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Struggling with a foggy windshield is definitely hazardous especially during the wet season. The following are some steps to ensure a fog free drive. Clean your car windows religiously with a glass cleaner. Your car's interior gradually accumulates dust and oil, which are the base or natural forms that eventually would turn into fog. Cleaning it every two weeks, or more often during the wet season, would help fix the problem. You have the option of making your own anti fog solution to keep the windshield from fogging up by mixing 2 ounces of vinegar and about cup of hot water, or a much better idea would be to use certain commercial glass cleaners of anti fog solution. Prevent excess moisture from entering the car. Before entering your car, make sure you tap off the snow on your shoes, or vigorously shake off water from your umbrella. Any excess moisture adds to the fogging up of your windshield. Use your car's defroster or defogger when adjusting your air conditioning settings. 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Sometimes it helps if you warm up the car and power on the defroster just a few minutes before you start your drive. If you are experiencing a little fogging again on your windshield, just simply change your air conditioning settings back to defrost. It is very important that your windshield is fog free to prevent any accidents. Being meticulous about these little things definitely pays off. Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013,This conference may contain forward looking statements that involve a number of risk factors. These risk factors could cause the company's actual results to be materially different from those projected in such statements. These forward looking statements should be considered in conjunction with the discussion of risk factors included in the company's SEC filings and today's press release. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward looking statements, which speak only as of today's date. The company disclaims any obligation to update any of the risk factors or to publicly announce any revisions to the forward looking statements talked about during this conference call or contained in today's press release to reflect future events or developments. I will now turn the call over to Mr. Cliff Sifford, president, chief executive officer, and chief merchandising officer of Shoe Carnival, for opening comments. Mr. Sifford, please begin. Thank you, and welcome to Shoe Carnival's second quarter fiscal 2014 earnings conference call. Joining me on the call today is Kerry Jackson, senior executive vice president, chief operating and financial officer. For today's call, I will give a high level review of the company's second quarter performance and provide some insight into the back to school season. Kerry will review second quarter financial results along with third quarter and second half guidance and then we'll open up the call to take your questions. Comparable store sales for the second quarter decreased 2.1%, driven primarily by the decline of traffic in our brick and mortar stores. Traffic was down high single digits for the quarter, driven by three components: the industry wide lack of fashion drivers in the non athletic side of the shoe business, the uncertain economic environment for our consumer, and a change in our circular advertising strategy. The losses incurred during the two weeks affected by the change of our circular strategy accounted for approximately half of our comparable store sales loss for the quarter. This particular marketing change helped fund a more aggressive television strategy for the back to school time period. I'll address that shortly. Conversion, average units per transaction, average unit retail, and average transaction were all positive for the quarter. Merchandise margins were down 20 basis points as we continue our markdown strategy on slow selling spring and summer styles. Gross profit decreased by 90 basis points as a percent of sales, while SG was deleveraged by 160 basis points as a percent of sales, resulting in EPS for the quarter of $0.13, which was within our previously stated guidance of $0.12 to $0.16. Although we don't report ecommerce sales separately, we were pleased with the sales increase we experienced for the quarter. As I mentioned on our last call, with are in the process of moving away from our third party fulfilment arrangement and transitioning to shipping primarily from our stores. We will utilize our Evansville distribution center for certain key items and promotional products for peak sales periods. This initially will vastly improve the selection of styles and ensure a depth of sizes available online which should, in turn, improve conversion