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Muscle spasm manifests when abnormal activity in the muscle triggers involuntary contractions, these contractions can be chronic and become very painful. The contractions arise when the electrical signals to the brain affect the nerve cells located in the spinal cord. This causes muscles to tighten and pull the spinal bones enough to slightly rotate them, resulting in pinched nerves. This is then often mistaken to be nerve pain, which is also very painful. Hamstrings, quadriceps, feet, hands and calf muscles are the most common places for muscle spasm to occur. They can be chronic and if left untreated may turn into a muscle knot. A muscle knot is when sections within the muscle have constricted to create constant tension and pain. Most muscle spasm appear early after an injury and are the body's way of protecting itself from further injury. Other causes include poor nutrition, too much exercise, depletion of electrolytes, dehydration, muscle fatigue and magnesium and calcium deficiencies. All of which are easily treatable at home. Poor nutrition, magnesium and calcium deficiencies can be treated by diet alteration or supplements. Calcium deficiencies can be overcome by eating milk products such a yogurt or cheese or other calcium rich foods such as salmon, beans, almonds and spinach. Magnesium enriched foods include nuts, seeds, soy milk and whole grain used in cereals and breads. Alternative causes of muscle spasm can be treated by a range of things at home, although medical treatment should be sought in the long term. These treatments include rest, ice, heat and massage. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises will help to relax the muscle, for example if the pain is in the knee or calf pulling the toes towards you will shorten the tightened muscle and will help it to relax by relieving some pressure and help to reduce the pain. Medical treatment for muscle spasm may include muscle relaxers, anti inflammatory drugs and trigger point injections. The negative side to this being there is always a chance of unwanted side effects such as vision changes, light headedness, nausea and drowsiness; this can interrupt general day to day life during the treatment process. Nike Roshe Women Grey Black New Green,She was there again. The Lady Who Pushes All My Buttons was at the Y. The Situation Picture this, if you will: A crowded locker room with limited space. Several towels scattered on the floor. A rolling carry on duffel bag, upended, with shoes, makeup and exercise clothing strewn on the floor and bench. Three outfits in dry cleaner bags, hung on various lockers. "thoughts") I was Judgmental (she's hogging too much space, she's selfish.), Angry (she should know better, be more considerate.), and Unkind (she's an idiot, her outfits are trashy.). How was that working for me? Not well at all. During my swim I was distracted by all my negative thoughts and kept swallowing water when I'd come up for air. Time for an Attitude Adjustment Was she really supposed to take up less room? Nope. How do I know that? Because she took up the room she took. Should she have been anything other than exactly who she was, doing what she was doing in that moment? Nope. And how do I know that? Because that's what was happening. Byron Katie says "When you argue with reality, you lose. But only 100% of the time." The Lady was going about her day, and I was busy believing she should be something other than exactly who she was. Whose moment was ruined? Certainly not hers. When I came back from my shower and swim, she was drying her hair, and then polishing her nails. Another judgmental thought ("She's taking way too long to get out of here.") surfaced. I laughed out loud. Why? Because she'd given me a wonderful example of how my attitude (and thoughts) were totally in my control. I could decide to remain a judgmental, angry and unkind person or I could make a different choice. So I did. I decided that she was just like all the rest of us, making our way through the world and wanting to look her best when she did so. She got a warm smile from me and I got a story to tell all of you. Eckhart Tolle's right. In "A New Earth," he says "Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness." Who knew that my daily dose o' consciousness raising was going to happen in the locker room of the local Y! Are you in need of an attitude adjustment? Funny thing, but when I became more considerate of The Lady instead of assuming she should be more considerate of me, I felt better. Notice your thoughts about others, and turn them onto yourself. See if there isn't a glimmer of truth when you substitute "I should" for the original "s/he should." You just might feel better for it, too. Christina Brandt is a Master Certified Coach as well as a former human resources executive with experience in a variety of industries, in both large corporations and startups. She helped hundreds of people to determine their passions, strengths and marketable skills, and coached them through the process of defining their ideal work and how to create it. Working with Christina, clients answer the question next? and are awakened to new possibilities for bringing satisfaction, purpose and joy to their professional and personal lives. In addition to her work with individual clients, Chris leads a variety of workshops and coaching groups. 