Save Up To 70 Off Discount 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Have Become Focus In The World. 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM Where Can i Buy Womens 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Shop With Confidence My 4 year old son has recently taken up talking back when he is told what to do. He has a very strong and independent personality which I appreciate. But I need him to show respect when he is given instruction. For example this morning I told him to come into the bathroom to brush his teeth. A few moments later he is sitting at the front door getting ready to put his shoes on. At which point I told him he needed to do what I had asked and come into the bathroom. His repsonse was " I AM PUTTING MY SHOES ON!" and then he stomped into the bathroom. How do I get him to understand that responding like that is inappropriate? I have put him in time out and I have made him go to bed early for talking back but I don't think he understands what he is in trouble for. How do you explain that to a four year old??? i also have a son who is about to be four and he has started talking back too!!!! it is not a lot but it use to be!!!! last night we were trying to leave for dinner and he was sitting on the couch playing his gameboy (which we usually let him take it in the car to keep him busy) i told him to turn it off and put his shoes on he ignored my i told him 3 more times getting louder and more firm finelly he threw it down looked at me and said "BROOKE I AM BUSY LEAVE ME ALONE" i looked at him grabbed his gameboy and "threw it in the trash" not really but i faked it!!!! he has not backed talked since then!!! but i have figured that if i take things away then he stops and shapes up!!!! We had a little backtalk from my very independent middle DS about 1 1/2 yrs ago so I put a squash on it FAST. I'd say in the matter of a week with consistency. There is one appropriate response in this house when a child is given direction. Yes, Mom/Ma'am or Yes, Dad/Sir". At 4 he understands. My 3 year old be 4 in March) when he's in trouble and most importantly WHY he's in trouble. Does he have a set routine of how things are done? How about telling him what you expect from him in advance? Something like, I need you to brush your teeth and THEN put your sneakers on. When he starts to talk back immediately tell him to STOP IT. My son used to "but mom" me and I would immediately tell him to "be quiet" and then I'd repeat what he needs to do, wait a second and then allow him to express himself. Mom to 2 wonderful boys. I am a pediatric speech language pathologist who works with children who have behavior problems and a mom of 3 under 7 years old. Your child does not sound like he has a behavior problem. my opinion, this isn't a "4 year old" thing to do; this is a "kid thing" to do and it happens for a wide range of reasons. Our job as a parent is to understand the reason why a child doesn't follow a direction because it can differ from moment to moment. most important step to take as a parent when a child is not following a direction, is to ask "why?" and address that issue. generally want to please us, but get overwhelmed and frustrated. If you don't feel your child understands or remembers the direction (and every child is different so you can't believe others who say your child understands because their 3 or 4 year old child understands) It sounds like your child was still trying to get ready to get out the door which is a much more positive behavior than the child who won't put down their game boy (If kids can't disengage their attention from tasks like game boys easily, this is developmental and these kids are best handled by giving them timers before they start a task you know they might have a hard time leaving or aren't ready for game boys). the child engaged in the idea of "getting ready" "Hmm, I can see you are ready with your shoes on great thinking on your own what else do you need to do so we can leave?" "Tomorrow, lets see if you can remember to brush and put your shoes on!" negative attitude get as parents (the eye roll and stomping feet) is often the result of frustration so help them recognize their own emotions "I can tell you feel frustrated. I feel frustrated too. use our words. We will both feel better if we can get everything done so we can get in the car". child has a right to feel frustrated that they missed a step in getting ready or have to "go back" to do something but they need to learn to express it appropriately. in repeated time outs can escalate feelings of frustration, so kids need to learn how to express their feelings appropriately when they come "out" of time outs in order for it to be truly effective. (we want our kids to behave because they understand the situation and why it's important to behave not just because they are in fear of time out or our power to take something away) If a child says they didn't do what you asked because they "don't want to", find out why. they don't like the toothpaste. a lot more work, but it pays off in the long run..