significantly. We are currently ahead of our plan to have this completed by the end of the third quarter. In addition to our ship from store initiative, within the next several weeks, we will launch our first ever mobile app. This will allow us the opportunity to interact with our customers regardless of where they are in their daily lives. Our Shoe Perks customer loyalty program is on pace to exceed our stated goal of 6 million members by the end of this year. I can't stress enough how important this initiative is, as we navigate through the changing trends in marketing. Today's consumer is spending more time in the digital space. They interact with their friends and favorite retailers in all forms of social media. They receive the information that is important to them in their email inboxes. We must be able to communicate with them personally and know their wants, needs, and shopping habits. Our loyalty program is the avenue to get us there. For the second quarter, Shoe Perks customers again accounted for more than 40% of our total sales. Our marketing team and store personnel have done an outstanding job of growing this important program. Continuing with marketing, as I mentioned earlier, with back to school being our most important time period, we initiated the strategy to be more aggressive with our television cadence. We felt that advertising on national cable television, along with our normal marketing cadence, would help reenergize our consumer and drive more traffic for this critical time period. There is no way to directly quantify the results of any television marketing. However, we did experience an immediate improvement in traffic and sales once we began the back to school television campaign. As a result, after mid single digit comparable sales declines for May and June, our July comp store sales were up 1%. We ended the quarter with inventory down approximately 2.2% on a per store basis, which was in line with our expectations. As we have stated in the past, we will continue to put pressure on our per store inventories in support of our strategic initiative to increase inventory turns. I am pleased with the execution of this initiative by the merchants as they lowered inventory levels in our smaller volume stores while maintaining depth of key items as we headed into the back to school season. Moving on to merchandise, after the unusually cold and wet first quarter, we were look forward to a second quarter of sandal sales to lift our comparable store sales as the category did last year. We recognized within the first few weeks of May that the customer was not responding to this category as they did in 2013. With that knowledge, we addressed prices aggressively, and we began to liquidate the product. I'm pleased to report that inventory levels in opened up footwear are down double digits on a per store basis, as compared to the same time period last year. Drilling down by department, our women's non athletic department sales for the quarter were down mid single digits on a comparable store basis. In addition to sandals, we saw a decline in dress shoes and boat shoes. However, we did experience robust sales in comfort casuals, molded footwear, and canvas casuals. Comparable store sales in our 108 better brand stores, which are located in higher income localities, performed much better, not only in women's non athletic department but also in the overall store sales results. This initiative is working, and we are continuing to roll it out to additional stores. In our men's non athletic department, we ended the quarter with a high single digit decrease on a comparable store basis. We did see increases in the campus casual classification, but not enough to overcome the sales decline in both shoes and men's sandals. Our children's business ended the quarter with a low single digit comparable store sales increase. For girls, the quarter was all about canvas casuals and sandals. For boys, basketball, running, and canvas were the key categories. In adult athletics, comparable store sales were up low single digits for the quarter. We experienced a nice quarter of women's running, men's and women's canvas, and men's cross training. Turning now to store expansion, we ended the second quarter of 2014 with 398 stores, operating in 33 states and Puerto Rico. We opened a record number of 16 new stores in the second quarter, including the two new markets of Buffalo, New York, and Miami, Florida. For the remainder of 2014, we expect to open an additional nine stores and relocate one store. Our current plans call for closing two stores by the end of the year, ending fiscal 2014 with approximately 405 stores. We could close an additional three to four stores by the end of the year, depending on continuing negotiations with landlords.

