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Luxury handbag maker Coach (NYSE:COH) has long been a favorite of growth investors. Even in tough economic times, the luxury company expanded sales with strong overseas growth and entries into new markets. Here are six reasons why shares of Coach look like a buy at the moment. ShoesDespite being a leader in the handbag market, Coach hasn't decided to stop there. Coach is taking on rivals Michael Kors (NYSE:KORS) and Tory Burch in the competitive shoes market. In March, the company began a new line of shoes at 170 North American locations. In the second half of the year, that line will expand to more stores. The new shoes are produced by Jimlar Corporation. Based on current sales and trends, the footwear category is expected to hit $250 million for the fiscal year ending June 30. Coach is also considering moving the footwear category to its factory outlets as well. Analysts are mixed about the move into shoes. Bearish cases argue that Coach's amazing margins may be hurt. Bullish analysts remind investors that the shoe market is a $23.5 billion industry and Coach can score big with even a small market share. The entry into shoes is a good thing, considering handbag sales may be capping. In December, Coach lost market share of the North American handbag segment for the first time. In fiscal 2012, only 7% of sales came from categories outside of handbags and accessories. The growth of the shoe market should boost sales going forward and can offset any weakness in handbags or specific geographic regions. Price to Earnings RatioAnalysts on Yahoo Finance see Coach posting earnings per share of $3.73 in fiscal 2013. The following year, analysts see earnings per share climbing to $4.12. This currently gives Coach a price to earnings ratio of 15.6 and 14.1 on a current and forward basis. I think, with its strong near double digit sales growth and increase into other business segments, shares should be trading closer to a valuation of 17 or 18 times earnings per share. This would give shares a price target of $74.16 for fiscal 2014, representing a share increase of 27% going forward. China/Hong Kong GrowthIn the third quarter, Coach saw international sales increase 6% to $382 million. Adjusted for currency, sales would have increased 14%. The most significant contributor to this growth was China. Sales in China were up 40% in the third quarter and Coach stores saw double digit same store sales growth in the region for the third quarter. Coach also opened its 100th store in China during the third quarter. The region continues to be a huge growing opportunity for the company. The company remains on pace to generate $425 million in annual sales from China. This amount will continue to increase at double digit rates going forward. China and Hong Kong remain well positioned to capture tourism dollars and continue to see strong sales of luxury goods. Men's MarketCoach's men's segment continues to heat up. In the third quarter, Coach reported a 7% increase in total sales. In that quarter, the company reported that it had gained traction in the men's and digital segments. With strong third quarter sales, the company is now on track to do annual sales of $600 million in its men's segment. This represents growth of 50% from the prior year and puts the company is a good position to gain market share going forward as the brand catches on and gets re orders. Dividend YieldIn May, Coach announced a 12.5% increase in its quarterly dividend payout. The current quarterly dividend of $0.338, represents a yield of 2.3%. Since beginning a dividend payout in 2009, the company has raised the payout amount every year. With earnings per share estimated at $3.73 for fiscal 2013, Coach is paying out less than 40% of earnings to shareholders. ConclusionCoach is growing fast in international markets. This growth along with new segments like shoes offer great opportunities for both value and growth investors. Coach has everything to love right now: low valuation, increasing dividend yield, growing international sales, and new products. Shares of Coach have traded between $45.87 and $63.24 over the last 52 weeks. Shares currently trade above $58 at the time of writing. As I mentioned above, there is room for Coach shares to grow on a valuation model. Look for shares to hit new 52 week highs very soon. Source: 5 Reasons To Buy Shares Of Coach Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). 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I nike free everyday wish you the best of luck with your 5k schedule! This is also fine; and you could begin running intervals for one minute and rest for 3 5 minutes to regain strength to run a nike free trainer new interval on one minute. 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White,Your 8 year old nowEight year olds tend to be sound sleepers. As long as they have plenty of opportunities for physical play, they should be sleepy at bedtime and awaken only rarely with nightmares or other needs. Your child should get about ten hours of sleep a night. Protect this time it's when your child grows and when the brain consolidates and organizes the vast amounts of new material it absorbs each day. Test your health IQ: Can you spot the signs of the flu? What are some good resources for finding quality kids' music? How to help your grade schooler establish healthy sleep habits How much sleep does your child need? 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Offers You Many High Quality 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White,Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Most Americans who have MLK Day off will return to their jobs tomorrow. Not Congress. It's taking the whole week off the mid January break to be followed by the mid February break, another recess in March, and so on through the months until August, which is completely free. And that's not all. Many Americans might not realize it, but their members of Congress, when they're in Washington, generally work only three days a week. House and Senate leaders brief reporters on what's ahead on Tuesdays, give wrap up press conferences on Thursdays, and then, like the Nike swoosh logo, they're outta here. "We have to learn how to put in a decent week's worth of work on the floor again," Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky urged from the chamber this month. He was speaking about how the increasingly divisive Senate needs to change its ways, and he's not alone in his views. Many lawmakers and observers believe that if members of Congress didn't skip town so often, bipartisan tensions would ease and more