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We're going to talk a little bit about gauges. The gauges on the go kart this is a Micron 4. They have Micron 4s and Micron 3s. The Micron 3s are the ones they no longer sell them. They all went to the Micron 4. One thing about Micron is, if you have a problem with your gauge, you can send it in, and as long as it's a current gauge or like the Micron 3 still, they fix it for no cost at all. The gauges basically have a display on them see if I can turn this on. May not be batteries in this one. They give you a couple different things. They give you lap times every lap. They give you RPM, and one temperature on this particular gauge. Now they have an upgrade to this gauge which gives you two temperatures, it gives you mile per hour, it gives you speed of the RPM of the motor, and it also maps the track for you. These gauges are completely downloadable on the computer, and you can take the data and actually, anywhere on the track, you can tell what RPM you were at, what speed you were at, what temp it was, G forces around the corners, and you can overlap different sessions and do simulations on top of each other at different sessions to see where you were faster. And, at point all my buddies, we were just going to buy one kart and we were all going to race from the gauge and just whoever wins electronically, but that wasn't very good. but the gauges are really cool to have. The best thing about them is they tell you lap time so you can tell if your driving is getting better or worse or how you're doing there. 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There was a time when I'd never owned a pair of Birks, as they are affectionately called by their fans, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover what I'd been missing all these long years. Some shoes claim to be comfortable, when in reality they are just not painful. Birkenstocks, really are super comfortable. All the people I've met who've owned a pair swear by this shoe, and I can tell that they are genuinely in love with them. Just look at me, a regular gal, not a hippie or a yuppie, but I too love my Birks. For sure, I don't wear them to work, or to impress people, but just when I'm chillaxing or hanging out with my friends on a hot summer day. Birkenstock Sandals for Sale Where can I find a Birkenstock Outlet?It used to be that I was able to travel to the beautiful state of Florida to enjoy some sunshine and indulge in some much needed outlet shopping. There was this Birkenstock outlet in Orlando that had a huge selection of Birkenstocks that came in all shapes and sizes. Many of the sandals were in atypically wild colors and/or unique designs, but there were also a few so called classics for you to choose from. I usually managed to outfit my whole family in sandals just before we headed to the beach. Having not been to this outlet for years, I knew what I had been missing and decided to give them a call on my last trip to visit the family. To my dismay, I was told that they had since closed! Disappointed, I decided to do some research and have since found out that Birkenstock no longer has any outlet stores in the entire US! However, If you're ever lucky enough to be traveling through Europe, Australia, or Asia, there are still outlets located there. I like to wear birks because. you can easy slip in and out they are comfortable to wear they are good for the feet I think they make my feet look more sexy they are fashionable everyone else doesSee results without voting Where to find Birkenstock Shoes for Sale Online If you've decided that Birkenstocks are right up your alley then there's no need to wait any longer. Generations of folks have admired Birkenstock's for their comfy footbed. Best yet, you won't find them anywhere for cheaper than at Zappos. Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt,32. Louis John4 Schneider (Evelyn3 Affeld, Julia Gertrude2 Tischbein, Joannes Albert1) was born in Detroit, MI 2/21/1924. Lou died 3/4/2006 in South Lyon, Michigan, at home. He had been in the middle of cancer treatment, radiation and chemo therapy, for bladder cancer. His wife Audrey and all their children survive him. (Last photo of Lou with youngest daughter Marylou, wife Audrey, taken by oldest daughter, Lynn, in February, 2006.) He married Audrey Kathryn Lynn in Detroit, MI, 6/19/1948. Audrey was born in Wilkes Barre, PA, 3/19/1926. She is the daughter of William Nicholas Lynn and Catherine Clair McCabe. Audrey graduated in Detroit, MI, 1948. Institution: Marygrove College. Graduated with a degree in Journalism. Louis