Store Online Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013,Air Jordan 10 Venom Green WEST HARTFORD Lace up your running shoes and start warming up for Key Human Services' 4th Annual 5K Run, One Mile Walk, and Kids Fun Run! The 5K Run, One Mile Walk and Kids' Fun Run will be held at the scenic West Hartford Reservoir, 1420 Farmington Ave., (Route 4) on September 8, 2012. The event is sanctioned by USA Track and Field. The first 100 people to register will receive a free t shirt. Until August 27, entry fees are $20 for the 5K Run and One Mile Walk and $5 for the Kids Fun Run. There is also a group rate of $75 for groups of four or more. After August 27, it costs $25 for the 5K Run and One Mile Walk and $7 for the Kids Fun Run. The 5K Run, One Mile Walk, and Kids Fun Run benefit Key Human Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose main office is located in Farmington. Key provides support for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism. Key's services include Community Group Homes, Supported Living, Autism Services, Birth to Three and Specialized Nursing. Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 Jay Kuperstein had a good job. He worked in New York for the NBA, editing basketball videos. Then he got tired of sitting in front of a video monitor for 15 hours a day and decided to go to law school. Kuperstein, who is 30 years old, graduated from American University's law school in 2005. The plan was to become a sports agent. "I thought it would be good with my background and law degree," he says. "But it turns out it's a job that's nearly impossible to get." And so this new lawyer found himself sitting in front of a computer for 15 hours a day, working as a temp document reviewer, one of a growing species of big city lawyer that sifts through electronic documents to determine whether they are relevant to pending court cases and investigations. Kuperstein does not do research, and he does not write; he does not go to court, and he does not meet with clients. The clients whose cases he works on do not know his name. There is no room for promotion in this job, and there is no health insurance. But there is the potential of a six figure salary and also very little stress except for the stress of knowing that the job may end any minute now, without warning. Though it's not what he expected, Kuperstein is happy with his work. His job exists to support big firm lawyers, who do meet with clients and go to court and research and write. It is tedious, time intensive grunt work that used to fall to young big firm lawyers but has now been outsourced to temps. For more and more law school graduates, this is the legal life: On a given day, they may plow through a few hundred documents e mails, PowerPoint presentations, memos, and anything else on a hard drive. Each document appears on their computer screen. They read it, then click one of the buttons on the screen that says "relevant" or "not relevant," and then they look at the next document. This isn't anyone's dream job, but more and more lawyers in big cities around the country are finding that seven years of higher education, crushing student loans, and an unfriendly job market have brought them to windowless rooms around the city, where they do well paid work that sometimes seems to require no more than a law degree, the use of a single index finger, and the ability to sit still for 15 hours a day. Is this being a lawyer? It is now. When you are a temp document reviewer, you live for e mails that have some spark of humanity in them, even if they are banal and about people who are being investigated by the Department of Justice, because those e mails are not spreadsheets; they are not brochures or policy statements. They are also not relevant. A relevant document would be a lot more boring, for the most part, and would not conjure up fantasies of Camembert sandwiches in the park. You know, or something. Move the mouse so the cursor is over the "not relevant" button. Click the "not relevant" button. Click the "next" button. It's another e mail Marie turning Frank down for dinner, saying that she is going to be in Croatia that week. With her boyfriend. Again, not relevant. At least not to the big city lawyer. Frank no doubt feels differently. (If there were a real Frank, that is; this e mail is similar to a real e mail I've seen but is not the exact e mail, because writing down a real e mail would be a violation of a contract every temp document reviewer signs pledging confidentiality.) This is all by way of saying that I have also been a temp document reviewer and probably will be again. I graduated from law school more than seven years ago, with $150,000 in loans. After paying around $1,000 a month for the last seven years, I now owe a mere $101,000. Add to this a wicked wanderlust and certain carelessness with money, and you can see how I end up looking for new ways to pay my bills. this past summer. A friend told me she'd done it in New York in between full time jobs; she said it was hell on earth. Another friend was doing it in Boston, where he'd recently moved, and he didn't seem to mind it too much. But I thought of my friends as anomalies. this last summer and found myself talking with lawyer after lawyer who was doing or had done this work. Some of these people included a cousin of mine who couldn't understand why I wouldn't do the work, especially since I kept asking her to pay for lunch. I resisted at first, because when I was a new lawyer, working as an associate at a big law firm in New York, I had done some document reviewing as part of my job on the firm's litigation team. Box upon box of paper documents were my territory. The boxes were dusty and aggravated my