Authentic Cheap Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White Sale Home Is Your Best Choice. Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Teal Blue Free Shipping And Fast Delivery Online Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White For Sale Authentic My DD is 9 and in the 4th grade. She's been struggling with Spelling and really most of her work. Finally this year she is actually reading at grade leve. for the past 3 years her teachers kept mentioning how they have to keep her on the front row right infront to help keep her focused and on task. She can't spell at all and still flips some of her letters or numbers. we finally decided to have her assessed at the psycologist and see if there is something going on other than nomal kid stuff. I thought it must be dyslexia, even her teacher mentioned it and I do have family who do have dyslexia. But after meeting with the psychologist I think ADHD inattentive type might make sense. she just doesnt seem to focus. To the point where I ask her to go upstairs to get her book she will come back in 5 min to ask why she went upstairs. I thought she was just being a normal kid. Is it normal? I worry that the typical responce to ADHD is medication, but I want to do whats best for her. can I just say I hate not knowing? Has anyone else dealt with anything like this? andy tips or info you can share? I have dealt with this with 2 different kiddos. We swore dd (10.5 in 4th grade due to a late dyslexic, but only in spelling. She does the same as yours, can't spell for beans (but does not flip letters), and considering how smart she is otherwise, it is crazy. This year, spelling finally caught on! I don't know what happened. She still is not a spelling expert by any means, but it is more practical for what a 4th grader should be able to do. Also, I am a middle school teacher and I have a student who will flip her letters still (b becomes d or p). I asked about that and he said as long as I don't see anything else don't worry about it. She is likely rushing, or just not paying attention. I would think a child with add could possibly do this becasue of lack of attention. My ds in 2 weeks, 1st grade) fine in all academic areas, but just at home he is just like your dd. He cannot stay on task, always gets in trouble for never being or dong what is supposed to be doing, can't remember any routines we have, swears people take his shoes and move them on him, Homework is a nightmare, except I started writing for him which has helped. We have found we need to just slow things down. When I am talking to him all other talking near him has to stop, we can't put more than 1 or 2 demands on him at once, and we have to just basically go very slowly. This helps a lot. Medication is not the only solution to add, there are other things you can do once you know what it is. If the problems you describe are the only problems, they are very minor and can be dealt with. For example, when you send her to get her shoes, look her right in the eye and say, "Go get your shoes. What did I ask you to do?" Then have her repeat it. However, medication is not the end of the world. If she had a heart condition would you worry about giving her medication even with side effects? I doubt it. In the end, it's about doing what what's best for your dd. She is old enough you could also ask her opinion, which would she like to try? And then go from there. You should note that often dyslexia with co morbid conditions like ADHD or ADD. I agree with Alicia medication is not the end of the world but I also agree with you medication is not the only answer for every child and it is not a magic bullet. are other things you can do including may things Alicia already suggested, diet changes (no sugar, no preservatives, get plenty of omega fatty acids and fish oil), therapy (which teaches these kids constructive ways to focus themselves, use the way their brain workds to their advantage etc) ALSO sure you are informed on what type of medication is being suggested for your child the potiental side effects and possible rare side effects that the FDA warns of: In 2007, the FDA required that all makers of ADHD medications develop Patient Medication Guides. The guides must alert patients to possible heart and psychiatric problems related to ADHD medicine. The FDA required the Patient Medication Guides because a review of data found that ADHD patients with heart conditions had a slightly higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, and sudden death when taking the medications. The review also found a slightly higher risk (about 1 in 1,000) for medication related psychiatric problems, such as hearing voices, having hallucinations, becoming suspicious for no reason, or becoming manic. This happened to patients who had no history of psychiatric problems. The FDA recommends that any treatment plan for ADHD include an initial health and family history examination. This exam should look for existing heart and psychiatric problems. The non stimulant ADHD medication called atomoxetine (Strattera) carries another warning. Studies show that children and teenagers with ADHD who take atomoxetine are more likely to have suicidal thoughts than children and teenagers with ADHD who do not take atomoxetine. If your child is taking atomoxetine, watch his or her behavior carefully. A child may develop serious symptoms suddenly, so it is important to pay attention to your child's behavior every day. Ask other people who spend a lot of time with your child, such as brothers, sisters, and teachers, to tell you if they notice changes in your child's behavior I agree with the pp. Meds can be great. Research them, but also diet and other things could be the answer. I try not to let my dd have sugar, but her dad isn't as strict as I am. Talk to the Dr about meds. There are different types. One that you can try and if they don't work go to the other, but it has to be in a certain order according to my pediatrician. It's not an easy road, but I have noticed if you can make it interesting it will help a little. or Praise them when they are doing well and it makes them feel good and be interested with it. It's such a hard struggle, good luck. My dd is in 6th grade and we've been dealing with it since 1st grade. Christie married to my Best Friend Brian 05 08 10 Celeste 13 years old, (Twins) Caitlyn and Makayla 12 years old, Colin David born 5 13 2011 Dyslexia seldom exists by itself. It usually occurs with other issues including ADD/ADHD, speech issues, sensory dysfunction, fine/gross motor skills issues, concentration/memory issues. the face of it my own 9 year old is perfectly normal. He's a solid B student, he works hard, doesn't get in trouble (much). Yet as a preschooler he was severely apraxic (speech issue), and kids with severe apraxia at age 5 have almost a 100% chance of dyslexia. I had him evaluated by the top developmental pediatrician in our city and she told me he's not only dyslexic, he has significant motor delays and memory/language processing issues. does NOT have ADD/ADHD, but the memory/language processing issues sometimes look like ADD/ADHD. He also has slight sensory issues that do not affect his schoolwork. My advice is, have your child evaluated by a good developmental pediatrician or another independent professional. (Do NOT accept what the school officials tell you.) Then you can use the report to help you decide what is best for your child. (In our case, I was able to use the medical report to get quite of bit of extra halp for my child.) I have a child with ADHA and one with Dyslexia. We went through a lot to get our 11 yr old tested for Dyslexia because most of the teachers in his school were saying it was ADHD but it was his own teacher that pointed out the Dyslexia. When we took him to get tested, the psycologists said that kids with dyslexia are often misdiagnosed with having ADD or ADHD. We were in Texas at the time and went to the Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas. He was tested for everything while we were there to make sure we got a correct diagnosis. They were amazing!!!! I can only suggest that you find a facility similar to them and get a second opinion. I can say that there are similarities in the dyslexia and ADHD but they are also very different. Our son with ADHD (13yr old) is medicated and we have had to do some adjusting over the last couple years to get it just right, but it is a process. We were not overly thrilled about medicating him but he started noticing the difference with how he was concentrating and such so we felt a little at ease about it. luck. And, follow your gut and always ask for a second opinion. And baby makes 6. welcome Charles Alexander 7/31/2009 Coming out of lurking because this hit so close to home. I could of wrote the original post, besides having a Son instead of Daughter with possible ADD. I just recently have looked into other ways to try and work through our issues due to not wanting to jump on the Medicine wagon. I have read tons and spend many days at book store with a pile of books. My tip is that I learned that it is true diet is a big connection point to be looked into. I noticed almost instantly that high fructose syrup and food coloring makes a huge difference in being able to concentrate, I am by no means a granola girl but, trying to find out each day how to eat more natural for all of usand seeing the difference. Not easy but worth it . for the post so many of us are in the same boat makes it easier to paddle..

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