work would get done. Last year was the least productive, as measured by legislation enacted, since World War II. They showed up at the same soccer games to cheer on their kids, barbecued on weekends, and had many more opportunities to socialize with each other across party lines. Not long ago, congressional committees produced the lion's share of legislation, and members of both parties had to work with each other on it. But today, a lot of the legislation originates in the leaders' offices, diminishing the role of committees. All this matters because it's harder to demonize your opponents when you know them, and knowing them allows for more effective legislating itself a time consuming process. For most members, the House gym is one of the last places where Republicans and Democrats still mix casually. Some members of Congress are trying to bring back the old collegiality. Rep. Luke Messer (R) of Indiana is president of the GOP freshman class in the House. Unusually, he moved his family to Washington. (The Hill reports that he sometimes has his office television playing cartoons for his children.) He has hosted family get togethers with Democrats who have also moved their families to the area. Olympia Snowe, the former Republican senator from Maine, also urges more time in Washington in her 2013 book "Fighting for Common Ground." If Congress returned to the five day work week, took fewer breaks, and synchronized the House and Senate schedules (they overlapped by only one week in the crucial rush to the finish line month of December), then representatives and senators would have more time and tamer temperaments "to address the critical issues," she argues. But the rhythm of Congress also has a history and logic that pushes against such reforms. Scheduling has changed drastically over the decades. From 1789 until the 1930s, Congress met during the first five or six months of the year, and that was it. By the 1960s, that schedule had expanded well into the fall, and in 1963, the Senate met the entire year with no break longer than a three day weekend, says Betty Koed, the Senate's associate historian. It was so bad that the late majority leader Mike Mansfield (D) of Montana, commented that he no longer recognized his wife during daylight hours. In 1970, Congress bowed to the member pressure to ease the long sessions and scorching summers and adopted, by law, the August recess. Cultural pressures in the 1990s largely shaped today's commuter schedule: Spouses, mostly wives, began to have careers of their own and didn't want to move to the nation's capital, or to uproot their children. The perpetual campaign required members to be in their districts more, even as the reputation of Washington sank, making absence a political plus. Neither the House nor Senate generally schedules any meaningful votes on Mondays or Fridays, so that members especially those from far away states can travel back to their homes each week. Meanwhile, the Internet allows lawmakers to be in touch from wherever. "Senate jobs are 24/7 and go with you wherever you go," says Ms. Koed. "It's misleading," she adds, to give the impression that because members of Congress are not physically on Capitol Hill, they're not working. Members don't consider a week back home as a break. On the official House calendar, it's called a "constituent work week." Usually, the time home is packed with town halls and other events. Representative Messer, for instance, had 17 events scheduled in 48 hours over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Of course, there's work and there's work. Former Rep. Lee Hamilton (D) of Indiana, who served in the House from 1965 to 1999, complains that when lawmakers are in Washington, their schedules are crowded out by fundraisers, meet and greets, and receptions. "Legislating is tough, demanding work. It requires many hours of conversation about differences, commonalities, and possible solutions," Mr. Hamilton wrote last month. "Yet when Congress meets only episodically throughout the year, when it often works just three days a week and plans an even more relaxed schedule in 2014, you can only come to one conclusion: They're not really willing to work hard at legislating." That's pretty much what Senator McConnell thinks. He made it clear that if Republicans retake the Senate in November, he'll change the schedule to extend the workweek. "The only way 100 senatorswill truly be able to have their say, the only way we'll be able to work through our tensions and disputes, is if we're here more," he said. 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White Who does not recognize the name of Rafael Nadal, the professional tennis player? Apart from being called the King of Clay, he is currently the king of the game. He is ranked as the No. 1 tennis player by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Nadal has 9 Grand Slam titles to his name along with an Olympic gold medal won in 2008. He also holds a record of winning 19 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments. It is lesser know that he has had tremendous doubles results, he won the Spain Davis Cup in 2004, 2008 and 2009. When he achieved the career Grand Slam in 2010, he was crowned as the youngest player of the era to do so. Tennis Racket:Rafa plays with a Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquet along with a 16 gage Babolat RPM string. Nadal's racquet is made up of graphite and tungsten and is one of the lighter racquets used on the pro tour. Nadal can whip the racquet extremely quickly through the strike zone which, allows him to produce his signature top spin. Shoes:For his tennis shoes,Rafael Nadaluses the Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3. The shoe is perfect for Nadal's playing style. The Shoe is great for play on clay courts and other surfaces. The Nike shoe maintains a good grip on the court and allows him to change direction swiftly. Nadal's shoe is also known to be durable with layering on the sole and the upper part of the shoe. With his signatures style and gear,Nadal is sure to be the king of the court for a long time. It is all about fitness and to sustain in this game for a long time, players need high fitness as well as exclusive support of the gadgets or gears. You can browse the online stores and make the right choice. There are many online websites and portals that sell high quality and trendy tennis bags. Invest in durable and stylish bag that would last longer. Choose an effecti . In depth analysis of 3ds Prepaid Card Code Generator can be an enriching experience. Until recently co .

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