allergies; the paper was sharp and cut my delicate fingers. I took naps on my office floor when I couldn't bear to look at more documents. It felt like exquisite torture, spending all those weeks in all those boxes. A friend who was also reviewing documents at his law firm back then said to me he thought he was getting the same box of documents to review, over and over and over, as part of some psychology experiment. But bills being bills, before long I'd signed up with five or seven of the 60 odd lawyer temp agencies around the city and was put to work. My first "project," as these assignments are called, was at a big law firm near the White House. It paid $35 an hour, 40 hours a week no overtime, clock out for lunch. on a Monday in a conference room with a nice view, where a lawyer from the firm gave the 20 odd temps an overview of the case (it was a company investigating itself, in anticipation of a Department of Justice investigation I can't say more, or I'll violate a confidentiality agreement I signed; anyway, you don't really want to know). The lawyer handed us binders with more information about the case about how we'd discern the relevant documents from the irrelevant and then a member of the administrative staff told us not to use the Internet too much, or we'd be in trouble. From there we were taken to our work station: a windowless room filled with computers. We each had a computer; we were trained on the particular computer program we'd be using, then got clicking. Relevant. Not relevant. Not relevant. Not relevant. Two staff attorneys full time lawyers hired by the law firm to oversee the temp document reviewers sat at a table in the front of the room, watching us click in this quiet, quiet room. Mostly quiet room. One of the two sometimes sent around e mails that said things like: "We notice that some of you are listening to music too loud on your personal stereos." And, "We notice that some of you have long fingernails which are making loud noises on the keyboards. Because your job does not require the use of the keyboard, only the mouse, we are confused why we are hearing so much loud fingernail on keyboard noise." The passive aggressive e mails? Not relevant. My music was quiet, and my nails are short. The staff attorney meant those missives for a couple of the other temps. The rhythm of the day, for me, was that in the morning, I'd arrive and get coffee and then sit happily enough at the computer reviewing documents and surfing the Internet, on and off, for three or four hours. Most of the documents were fairly dull spreadsheets, brochures, e mails talking about financial stuff. Every once in a while I'd get a good e mail, not as good as the e mails the other people said they'd sometimes seen things about people getting divorces and arguing about their child visitation rights, arranging secret rendezvous, and downloading porn but things like: "Hey dude, I'm in Hawaii with my wife. She sure likes to spend money. Nice hotel. How's the XYZ deal going? Paul" Oh, I'd think. Hawaii. Hawaii sounds nice. Then I'd look up the hotel where Paul said he was staying and see what amenities it had, if it was close to town. The documents we reviewed had some chronological order, so after I read about Hawaii, I read e mails between Paul and the dude about Paul's return from Hawaii, about how both Paul and the dude hated some other co worker who had undermined Paul's efforts to put together a certain deal, about the dude's attempts (foiled!) to buy a house, and so on. I read enough about these senders that I got mildly involved in their lives and started hoping the deal would go through, the bid for the house would be accepted. The document review room was nearly silent except for the sounds of computer clicking, the sounds of people eating, and the sounds of someone's too loud personal stereo or too long nails on the keyboards. But we temp lawyers got to talking around the coffee machine or in the bathroom. The other temp lawyers seemed to come from every walk of lawyerly life one had left an associate job at another firm, another was trying to make it in the hip hop world. A third was looking for a job as a patent lawyer, maybe, or maybe he'd just do document review and travel between projects. A woman told me that usually she did document reviews in foreign languages she speaks Dutch, she said and makes more money doing that. An older man told me he'd recently retired from the federal government. It seemed as if people fell into one of three camps: people who only wanted temp jobs because they liked the freedom; people who were between regular jobs; and people who were stuck doing document review forever not between jobs, because there were no jobs to be between. For lunch, I'd go to the firm cafeteria for a tomato and mozzarella sandwich, which I'd eat in front of the computer so as not to waste time. And with lunch eaten, I'd sit at the computer for another few hours and despair this is what I was doing with myself? With my fancy law degree? My friends were becoming well known, they were making a lot of money, and this anonymous, stupid work was what I was doing with myself? Then I'd spend a surreptitious hour looking for other jobs, hoping the staff attorneys wouldn't notice, hoping they wouldn't send me an e mail saying, "We notice that some of you are looking to get fired" I never got this e mail. After that, I'd settle back into my life and review documents for another couple of hours and feel OK about it. The day was almost over, I'd go for a nice walk after work, see a movie, or get some drinks, and I'd have earned enough money over the course of the day to keep myself fed and housed, and then some.

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