Runways will be walked. Champagne sipped. Swag scored. Credit cards swiped. You won want to miss a minute. The third annual Fashion Night Out on Thursday, Sept. 8 unites Dallas with fashion capitals around the world in what become the largest, most Twittered shopping party of the year. Launched in 2009 by Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, retailer NYC Co. and the city of New York, FNO was conceived as an effort to resuscitate the recession era shopping environment. The economy hasn moved much, but FNO has expanded by leaps and bounds. This year event includes 250 cities across the country, some 200 e tailers (a first) and nearly 1,000 stores in New York alone. Here, just a taste of what on tap for FNO Dallas: Galleria Dallas will be home for the night to paparazzi, parties and North America longest runway a full quarter mile with a series of fall trend shows produced by Jan Strimple. Guests will have a chance to give the catwalk a whirl (really, at this length, more like work in a little light cardio) between shows. in the Fashionista Champagne Lounge. Or head to Saks Fifth Avenue to see the new B Brian Atwood shoe line and meet Robert Stock, founder and creative director of Cali cool lifestyle brand Robert Graham. At Nordstrom, you find live entertainment, exclusive merchandise and a graffiti station where you can give Uggs and jeans a custom spin. Chanel, Hadleigh Kiehl Scoop, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and new store in town Stella McCartney are among the places to sip, dance and shop in Highland Park Village. Christian Louboutin exclusive FNO shoe (below) will be up for grabs, or get wink ready with lashes at the eyelash bar. Strike a pose for an FNO flipbook at Diane von Furstenberg, and pick up an exclusive denim inspired FNO nail polish at Chanel. just outside Marquee Grill Bar. Window models, wine tastings, a dance floor with live music and Most Eligible Dallas stars Tara Harper and Drew Ginsburg are on the bill at Tootsies. The Plaza at Preston Center boutique will also host designer David Peck and jewelry designer Jill Reno with their fall collections. Patrn and Ultimat Vodka provide the cocktails; Wish FM DJ Wade Hampton supplies the tunes. Bartlett, a station offering feather hair extensions at Epic Apparel and a 15 percent discount on FNO purchases at Allen Edmonds. at Neiman Marcus NorthPark. DJs Jennifer Miller and Paul Paredes are at the turntables all night, but there little time for dancing. Customize a Hanky Panky thong (there room?) while on a Tart Bakery fueled sugar high, or flaunt your new Cusp hair feathers in the photo booth. 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White ,624041 700 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red 653996 840 Men Size Nike KD7 35K Degrees 2014 Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber Speaking at the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield, Tim Patterson, vice president, director of programming, Nickelodeon UK, praised the animated series' "beautifully authentic storytelling and its use of materials to give a unique proposition". Lily's Driftwood Bay (52 x seven minutes) is created and produced by Sixteen South. It premiered on Nick Jr. UK earlier this year. Since then, the series has been watched by over 1.5 million viewers. Aimed at 4 6 year olds and developed from an original idea by children's artist Joanne Carmichael, 'Driftwood Bay' tells the story of young Lucy, the titular 'Driftwood Bay' an island that exists in her imagination. Each day sees another piece of driftwood treasure wash up on the shore, forming the centre of that episode's adventure. The animation uses solely materials from real beaches and is soundtracked by contemporary folk musicians. The series features the voice talents of Stephen Fry, Peter Mullan, Tameka Empson, Jane Horrocks and Annette Crosbie. Irish actors in the voice cast include Richard Dormer, Ardal O'Hanlon and Orlagh O'Keefe, who voices the titular character (read more here). The first series was pre sold to 20 territories, including the US, the UK, Scandinavia and Australia, and distributed by the Jim Henson Company. It was part funded by Northern Ireland Screen. Besides Nick Jr., the show will also air on RT, Sprout in the USA, ABC Australia, Kika in Germany, MTV in Finland, NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden and HOP! in Israel later this year. 