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Worldwide Online Specialty Stores Sells a Variety Of New Classic Style Of Nike Roshe Women Grey Black New Green,Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Ancient Egyptian fashion could be plain, colorful, long, short, form fitted or voluminous, depending on the period and person. Women's clothing was usually longer and covered more of the body, although some early styles of dress allow for the neckline to hang below the breasts. This would not have been considered indecent in these times. Servant girls are often depicted in short dresses or loincloths alone. Children wore very little and would be covered in wraps when the weather was cold. Men's fashion was less conservative than women's and dependent on a man's social position or occupation. Physical laborers wore loincloths and sometimes wide robes in lieu of more complex clothing and those that worked in the water wore nothing at all. Garments in this period often consisted of short kilts for the men and simple rectangular sheath dresses for the women. Circular capes, which had a head hole at the center of the fabric, were often worn over clothing and were decorated in many different colors. Women also wore these robes, which varied in sleeve length and neckline, over their sheath dresses. showed the emergence of shawls, worn very long and tucked around the body like a sari, and more complex pleated clothing. Clothing in Ancient Egypt was made mostly from linen or wool; artistic depictions from the period often show people wearing long, pleated white linen. The linen was usually left in the sun to bleach white or was dyed at the thread stage, producing threads in primary colors. Shoes were not elaborate; they were sandals made from leather or rush and were strapped to the foot by leather or papyrus thongs. Full cover shoes did not appear until the New Kingdom as outside cultures influenced the Ancient Egyptians. Clothing type differed between classes and occupations. Nobles often wore the longest garments with flared sleeves, using the most amount of fabric and the most expensive trimmings. During the Old Kingdom, nobles on official business would wear a particular half pleated belted kilt. The elaborate decoration and volume of garments lessened between each social class, and the lowest classes did not wear much in the way of clothing at all. Priests also did not wear much clothing. Priests usually did not wear wigs, and kept their bodies clean shaven for purity. They wore fine linen, as they were not allowed to wear wool and white palm sandals or none at all. Accessories such as animal skins or collars on a priest often indicated the priest's specific function. Accessories and styling may have been more important to the look of the Ancient Egyptian than the garments themselves. Jewelry was bulky and often made from lapis or carnelian. Wigs were widespread among the rich; wearing one's own hair outside meant that one could not afford a wig. The most expensive wigs were made with real human hair, while others were made with wool. They were twisted or braided and dyed black, and were worn over shaved or short cropped hair that allowed the wearer to be comfortable at home. Wigs were made in many different styles and showed a great deal of variety, including wig ornamentation. At parties, Ancient Egyptians wore a cone of beeswax or ox tallow on their heads that would melt over their wigs and produce a perfumed scent. Ancient Egyptians also wore eye makeup in the form of kohl to protect the eyes from the elements and insects, and women applied red ochre to their lips and cheeks. About Egyptian Clothing and Jewelry Men and women of ancient Egypt took pride in the clothing and jewelry they wore. It could be said that the Egyptians. How to Make Ancient Egyptian Clothing Whether for a Halloween costume, a school project or a simple fashion statement, ancient Egyptian clothing can sometimes be of use in. Geographic Features of Ancient Egypt Geographic Features of Ancient Egypt. Egypt is known and visited for the relics and rich artifacts of its ancient civilization, such as. Why Did Colonial Men Wear Wigs? Wigs were a fashionable item in colonial America in the 18th century. The full bottomed periwig, which had a cascade of curls, was. Clothing Used in Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptians lived in a desert climate where summers could be brutal and winters were, at worst, mild. This living situation,. Egyptian Food Clothing While Egyptian culture has maintained some of its traditional staples, many aspects have changed over time. Modern Egyptian food is a mixture. How to Make Ancient Egyptian Jewelry The Egyptians loved body adornment. While we may not be able to recreate the techniques the ancient Egyptians used to make their. What Type of Meats Were in Ancient Egypt? The fertile soil of the Nile Valley allowed ancient Egyptians to grow a variety of crops, which meant most people ate a. Ancient Egyptian Children Clothing Children in ancient Egypt, at least up to puberty, did not wear much clothing. In hot Egyptian summers, children weren required to. How Was Food Prepared in Ancient Egypt? eHow Food, Rachael Ray and her Buddies want to show you how to get more out of every day, every meal and. Egyptian Makeup Games Egyptian Makeup Games. Ancient and modern day Egypt has influenced culture in many ways: mummies have invaded our movie theaters to scare viewers. Ancient Egyptian Clothing Crafts Ancient Egypt was famous for the high quality of its linen textiles. One of the oldest textiles in existence is a complete. Nike Roshe Women Grey Black New Green In 1964, astronomers at China Purple Mountain Observatory discovered a small main belt asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. They named it2899 Runrun Shaw, in honor of a Hong Kong movie studio boss. Shao Yifu, known worldwide as Run Run Shaw, was no minor planet. Among the bosses of any film industry, in Asia, Europe or Hollywood, he was the sun and the moon, and the launcher of many stars, including Chow Yun fat and Maggie Cheung. Shaw entertainment empire stretched from Taiwan to Malaysia, and from the silent era to the present nearly 90 years in all. With his death today, at the astounding age of 107 (The New York Times says 106, but we not quibbling), one can bid farewell to the last emperor of Chinese movies. The Shaw Brothers logo the initials on a scallop shaped shield appeared on many of the biggest hits in the first golden age of Hong Kong cinema. The studio top stars of the were women. