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Biker's boots provide traction and protection against motorcycle engine heat. Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip,So, is there a rule that the only quotes allowed are the ones that make Limbaugh look bad? 23:52, 18 April 2007 (UTC)There are, of course, no such rules, and though there is a need for a cleanup and more standard organization of the quotes, it seems that the people who have thus far been most involved in adding to the page have been most interested in adding such quotes. As with all Wikiquote pages anyone is welcome to add whatever quotes they deem significant or interesting, but use of a more standard organiztion, more definite sourcing and the inclusion of a more extensive range of quotes is encouraged. Kalki 01:37, 19 April 2007 (UTC)I'm not exactly suprised, but a little disappointed at how it seems this Wikiquote article is nothing more then a childish attempt at hacking on Limbaugh. My personl feelings aside, I can't help but cringe when I see these quotes; there is absolutely no professionalism at all in demeaning someone through some cheerfully taken out of context quotes. I was more then a little excited at a prospect of a Wikiquote, but it seems it has quickly turned into some second rate pseudo revolutionary site where the lax rules and vision has made every page into a soap box for such places like Media Matters. The name is duly noted as ironic. Eichelberger 19:57, March 11th 2008 (UTC)Context is the issue here.[edit]These "quotes" are a silly political hatchet job. The reponse to "add more quotes" does not deal with the problem. The words may well have been used (although as a regular listener, some sound very suspicious). However, one of Limbaugh's primary techniques is "illustrating absurdity with absurdity." In other words, he uses satire. Did Jonathan Swift really advocate eating chidren? A sane person knows better. I would suggest a disclaimer especially seeeing that the Leftist website Media Matters is the source for most of the half quotes.World Trade Center Rebuilding[edit]This quote may be exactly what Limbaugh said, however I believe this was Limbaugh paraphrasing Mayor Ray Nagin. Nagin at the time was undergoing scrutiny for the rebuilding efforts of New Orleans and gave a similiar response to the public. Some research should be done here for proper context.Media Matters Link[edit]The link to Media Matters challenges the neutrality of this Wikiquote article. Media Matters has an agenda simply by definition of their creation and existence and therefore lends a bias to this article. I do think it is important to include Media Matters in reference to Limbaugh; however, I think it is out of place in Wikiquote and belongs in proper perspective in Wikipedia Main.Wikipedia can be a common starting point for many searches for facts on the internet, and so can Wikiquote; Wikiquote is a separate Wikimedia project, including its own material, and there should not be any dependence on Wikipedia in providing links to relevant external sites. Accountability 19:35, 9 October 2007 (UTC)When looking up quotes about the "Phony Soldiers" issue, I wanted to add accurate quotes from Limbaugh. However, someone added quotes from other parties that do not belong in this article, and also removed a quote from Limbaugh. I undid those changes, and then someone put those quotes into a "Quotes About Limbaugh" section. However, they are still quotes discussing a particular topic, and not quotes about Limbaugh himself. They are not notable, and they are trying to turn Wikiquote into a discussion forum. If you think the quotes are relevant to the issue, add them to Wikipedia or to the pages of the people who said them. However, they should not be part of this article. 06:31, 6 October 2007 (UTC)It is long standing practice here that all articles on people and works can have a section for quotes about them as well as from them, and this was pointed out clearly in the comments I made in restoring the section.The relevant comments during edits occurred in this order:I can agree with observations made that this article is skewed largely against Limbaugh, and some positive comments about him would be appropriate, but the quotes that have been repeatedly deleted are by famous people commenting on a highly publicized dispute, and they fulfill every requirement of notability and relevance to an article on Limbaugh. Trying to split hairs to exclude some comments as not "about" Limbaugh but about what he said or did remains ludicrous, as does the statement that the quoting of people other than Limbaugh is an attempt to "turn Wikiquote into a discussion forum". It has always been to some extent a "forum" for the exposition of ideas, as expressed by various famous people, with various points of view, and with no regard to censoring relevant points of view, but has never been one focussing on the discussions that occur among editors. Accountability 21:49, 6 October 2007 (UTC)This Wikiquote entry is already largely skewed against Limbaugh, but up until this point, the quotes included have at least been (as far as I can tell) factually accurate quotes by Limbaugh. If we start allowing quotes from anyone who has an issue with Limbaugh's position on various topics, then this article will spin out of control. I do not think it is the intention of Wikiquote to include quotes by anyone debating specific topics by the person in question. The quotes by others should be included in their pages, as appropriate. 09:37, 7 October 2007 (UTC)The reasoning employed here continues to be absurd. It is standard practice here to have a section for quotes about people on their pages. From some of the many articles where they exist, one could just as easily say the statement "The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity." by John Adams, doesn't qualify as a quote about Jesus but merely one about his "divinity" and it being used as a "convenient cover for absurdity."Absurd" remains the proper word for the argument that statements in a public dispute about the character of what Limbaugh said or did not say shouldn't qualify to be considered a quote "about Limbaugh". One could just as easily say a statement about a comedian's performances aren't about a comedian, or about some ruthless dictator's deeds and atrocities aren't about a dictator. Even statements most plainly and unambiguously made about a person's character or his acts would not qualify by such criteria so long as they referred to merely acts, words, or even qualities of a person, or controversies about them and not explicitly that "person" in some very abstract and perhaps undeterminable sense devoid of all identifying elements other than name. It exceeds the bounds of rationality.Applying such narrow definitions as to what can be quoted as relevant, and to further extend it with examples, such as those indicated in the above link to the Michael Moore page: "It's a free country, so he's free to say whatever he wants, but I don't appreciate it. I don't like it." by George H. W. Bush. This obviously isn't to be considered a statement about Moore at all, but about it being a free country and