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White,If you're just learning or taking up the game of golf, here's the one tip that will lower your scores faster than any other tip on golf putting. That's right. Putting. No putting isn't the sexy thing to do around the practice tee. It's doesn't draw a crowd around you like bombing 300 yard drives does, but putting is where you can immediately shave strokes off your golf game. When I work with young people or anyone just taking up golf, I stress the importance of practicing and working on your game. I understand that it is only natural to want to go 'hit' the golf ball. It's a great feeling to make solid contract on the ball and know for that moment in time that even the pro's don't hit it any better. For this article, I'm not going to discuss the actual mechanics of putting, rather let's discuss why your golf putting game probably deserves more focus that you give it and what you should do. think about this (especially for you beginning golfers). I would venture a guess that given any round of golf, you probably putted at least one more time than necessary on each green simply because you don't seriously practice your golf putting game. Easy math that's 18 strokes right there! Now you're probably thinking I don't loose a stroke on every putting green. I would argue that if you are a high handicapper that you do. Those three and four putt greens. and let's be honest; you are probably pretty generous with those gimme distances aren't you? This alone should begin to give you the incentive to improve your putting game. The putting stroke isn't fraught with mechanics that you have to learn like you do with a full golf swing. You only need one club to practice this part of your golf game. And with just a little consistent practice time on your golf putting, you can immediately start taking strokes off your game in bunches. Here are a couple of putting tips and a mind set that I work with others on (and constantly work on with myself). First when you are practicing putting work on two areas: your line and your distance control. Putting line: start close to the hole and roll a putt in. When you make three putts in a row, back up about two feet and repeat. Do this out to a range of 8 feet. Initially keep track of how putts it takes you to work your way back to and complete the eight foot mark. Then, your next step with the four putting distances of 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet, is to give yourself 16 putts to complete your putting drill (this allows for one miss at each distance). As you improve, drop your allowable strokes to 15, then 14, and so on, until you reach perfection. Putting distance control: Depending upon your skill level, begin putting from about 20 feet and repeat the same drill as above moving back 10 feet at a time, only this time you are allowed two putts to hole the ball from each distance. This drill ties into and complements the putting line drill very well. This drill will teach your distance control so you can confidently putt the ball within a distance from the hole that you know you already have a high percentage of chance of making because of the first drill you work on. Here's a mind set that you should always take to your actual round of golf. This is one that I used when I first starting playing golf and work with people still today. I knew my golf game from tee to green would have many peaks and valleys before actually reaching the green. But here's the personal game I played within myself when first leaning golf, and I truly believe it will work for you. Not matter how bad (or good) it is off the tee. No matter how long it takes you to get out of trouble. No matter what happens. Whether you get to the putting surface in regulation or twice regulation; here is your mind set. I am not going to three putt. I am going to re focus, remember my drills, and have confidence in what I have practiced. And I am not going to three putt any golf greens today. And finally, don't short change your putting game. Putt everything out. I mean this. If you are serious about getting and staying better, putt everything out. No gimmes. Keep your putting game sharp. Don't let it slowly deteriorate because your buddies let you pick everything up inside 3ft (or even more generous than that). If you do, you soon start giving strokes away when they count.