served in the military in various posts which included the South Seas, 1942 1944. He was a student in Detroit, MI, June 1950. School: University of Detroit. He graduated with the degree of BEE (Bachelor of Electronic Engineering). The University of Detroit is situated a short distance from Marygrove College, also a Catholic school. It was on a blind date that Lou met Audrey, a student at Marygrove and his bride to be; both had mutual friends from the two schools who arranged the blind date. Louis's occupation: Electrical Engineer in Detroit, MI. After graduation, he worked for The Electrical Association of Detroit, a group sponsored by the Detroit Edison Company. After about 16 years the Association was disbanded and Lou worked directly for the Edison Co., first in the Marketing Department acquiring a certification in heating and air conditioning. After a time he transferred to the Construction Department working on construction estimating, in the Detroit office and in Troy, and on construction sites in the Metro Detroit area and Ann Arbor. He retired in March 1986 and moved with Audrey to South Lyon, MI, to the Colonial Acres retirement community in November 1988. More information concerning Lou and his family including Lou's military carer in WWII can be found here. Louis John Schneider and Audrey Kathryn Lynn had the following children:i. Lynn Marie7 Schneider was born in Detroit, MI 5/4/1949. She married twice. She married Robert Wisnewski in Morristown, NJ, 11/3/1973. Robert was divorced from Lynn Marie Schneider in Lake Shawnee, NJ, July 1983. She married Sherwood Stevens in Morristown, NJ, 9/24/1994. She graduated from college in Detroit, MI, May 1973. School: Marygrove College. Lynn had moved to Morristown, NJ in 1973 and married Robert Wisnewski. She found work at the Morristown Bank a short walk from where she lived. She retired from a job in the payroll personnel departments at that bank to work part time in the finance department of Dialogic Corp., in NJ. John Joseph Schneider was born in Inkster, MI 5/21/1952. Born at 1:30 am May 21, 1952 in Providence Hospital, Detroit; 7lb. 4oz, 18 3/4" long, according to his mother. He married Melissa Anne Wambach in Ann Arbor, MI, 8/29/1981. Melissa was born in Cincinnati, OH 6/29/1956. She is the daughter of Joseph Wambach, Jr. and Gertrude Imogene Kuykendall. Having had enough of the cold Michigan winters, Melissa John relocated to Savannah, GA, Melissa having secured a promotion/transfer from Sales Manager in the Ann Arbor branch of Kelly Services, to running the Savannah branch as City Manager, starting Feb 29,1998. At the end of February 2000 she left this job to pursue full time her talent as an artist working with polymer clay jewelry. Along with making jewelry she worked part time at the Savannah Magazine eventually turning full time. She is currently a full time artist making photo encaustic art John served in the military in Ft. Knox, KY; Ft. Bliss, TX; Ft. Lee, VA; Hanau, Germany, 1972 to 1974. In the last draft call of the Vietnam Era, John received a lottery number of 12. Induction papers followed shortly. Army on April 24, 1972 for a 2 year term. Spent Basic Training at Fort Knox, KY. Upon completion, was ordered to report to Fort Bliss, TX, in El Paso, on July 9, 1972 for Advanced Individual Training, to train as a Nike Hercules Electronics Mechanic. Was removed from school for violating his security clearance, being caught in possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) and thereafter reassigned to Fort Lee, Virginia to train as a Subsistence Storage Specialist, completing that training on May 8, 1973. Hill, Virginia, and having 6 months left to serve, he was assigned (October, 1973) to Hanau Caserne, in Hanau, Germany, with the 3rd Armored Division, delivering rations to mess halls in the Frankfurt area. Hanau is located about 20 miles east of Frankfurt along the Rhine River. He was released from active duty April 23, 1974 with an honorable discharge. Highest rank achieved: Private E 2. He was released from active duty in Ft. Dix, NJ, 4/23/1974. John graduated in Ypsilanti, MI, 4/28/1984. Institution: Eastern Michigan University. He graduated Cum Laude majoring in History and Political Science with a concentration on Early American History. Met Melissa in the first class the first day of school, Dr. Goff's 400 level, The Age of Washington Jefferson. John's occupation: 8/6/1984 3/12/98, Edwards Brothers, Inc., book and journal manufacturing since 1893, of Ann Arbor, MI, as a Buyer in their Purchasing Department. Became a Senior Buyer in 1988. Remained one of