Summer Wardrobe This is the best time to clean out your closets. You are switching your summer wardrobe out for your fall and winter clothes. If you are pulling out summer clothes you have not worn all season now may be the time to donate them or take them to a consignment store. Skip the Store Try this trick to achieving an organized home. Don go to the grocery store this week. You may be surprised how much food you actually have on hand. Clear out your shelves with creative meal planning. Before you go back to the store wipe down your mostly empty cupboards. When you get back use this as a great chance to put things back in an organized way, since you will be starting from near scratch. Starting out with a home organization goal in the fall will make your hibernation this winter a more enjoyable experience! Taking the time to put your home in order inside and out will save yourself time and stress every day! 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine ,332550 002 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Black Black Anthracite Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 White Cement 580521 143 Air Jordan 11 Low Aqua Safari White Turbo Green Volt Ice Black 136085 070 Air Jordan 1 Retro Black Metallic Gold Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey 384664 160 Air Jordan 6s Carmine 2014 Women Size Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black 689479 405 Air Jordan 11 Pantone University Blue White Black 2014 Air Jordan 5 Retro Quai 54 White Hi, I'm Eve Cantor, owner of Shop Your Closet, and I'm in Olia in Montclaire, New Jersey, and I'm here to talk to you about light suit style tips. Getting dressed in the winter and the fall is a little bit more simple than getting dressed in the spring and the summer. So I have a couple tips that I'd like to share with you that will hopefully allow you to maximize the wardrobe that you have already and give a new life to your spring wardrobe. So here's our first look. So basically what we've done here is if we've taken just your standard black pencil skirt and your white buttoned down. This one happens to have a little bit of extra sparkle on it. But feel free to use your white shirt that you have already and we've paired it with an orange jacket that's not as structured as your traditional jacket. And we've kind of given it a new life. So you can basically take anything. You can take a cardigan, you can take a vest, you can feel free to add any punch of color that you want to something that's black and white. It really gives a lot of texture and depth to the outfit. So how we can accessorize. Big fan of the gray shoe. Gray shoe works back to this outfit very nicely. Feel free to wear a black shoe or a black sandal. That can work very nice. And then you may not necessarily have this bag but this shows you one way that the bag can work very nicely. If this is a color that looks good on you, you can buy a couple pieces of this color and then buy the bag and a shoe or something to match it. That way you can integrate it in to your wardrobe frequently. If blue is a color that you happen to like or pink is a color that you like let that be a color that you choose for the season and then you can mix it up all of the time. So that's why this orange bag would be good for you to buy if and so you happen to buy a lot of orange. Now I'd like to go over to my lady number two. So this look happens to be really beautiful. We've taken a white pencil skirt and there's a white three quarter sleeve shell that's underneath and believe it or not, we've changed the collar. So if you look under here it comes with a pink collar but in order to kind of give it that little bit of extra accessory and texture and depth, what we've done is we've put the collar on top and I think that this whole new color trend that's happening right now is a really great way to reinvent your existing wardrobe. In order to be able to complete this look, perhaps pink is the color of the season that you chose. We've chosen a pink shoe and a white bag. So now we have the white bag and the pink shoes and she's all dressed and ready to go to work and if she needs to go out to dinner with her boyfriend or some friends or she has a work meeting, she has the flexibility to go there in this outfit as well. And this is Eve Cantor about light suit style tips. 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine,Ferry Legislation and C1.1 There are four different types of ferry services that operate out of the Finnish ports. The Maritime Administration owns 9 vessels that carry vehicles and passengers. C1.3 The mainland island services are procured by the Finnish Maritime Administration acting on behalf of the community. Since 2004, the services have been provided by a corporatised entity that is wholly owned by the Finnish Government. Prior to 2004, the services were run directly by the Finnish Maritime Administration. The creation of the corporatised entity was to improve the efficiency of service provision. C1.4 One of the services leaves from the Etelaesplanadi in Helsinki to the offshore islands of Suomenlinna and Korkeasaari. Ferry boats are part of Helsinki City Transportation system. C1.5 The regular ferry boat runs between Suomenlinna and Helsinki all year round. There is an additional service from Katajanokka. The ferry leaves from the Marketsquare Kauppatori. There are also several motorboats to Suomenlinna running from the beginning of May to mid September. C1.6 The traffic and carrying capacity of the Helsinki Suomanlinna Islands in 2001 are as follows: Table C1 Traffic and Carrying Statistics of Ferry Service Between Helsinki and the Suomenlinna Islands, 20012001 Figure Vehicle capacity onboardSeating capacity onboardTotal capacity onboard 3.8 million km1.4 million Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland. Public Transport Performance Statistics 2001. Reports and Memoranda B5/2003C1.7 On the west coast, there are ferry services between Mariehamn and Aland, and amongst the islands in the archipelagos that operate without Public Service Obligations. These services are non commercial and are provided by the island governments on government owned vessels. The ferries mostly belong to local government companies. Different routes go to different islands and the fleet comprises a large number of ferries of different sizes adapted to the configuration of the archipelagos. C1.9 Permanent residents in the archipelagos ride the ferries for free, whereas tourists have to pay for the services. C1.10 International ferries run between Helsinki and Porvoo, Helsinki and Stockholm (Sweden), and Helsinki and Talinn (Estonia).

