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Actually, I used to work in a tanning bed salon, and one of my friends and her hubby now owns one. Its not bad for baby or milk to tan, but if you are going to tan try not using any "tanning" lotion, the chemicals in those lotions are not good for baby, plus you might absorb some thru your breast, also stay away from spray tans. the spray solution is chemical filled!!! I will be tanning again but using a regular lotion, like vasaline or jergens, just something to keep skin hydrated. And as for tanning beds to be proven "bad" for you, thats not true, bc everyone is exposed to natural sunlight they cannot rule out tanning beds to cause skin cancer, plus a tanning bed is controlled sunlight exposure, you can pick the watts depending on what salon you go to, and the time you say in, you cant do that with the sun. Also to be on the safe side, each time you tan, no matter how clean your salon is, request to have your bed cleaned in front of you, or ask to do it yourself. you dont want to take a chance of getting any kind of fungus. hope this makes you feel a little safer about tanning with or without breastfeeding!!! Also another thing, when exposed to UV rays ( tanning) it releases indorphens that make you happy, relaxed, perfect little treat for those having a hard time with post partum. FTM to Kynleigh Grace. EDD 1 19 09 baby oil is pore clogging and not very hydrating it just seals in moisture and sits on top of your skin. You would be better of using a moisturizer while tanning and if you must use baby oil use it after. There are many different oils that are affordable and more compatible with you skin though. Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil etc of them . If you go to your local health food store though they have tons of affordable yummy oils your skin will eat up. mineral oil which is what baby oil is made of derived) is made of very large molecules and your skin doesnt absorb it. Air Jordan 3 Bright Crimson ,Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/thatHappeneduse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. You found a Tumblr post about how a brave transgender feminist WoC made a white male cishet check his privilege? I still get aroused every time I think about how that happened in real life. Your Facebook newsfeed tells a tale of how a newly enlightened 15 year old Atheist put that stupid fundie in their place? My girlfriend who you haven met because she goes to a different school totally saw it happen and verified it for me. You read a rage comic describing how a man totally made a woman orgasm by song alone? I can confirm this; I used to sleep with that woman before the man audible vibrator took her away. Post all of these stories and more here, a place where we collect and verify the truest stories on Reddit. Some basic rules apply, give them a read before posting a 100% true story or commenting on one. 1. No posting any personal information. Finding someone personal information like a real name, a facebook account, twitter, etc, and posting it in the comments is grounds for a ban from the entire website. The only exceptions to this rule are major public figures and those actively attempting to be public figures. If you not sure whether they would want publicity, do not post it. 2. For direct reddit posts, please replace "www" with "np." If you take a screenshot, please blur usernames! If you fail to do either/or, your post may be removed. 3. No bullying of any kind. Do not harass anyone you find here or encourage others to harass them. Do not be nasty to your fellow users. Any bullying on /r/thatHappened or "in the name of" /r/thatHappened is grounds for an automatic banning. 4. Make an effort with your title! Titles MUST describe the event, be written like a newpaper headline, and should make the reader say "Yep. That happened." This thread goes into greater detail as to what an appropriate title consists of. Any post with a title consisting solely of confirm, am ________ will be removed. Air Jordan 3 Bright Crimson,Mold tends to grow in places that are warm, damp and dark. The carpeting in your vehicle is a prime location for mold to grow. We often jump into the car with our wet or snowy shoes and then park the car in the garage at night. Over time, your car's carpet could turn into a breeding ground for mold. Luckily, unlike traditional household carpets, the carpet in your car does not have a second layer of padding underneath of it to contend with. Therefore, killing and removing mold from your car is a relatively simple process. How to Remove Mildew From the Carpet in a Car An equal opportunity fungus, mildew can develop anywhere that moist and warm, including on the carpeting in your automobile. Once mildew starts growing. Mildew is a mold that thrives in humid habitats. Often the source of a musty odor, these tiny organisms are difficult to.