a 4 person purchasing department until 3/12/98 when he and Melissa moved to Savannah, GA, with Melissa's transfer. After a number of temporary jobs through Kelly Services, John gained employment with Information Technology Services (ITS) on 12/14/98. ITS, a company based in Greenville, SC, was contracted by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to scan documents and drawings to electronic (digital) format. John was hired to run a scanner. In February 1999 he was promoted to on site supervisor. William Peter Schneider was born 8/17/1953. He was a student in Ypsilanti, MI, 1973. School: Eastern Michigan University. William graduated in Ypsilanti, MI, 1979. Institution: Eastern Michigan University. BA degree in Anthropology. William's occupation: Respiratory Therapist in Providence Hospital, Novi, MI. He worked for Munson Hospital, Traverse City, MI. Left to travel the country serving a number of hospitals for an employment agency serving the medical field. Some locations were Seattle, Indianapolis, Austin and back at Munson.

Buy Online Stylish Trendy Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Gym Red Reflective Silver Pro Platinum I know a lot of you practice no shoes in the house. I know this is a huge controversy for some. I gave up on it. I was starting to be like the shoe nazi. I still cringe when dh has been on the pier fishing, or something like that, and walks through with boots. Anyway, where do you put your shoes at the door? Do you have a basket, a shelf? Some kind of cute stand? I know this is a repeat, but it hasn't been addressed in awhile. Plus, I saw this, and thought you might all have an opinion. Like or not like. Shoes are a necessity in Canada, and we do not wear shoes in the house (carry in mud, snow, dust and chemicals, big societal no no here!), however, I also don't like for shoes to be in the bedrooms. I hate having to see shoes, visual clutter, yuck. and with four people in the house all wearing shoes now, I hate that shoe clutter! We have battled this for years. It seems the only way to lose the shoe clutter is to lose the shoes! : D We've pared (paired? haha!) down our shoes but need to do more. I started with them all in our bedroom closet, then as we wore them we started putting them away in a hall closet instead. So I can probably safely get rid of whatever is still in the bedroom closet, except for a couple special things like DH's granddad's cowboy boots he keeps for special occasions and sentimental reasons. But it really took having LO get mobile on us, for us to stop being lazy and just kicking them off in a big pile at the front door. We just removed the mat altogether so there's no place for them. I love that shoe rack but it wouldn't be functional I'm outright house. My hubs has like 4 pairs of boots that wouldn't fit in there. I also have 3 pairs of boots. I hate our shoe rack cause its old/ugly/plastic/falling apart but it works for us. We usually enter though the garage into our laundry room. And the rack is in the workshop room right off the laundry room cause I didn't want it out in the open. Here it is (don't mind the mess of shoes) the boots are off to the side and the two pairs that are on the floor are because they are wet. Oh and flipflops are in a basket by the door cause they always seemed for fall behind the rack :( This is what we have. DH's work boots don't fit on it so they sit just next to the bench. We live in a split level house so when you walk in its just the foyer area, maybe 7ft x 6ft. That area has a coat rack, the shoe bench and 2 hooks above the bench for the older two to hang their bookbags. I never really thought to not do it that way. Esp with little babies around crawling on the floor and getting stepped on. Although I won't stand at the door and tell people to take them off either. Normally people see the shoe bench and just do it. Some of DH's work buddies who don't want to remove their boots for the few mins they stop by after work just stay in the kitchen area which is right at the top of the stairs. I'm just comfortable bare foot, I even run out to get the mail with no shoes. Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt As we've pointed out before, science has been forced to conduct some pretty depraved experiments in the name of furthering the march of knowledge. Human sexuality is a complicated thing, and in the name of research sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty. As in the following ridiculously awkward studies: 5. Testing Whether or Not Women Are Into Bangin' MonkeysSome of the most famous research ever conducted on human sexuality was that of Alfred Kinsey, who published a landmark series of studies into what turns men on sexually. Though groundbreaking, Kinsey's studies dealt mainly with the question of men's sexuality, and Canadian scientist Meredith Chivers of Queen's University, Ontario, wanted to investigate the other end of the gender spectrum. Apparently, part of her study focused on the question of how badly the average woman would want to fuck a monkey. Turn ons include gorillas in the mist not the movie. The study targeted a range of human sexual configurations straight men, gay men, straight women, and lesbians and hooked them up to a device called a photoplethysmogram, which sounds incredibly technical, but basically just measures how DTF your naughty bits are at a given time, which would probably do great on the retail market."So I just tried this thing and it said I'm at 150 percent. I could really use your number right about now." After that, the study participants were gay, lesbian, straight, and just naked people walking along a beach like it ain't no thing and were asked about how turned on they were by each individual video. Of course, because they were also hooked up to the genital equivalent of a lie detector, their "honest" answers were measured against the horrid truth. The results were about what you would expect for men and lesbians gay men were aroused by gay sex, lesbians by lesbian sex, straight men by heterosexual sex. Straight women showed varying degrees of arousal during all of the iterations. Because scientists are just the academically qualified version of trolls, the researchers had an ace up their sleeve along with the regular human porn that the participants had expected, they included footage of bonobo apes fully going at it. In addition, because the natural sound on the videos didn't fully convey the extent of the apes' enthusiasm, the videos were overlaid with sound effects of apes getting each other off like porn stars in a cheap Brazzers clip. As you could imagine, when asked about how aroused they were by explicit ape sex, everyone responded hell to the fuck no. But the photoplethysmogram said otherwise men of either orientation were pretty much unimpressed by the bonobos, but the women were betrayed by science, displaying "strong and swift" genital arousal in response to seeing apes make the beast with two backs. Ronald van der Beek/iStock/Getty Images If your wife insists on watching Planet of the Apes over and over again, now you know why. So science has finally answered the age old question of whether women are more turned on by primate intercourse than men are, and the answer is a resounding yes. We can probably expect further investigation with lemurs, alligators, and armadillos until either the funding runs out or they get through all the animals, whichever comes first. 4. Making Sex Toys Bone Each Other (Complete With Fake Semen)Something that has puzzled and delighted humans since we parted ways with the apes on the evolutionary tree is why we have much bigger schlongs than our primate cousins. One theory is that the size and shape of the penis makes it act like a kind of scoop to displace semen that has been left over from your lover's most recent previous conquests. Did we sport right? How do you test such a hypothesis? One way would be to actually get down and dirty with your significant other and then ask to conduct some tests afterward in the interest of science, but because that's too straightforward, researchers came up with an alternative method that involved a trip down to the local sex shop. The scientists spent some not at all awkward time at a purveyor of sexy merchandise to obtain three dildos (one large, one small, and one bullet shaped to act as a control) and a fake vagina. They created a substitute semen mix from corn starch that was "judged by three sexually experienced males to best approximate the viscosity and texture of human seminal fluid." Yep, that happened. From there, the only thing to do was to make the fake genitalia fuck each other vigorously. Then tests were done to determine how much of the corn starch man batter had been scooped out after each simulated rogering. The result was that the fake dicks did indeed scoop 90 percent of the fake splooge out of the fake vagina, with the exception of the bullet shaped dildo, which displaced much less due to its pitiful lack of a glans. The experiment vindicated the theory of the scientists who were presumably able to take the tools of their trade home with them for ongoing study.

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