Cheap And Premium Quality 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine,Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite That's because the Lancers clinched a chance to play for a league crown after knocking off defending league champion Cantwell Sacred Heart, 56 41, at Duffy Lewis Gymnasium Thursday night.The victory moves La Salle (16 7 overall, 5 2 in league) into first place in league ahead of St. Monica (14 10, 4 2) and St. Joseph (16 8, 3 2), both of which play multiple league games next week.La Salle has only one league game remaining at St. Joseph on Feb. 9.has had their way with us the last couple of years, said La Salle Coach Kevin Cormier, whose team swept the Cardinals after having been swept the last two seasons. could see the emotion in the girls. They knew what this game meant from a league point and from a rivalry perspective. taking a 28 18 lead into the half, La Salle took over in early in the third quarter, opening the second half with a 7 2 run in going up, 35 20, after a jumper from sophomore Claire Fitzgerald off an assist from Denise Peterson.While Cantwell countered with a jumper from junior Priscilla Rodriguez, La Salle continued to build its lead until it peaked in the quarter at 44 25 after a layup from freshman Sierra Bononi with 2:22 left.was senior night, so the entire team wanted to play well for our seniors, said Bononi, who finished with 14 points and eight rebounds. want to win league more than anything and now we have our chance. Salle's lead eventually ballooned to 50 33 after a pair of free throws from Kelly Sanchez with 6:10 left in the fourth.To its credit, Cantwell (14 11, 3 3), which was led by first year Coach Jose Herrera, reeled off seven straight points to close within 50 37 with 3:46 remaining.Yet, the Cardinals only scored four more points in losing the rest of the quarter, 6 4.was strange looking over at the [Cantwell] sideline and not seeing [former longtime Cantwell Coach] Omar Villalta, said Cormier of Villalta, who stepped down earlier this year. get so used to a certain a style of coaching and then have to adjust to someone else. Cardinals lost pace with the Lancers midway though the second quarter after a four footer from Stephanie Guerra brought Cantwell within 18 12 with 4:50 left.La Salle scored eight of the next 10 points to go up, 26 14, after a six footer from Peterson with 2:18 left and never allowed Cantwell to climb back within single digits. 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine You're getting done work and you've been on your feel all day. You want to come home, kick off your shoes and relax. Imagine yourself now entering a hot tub and letting the water jet's massage your entire body. Now that's relaxing and a great way to reduce stress. So you want to buy a hot tub now, I don't blame you. Most hot tubs reside outdoors with a spa cover. However if you have a sunroom or an enclosed porch you can keep it indoors. Now we just have to learn how to compare the best brands and buy one. First off if you are going to compare hot tubs you need to know the basics of what to look for. Things like the material used, color, number of jets, and even brand name are all crucial in your decision. So there are two kinds of hot tubs on the market. There are plastic tubs and wood tubs. Here are a few tips when comparing hot tubs to purchase: 1. Material Do you want wood or plastic? It's a preference but remember that a lot more maintence will go into a wooden hot tub then a plastic one. Plastic ones are way more common but don't have that real wood look. 2. Decide on a shape and size. You can get a square, round or rectangle spa in all sizes. You may want to measure the space you have to help you determine. But remember, the bigger the tub the more people it can fit which could be great for hot tub parties. 3. Color it's important that you are happy with the color choice. Plastic spas have two color options for in the tub and the outside. If you want a peaceful look go for lighter colors. For and exciting look stick with vibrant colors. 4. Read reviews online. There are many websites you can do this with. Also check out the major brand names like Jacuzzi, Sundance and Hot Springs to start. By visiting these sites you can learn more about the jets and how hot tubs actually work and help you decided which spa is right for you

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