2014 Online Sale! 40 80 Off 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White,Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver Surprise police found the suspected hit and run vehicle on Sunday.Phoenix police say they have probable cause to charge an undocumented immigrant with the hit and run that killed a Phoenix police officer early Sunday morning.Sgt. Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix Police Department said Jesus Cabrera Molina, 24, will be booked into Maricopa County Jail Monday afternoon on felony charges of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal collision.Molina is the registered owner of green Ford SUV that was tied to the scene where Officer Daryl Raetz was struck and killed on May 19. Sunday near 51st and Cambridge Avenues when he was hit by the dark green SUV.Surprise police later stopped the SUV with Molina at the wheel and found damage to the hood and grill consistent with that described by Phoenix police after it left the scene.Police said Molina consented to a search and while he removed items from his pockets, they noticed a small plastic bag of white powder, later identified as cocaine, fall to the ground.Phoenix police later arrived at the scene were able to match vehicle parts at the scene of the hit and run to the Ford.Molina was taken to Maricopa County Jail and later identified by an off duty police officer as the driver of the vehicle that left the fatal scene.Molina was booked into jail on one count of felony drug possession the week of the collision. On Monday, the Phoenix detectives said they had developed probable cause to charge Molina with the additional felony charges. He was an Iraqi war veteran. He leaves behind a wife and young child.People wishing to help the family can make online donations at the 100 Club of Arizona.Raetz died hours after Phoenix Firefighter Bradley Harper was killed while battling a mulch fire near Lower Buckeye Road and 35th Avenue.UPDATEOwner of SUV to be charged in hit and run that killed Phoenix officerMore>>Sidebar: Phoenix Officer Raetz, Firefighter HarperUpdated: Thursday, February 13 2014 9:58 AM EST2014 02 13 14:58:39 GMTREAD: Funeral services for fallen PD officer Raetz on Saturday READ: was like a brother, says fallen officer close friend READ: Donate to 100 Club of AZ to support families of Raetz, Harper READ:READ: Funeral services for fallen PD officer Raetz on Saturday READ: was like a brother, says fallen officer close friend READ: Donate to 100 Club of AZ to support families of Raetz, Harper READ:IMAGESPhoenix mourns deaths of 2 first respondersPhoenix mourns deaths of 2 first responders 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Caroline Wozniacki always feels confident she can outrun her opponent on the tennis court. The former No. 1 player figures that with a bit more training, she can cover 26.2 miles. Wozniacki plans to play a full tournament schedule this fall while fitting in time to train for the New York City Marathon. She typically runs for 30 40 minutes a day as part of workouts for tennis and hopes that one longer session per week of an hour or more can get her through the Nov. 2 race. And, no, she not seeking this challenge in an attempt to distract herself from her personal life, Wozniacki insisted. Golfer Rory McIlroy broke off their engagement in late May, less than a month before Wozniacki decided to run a marathon. helped me just get through the tough times, Wozniacki said Thursday. I just feeling happy and I wanted to do something good for others. I think that this had nothing really to do with my personal life. It was something I was passionate about. had long wanted to run a marathon, and looking at this year tournament schedule, she determined it was doable. About a week before Wimbledon, she asked her manager to look up charities she could raise money for. Wozniacki will represent Team for Kids, which helps fund NYC Marathon organizer New York Road Runners youth programs. ask me, don you just run a 5K or 10K? I like, I do that all the time, so it wouldn really be a challenge,' she said. is really something I need to put my mind to. was in Manhattan on Thursday with Meb Keflezighi, the reigning Boston Marathon champ who will also raise money for Team for Kids at the New York race, which he won in 2009. no turning back now, she said with a laugh of announcing her plans to the world. Open, which, she hopes, takes her through Sept. 7. Then it a week off before three weeks playing in Asia, another week off, and a tournament in Moscow. Wozniacki hopes to qualify for the WTA Finals, which run Oct. 20 26 in Singapore, ending just a week before the marathon. She currently 17th in the standings, though, with only the top eight players taking part. Open, losing in 2009 to Kim Clijsters. She ranked 13th, though she coming off her first title in nine months when she won in Istanbul on July 20 the same day McIlroy clinched the British Open. She comfortable that she can avoid injury while ramping up her running. know my body so well now after so many years on tour and so many years of pushing it, Wozniacki said. She never entered a road race, and the longest distance she ever run is 18 kilometres, which is a bit less than a half marathon. But she always been known for her conditioning on the tennis court and likes to think her experience gritting through fatigue will apply well to her new endeavour.

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