Moore being free to say what he wants, and Bush not appreciating it or liking it. And again, "To have to answer anything about what that slimeball says is just too much." This too is not about Moore, but about having to answer to anything that he says. Wikiquote would have a very cleaned up, extremely sanitized and very sparse sections about everyone if we applied those criteria! But maybe that could be "squeezed in" as qualifying simply because he calls him a slimeball? Yet such a comment as that of Lajos Kossuth on George Washington plainly wouldn't qualify: "Let him who looks for a monument to Washington look around the United States. Your freedom, your independence, your national power, your prosperity, and your prodigious growth are a monument to him." because he is merely talking about "those who look for a monument to Washington" and about the nation's freedom, independence, power, prosperity and growth being monuments to him, and not a single thing specifically said about the man himself! What was anyone thinking to think that this was a quote about Washington!But no, I don't seriously believe that the freedom to edit and add material to Wikiquote should be so narrowly defined by such criteria as these that are proposed here, apparently in the interest of keeping material that might be embarrassing to Limbaugh or his most loyal "dittoheads" off of the page. The page should be cleaned up and organised chronologically as most pages for people are, and more positive comments on him gathered. I personally have no great inclination to gather material either for or against the man, but have just posted the first quote I've actually added to this page (rather than restored) from a supporter of his in the recent controversies. I really have very little interest in working on it beyond this. Accountability 14:08, 7 October 2007 (UTC)If I wanted to "narrowly define" what was added to this quote page, wouldn't I be removing all of the various quotes that are supposed to make Limbaugh look bad? But I'm not. The quotes in the "Quotes About" section were originally added inline with Rush's "phony soldiers" comments, as if the person adding them wanted to prove Limbaugh wrong. I removed them as inappropriate, and then a new section was added to specifically house those quotes about one particular topic. Note that the quotes against Moore are also targeted at him in general, and not about one particular argument or statement that he made.Again, if you feel like arguing about the "phony soldiers" comment, take it to Wikipedia or something. This page is already cluttered enough as it is, and plainly biased against Limbaugh. But of course, any effort to remove quotes that are only peripherally related to Limbaugh is met with accusations of being a "dittohead" and not wanting material that is "embarassing to Limbaugh" to be allowed here. The liberal bias of this page is already bad enough; please don't make it worse by allowing arguments by other people to be shoehorned onto a page where they don't belong. 09:09, 8 October 2007 (UTC)I believe that an absurdly strong bias is showing when one can say that the "the quotes against Moore are also targeted at him in general, and not about one particular argument or statement that he made" and not recognize that the rationalizations that are being applied to excluding these comments about Limbaugh or his comments apply just as much to those made about Moore, or about Washington.You state "if you feel like arguing about the "phony soldiers" comment, take it to Wikipedia or something." Personally I do not feel like arguing about it at all, but I do feel quotations from others about it do belong here. If you truly believe that the section and the quotes do not belong on the page, take it to the Wikiquote:Village pump, and argue either that quotes about people don't belong on Wikiquote, or that these quotes should not be considered to be quotes sufficiently about Limbaugh to be included. I think the merits of such a case are entirely imaginary. Accountability 19:35, 9 October 2007 (UTC)If you don't see the difference between a quote that says something general about Moore and his views, and a vote that addresses one particular thing that Limbaugh said, then I don't know how to explain it more clearly.As for "absurdly strong bias," I think it is significant to note that for a long time, there were no quotes from others about Limbaugh on this page. People were simply happy to provide as many quotes as possible that they felt made Limbaugh look bad. Then when the "phony soldiers" comment came along, I thought it would be appropriate to includes quotes from Rush that explained the context of what he said and why he said it. Almost immediately, people either removed the quotes I had added, or posted quotes by others excoriating Limbaugh. And after a back and forth, those quotes are now firmly ensconced in the "Quotes About" section, proving once and for all that any positive comment about Limbaugh will be immediately met by someone ready to bash him. It sure is nice to see that the bias against Limbaugh continues unabated, even in this supposedly objective look at him. 20:45, 9 October 2007 (UTC)It is plain that you believe my inability to discern some vitally important distinction you claim to exist between the comments about Moore and those about Limbaugh stems from some lack of mental acuity on my part, and it is plain you are failing to discern that I am arguing whatever narrow or obtuse rationalizations might be made to exclude either those against Moore, or those against Limbaugh are simply hogwash. There were extensive arguments made about the Moore page that it was extremely biased against him, and I believe that was hogwash as well. I do actually agree that this page as a whole has been added to by those who are opposed to Limbaugh's views, but I don't believe removing legitimate quotes of famous people on the controversial issues of some of Limbaugh's comments is the proper way to reduce the imbalances that I acknowledge exist. Adding more quotes by those who agree with him, or adding more that are actually admirable by Limbaugh would be. Accountability 21:19, 9 October 2007 (UTC)My concern is that once these floodgates are opened, this page will become a repository for every single quote that is related to any topics that Limbaugh has discussed, which covers quite a lot. If the quotes are limited to those BY Limbaugh, or those ABOUT Limbaugh, then the scope becomes much more manageable. I do think there is a distinct and significant difference between a quote like, "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot," and "Rush Limbaugh was wrong when he said." (In case it's not clear, I think the first quote should be allowed, and the second should not.) As it is now, these pages are a good cross section of a person's statements and beliefs. But if you allow the "Quotes About" section to contain any quotes about topics that were once argued by the subject of the article, then the page turns into a grandstand for anyone's political arguments. I can not see how that is a good thing. 00:29, 10 October 2007 (UTC)

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