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Either for casual use or sports purpose, Nike Air Max 90 Shoes are always appropriate. Nike brand enjoys great popularity among the young, especially those sportsmen. The second model is Nike Air Max 91. Nike Air Max 91 shoes can not only help the wearers perform better but create great air cushion which can keep the shoes from being damaged by the ground. Among these shoes; there are various colors and sizes. The third type is Nike Air Max 95. A new police database shows that Nike Air Max 95 shoes are the most common choice for criminals. At present, many kinds of sports shoes are endowed with the technology of Air Max cushioning, say, basketball shoes, cross training shoes, golf shoes, casual shoes, sandals, tennis shoes and so forth. As to these shoes, Max Air technology is adopted in the design of their whole midsoles. Nike Company introduced these shoes on 21 January 2006. In this way; you can make a most cost effective deal. That is, these Nike Air Max 360 Shoes are sold at the most reasonable price, while their quality, the highest. Air Jordan 3 Bright Crimson WHAT TO SEE: Legendary beautiful scenery of Alaska magnificent coastal fjords, rugged glaciers, vast evergreen forests, sky high mountains, 7 of which are the tallest peaks in North America (to see Mt. McKinley, North America's tallest peak, you'll need to take a tour to the shore into the Denali National Park), abundant land and marine wildlife moose, kodiak and grizzly bears, caribou, dall sheep, puffin, otters, seals, humpback and killer whales, dolphins, bald headed eagles and much more. Shore excursions are optional, as well as guided tours in a cruise ship's port of call. They are offered in all Alaska ports and cities and are a great way to enrich your cruise experience with visiting coastal attractions, historical places, challenging yourself in kayaking, helicopter tours, mountain biking,. There are 2 different kinds of cruises available: Inside Passage Cruise: roundtrip departure from Vancouver/ Seattle, usually 7 days long. You cruise the inside passage through the islands offshore from British Columbia and Alaska. Stops usually include Ketchikan, Sitka, Skagway and Juneau. Gulf of Alaska Cruise (or Glacier Route Cruise): You cruise one way northbound from Vancouver/ Seattle or one way south from Seward, Alaska. You will see more glaciers on this route and an additional port or two. WHEN TO GO: The usual Alaska cruise season lasts from early May to late September. Alaskan summers are cool, daytime highs in these months range from 10 to 27 degrees Celsius (50 to 80 Fahrenheit). May and June tend to be the drier months, July is the warmest one. June and July are the best months to watch Humpback and Orca whales, White Sided dolphins. An additional bonus to an Alaskan cruise vacation is that in summer the days are much longer than they are further south. This is the land of the midnight sun. Your longest days will be in June and July (up to 20 21 hours of daylight) and will offer you many opportunities to enjoy active glaciers. Early and late season cruises (May and September) tend to be slightly cheaper and the ports of call are less crowded. You can check next week weather forecast for Anchorage here. ALASKA CRUISE TIPS: Northern weather can be unpredictable. Consider taking with you and wearing multiple layers of clothes in response to a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions. What to pack : waterproof and warm jacket, a sweater, light gloves, rain gear, sun glasses and a warm hat for deck strolling or touring on the shore. You also may find useful binoculars, camera, camcorder, film, batteries and walking shoes. If you need a hair dryer, pack one not all cruise ships have hair dryers in the cabins. Bargain hunters should look for last minute deals as the last rooms are often sold at very low prices. Pick the right cruise ship for your style, some ships are more traditional, other more stylish, elegant, some offer more choices for children, other are more seniors oriented. The cruise comparison chart below should help you in making the correct choice. Check your cruise itinerary, almost every ship usually includes several formal dress code nights. Dark business suit or a tuxedo would do the thing. We recommend you to book a stateroom with a balcony. Theview on an Alaska cruise is always changing mountains, shores, wildlife, marine animals, glaciers, or quaint waterfront communities. You can enjoy it from the privacy of your own balcony, escaping crowded decks.

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