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She may be a domestic goddess, but Martha Stewart could stand some serious improvement as a mom. So says Martha own daughter Alexis Stewart, who uses her upcoming memoir Whateverland: Learning to Live Here to lash out at her famous mother. Here are a few of the highlights from the 46 year old TV and radio host: was never anything to eat at my house. Other people had food. I had no food. There were ingredients but no prepared food of any kind. woman lived near us when I was little who had married someone very wealthy and very unattractive. And my mother actually told me when I was a small child, Alexis, if this ever happens, you make sure you have sex with somebody else to have their baby. Don have his baby. does everything better! You can win! If I didn do something perfectly, I had to do it again. I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head. were no costumes [at Halloween]. There was no anything. We turned off all the lights and pretended we weren't home. was not interested in being kid friendly. She used to make me wrap my own presents. She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, wrap these but don look inside. mother has a sign on all of her doors to take your shoes off. For god sake! My mother dogs p and s on her rugs and she telling people to take their shoes off? always peed with the door open. I remember saying, know, now I have friends over! You can do that anymore! It gotta stop! My friends parents don do it! Give me a break here! I don't feel like being embarrassed! It exhausting! I a kid! Stop! Alexis, who has a 6 month old daughter named Jude, has poked fun at her famous mom in the past, but based on these excerpts her book seems to have a pretty nasty undertone. I not a huge Martha fan, but I can help but feel bad for her. (Note to my daughters, should you one day read this: If you ever publish a book detailing my washroom habits you will be so grounded!) What do you think of Alexis Stewart tell all? It really bothers me when people say over it other people have it worse. When your child falls and gets hurt do you say hush little billys mommy spanks him. No, you don do that. You do not make light of your Childs problem. It just a huge pet peeve of mine. I was abused as a child I refuse to make light of how anyone feels about their childhood. Honestly though I always thought she would been a crappy mom. She seemed so perfect kind of like Monmy Dearest. Everyone has their persona and their persona. I find it hard to believe there was never prepared food in her house. Her mother learned to cook just out of the blue one day? Or, in her teens and early twenties, then completely stopped the entire time she had a child? Absurd. And all of Canada and other countries take their shoes off. Pets have accidents. People can prevent them by taking their shoes off. This list is just silly. My mother called me a shithead, a bitch, and told me she couldn believe anyone would want to be my friend when I was less than ten years old. She made me clean up my own vomit just a couple of hours after a major knee operation; I was very sick from the anesthetic. She left me for entire summers with an aunt and uncle who fought constantly, started drinking at 9 am, did cocaine and who sexually abused me. She was on welfare my whole life (still is). She only expressed affection when she was drunk. And you know what? She really did the best she could. Everyone does. It sucked but, whatever. I get to choose from here on out what I do with it, what blessings I take from it, and who I am going to be. I can be anyone I want, despite what happened. No point in looking back now, unless it to understand and love. Whoever talked Alexis into writing this book, at age 46, gave her very bad advice. She needs to exhale the whining and pick up some Byron Katie. Katie would help both Stewart women lose their hard, unpleasant edge. NONE of us know what really went on in that house so we can ONLY speculate. However, this was Alexis reality. I don think it is helpful to bash her for having these feelings nor do I think it is helpful to say, well I had it worse. or over yourself. Not very sensitive. How would you like it if you confided in someone and they said, noggies, I had it worse. I am sure it would make you feel invalidated. It is what it is. Honestly, I think this is between her and her mom. These are THEIR issues and none of my business frankly. Wow, we a giving bunch, today. I think a lot of things on this list depend on the age it occurred. If she was 4 or 5 and there was no food at the house? That pretty much amounts to starving a little kid. And no Halloween when you know you Mom makes a living doing that stuff? That pretty much a kick to the ego. The message seems to be existence was ignored rather than was abused Just because money is thrown at a child does not mean they feel loved or that they cared for. And BTW if you don bother to pay attention to your kid, don be surprised when they do something like this to get attention from other people comment > I had a mother who didn have the ability to show me love in the way that I would interpret it as love. Years later, I accepted that, and with professional help, learned to forgive her and moved on with my life and stopped blaming her for everything that had gone wrong in my life. What I learned was to take the high road and tried to be a far better mother to my daughter than my mother was to me. Anger and hatred can eat us up; making peace with ourself can save us. Adding guilt to ourself is more destructive than when someone we want to be loved by hurts us. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. 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Outlet Online Store And Buy Cheap Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk,Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Bobcats MACAU Sexy lingerie, adult costumes, inflatable dolls and much more are on display at an adult industry trade fair in the Chinese territory of Macau that shows how China's growing influence has spread even to the bedroom. The fourth annual Asia Adult Expo kicked off Friday with companies showing off sexy products aimed at China's growing middle class. and Europe. Show exhibitors said many Chinese now have more open minded views about sex, which is driving demand for their products. The expo's organizers said they plan to launch similar fairs later this year in other parts of China, which also churns out nearly three quarters of the world's sex toys. Estimates of the size of the adult industry in China are hard to come by. But the state run China Daily newspaper said in a report last year that China produces 70 percent of the world's sex toys, making it the world's biggest producer. The industry, with more than 1,000 manufacturers, is worth about $2 billion annually, it said. "The standard of living in China is rising and people want to upgrade their lifestyle so the market needs these products," said Bo Chen, as he sat next to samples of his company's main product, a lifelike and anatomically correct female sex doll made of rubbery, flesh like material that sells for 16,000 yuan ($2,500). Chen owned a chemical factory in China's Jiangsu province but three years ago he decided to start making sex toys because he sensed there was an opportunity. Chen, president of Jurong Outlook Toys Gifts Manufacturing Co., said he and several friends pooled their money to start the business. He is hoping to meet potential customers among the 2,500 trade visitors and 30,000 members of the general public expected at the Macau fair. It was his first visit to the annual show, attended by 80 companies from 13 countries. Chen's case is not that unusual, said Kenny Lo, chief executive of show organizer Vertical Expo. Many Chinese manufacturers realized they could tweak their product lines to make adult goods with minimal investment to reap bigger profits. It's not such a big step for underwear makers to make sexy lingerie and it's easy for companies making regular toys to switch to sex toys, he said. The United States and Europe have traditionally been the biggest markets for the adult industry. But slumping economies there are curtailing growth while competition and low profit margins are also making life hard for companies, said Lo. In Asia the market is much more undeveloped so "there is much potential for growth," Lo said. Adult product manufacturers have told him that in America and Europe, "it's a very tough time right now but in mainland China and Asia, it's good." Lo said demand from suppliers has prompted his Hong Kong based company to start branching out with new fairs in other parts of China, starting with a show in October in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong. It will be followed by shows in Fuzhou on China's eastern coast and Qingdao in the northeast. It's also eyeing shows in Taiwan and Singapore. Other emerging markets are also sources of growth. Renata Bertacini came all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to source items for her boutique and online shop Mimosexy. "I came to find new products to take to Brazil, new things to import from China," she said. Many of the products were items she already stocks but at half the price that her middlemen back home charge, she can save money by buying them directly. At the expo, vibrators of all shapes and colors, condoms, lubricants and blowup male and female dolls were on display. One company was selling coffee tables made of erotic statues. "The mainland Chinese, they are very open to these sexual things," said Lo. "It's not something that's a taboo" anymore. It's a sign of how rapid social changes in China are driving new businesses. Several decades ago, men and women were strictly segregated in many parts of life and most people wore drab clothing that revealed little. Nowadays, shops selling sexual aids are common in many cities, and pornography, while officially banned, is commonly found on the Internet. China's booming economy, the world's second biggest, is in large part driving those changes. "A lot of these people have first generation money. Before when it was old money, it was shameful to show it," said Zach Goode, a sales manager at Electric Eel, which holds the global license to Hustler lingerie. Now, China's nouveau riche don't just want BMWs and Gucci, "they want to express themselves and have sexy shoes and lingerie and have fun with it. They're not as repressed as the last generation was." Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk CHINO HILLS For all of Bell Jeff of Burbank's effort to break down Long Beach Poly's full court pressure and for all of the Guards' work to create shots against the Jackrabbits' man to man defense, their opportunity to knock off the four time Div. I state champion slipped away Saturday night on the few occasions when nobody was guarding them. Bell Jeff held a one point lead with four minutes remaining, but the Guards were held without a field goal the rest of the way and missed five free throws down the stretch to fall 62 57 in the marquee girls' basketball game of the Ayala Extravaganza. Ariya Crook Williams scored nine of the Jackrabbits' final 11 points on her way to a game high 18, helping Long Beach Poly (16 2) ranked No. 5 nationally by USA Today hold off the upset bid by the reigning Div. V state champion. "It was just the little things," Bell Jeff coach Bryan Camacho said. "You have to be concentrating for such a long time and you can't take a possession off against Long Beach Poly. I think it was mental fatigue more than physical. We missed a couple of rotations on defense and we didn't box out a couple of times and on offense, we missed some gimmes free throws and layups at the end and that hurt us." Bell Jeff (17 5) ranked No. 18 in the state by Cal Hi Sports fell behind 16 9 early, but the Guards withstood Long Beach Poly's initial surge and responded behind the shooting of Margeaux Gupilan, Rishonda Napier and Leslie Lopez Wood to put together a 10 point run that carried them to a 26 22 second quarter lead. Defensively, Bell Jeff benefited from a switch from its usual man to man defense to a 2 3 zone that didn't allow the Jackrabbits many looks in the paint, neutralizing the inside presence of Sheila Boykin, Tajanae Winston and Destiny King. As a result, the teams traded perimeter baskets for the remainder of the first half, with Napier's 15 footer just before the buzzer giving Bell Jeff a 37 35 lead. "We settled for too many outside shots in the first half," Long Beach Poly coach Carl Buggs said. "And they weren't missing." Bell Jeff took its biggest lead at 46 39 on a 10 footer by Gupilan, who finished with 11 points. But with Jasmine Smith in foul trouble during the second half, the Guards' undersized lineup found more difficulty matching Long Beach Poly's athleticism and aggressiveness on the boards. Still, Bell Jeff was able to answer the Jackrabbits' challenges, with Gupilan making two free throws and Smith scoring two of her team high 14 points on a layup for a 55 51 lead with less than five minutes left. But the Guards managed only a free throw each by Napier and Layana White in the final 3:32 shooting 4 of 9 in the fourth quarter and 12 of 21 for the game and misfired on their last five field goal attempts. "We wanted to contain their speed and their ability to get in the paint and minimize their easy shots and for the most part, we did that," Camacho said. "But give credit to Long Beach Poly for their aggressiveness and their consistent effort." King gave the Jackrabbits the lead for good with 2:25 remaining on an offensive rebound and putback and Crook Williams scored a layup in transition off a Bell Jeff miss to increase the lead to 60 56 with 1:47 left. White's free throw cut the deficit to three points with 1:18 remaining, but the junior missed two attempts with 41 seconds left, and despite two missed free throws by the Jackrabbits, King's rebounding and Long Beach Poly's defense didn't allow Bell Jeff to get any closer. "We did a better job of picking up defensively and not allowing as many easy drives to the basket. And I think they got a little tired," Buggs said. "We showed some impatience early because we don't see zone too much. But we showed more patience down the stretch. We showed some growth because our shooting was horrendous. (Destiny's) rebounds and the free throws were the turning points." Gupilan shared player of the game honors with Crook Williams, but like most of her teammates, the senior captain believed the Guards missed out on a golden opportunity. "I feel like we beat ourselves," Gupilan said. "We were 'this' close, but we didn't knock free throws down and we weren't boxing out like we needed to. You need a lot of concentration at the end of the game and we put ourselves in positions we shouldn't have been because we weren't focused enough." Napier had 11 points, Lopez Wood added nine points and Julia Tani contributed seven points for Bell Jeff, which had won five in a row. Brittany Wilson had 16 points and Winston added nine points for the Jackrabbits, who won their seventh straight since back to back losses to Mater Dei of Santa Ana and Brea Olinda at the Nike Tournament of Champions in December.

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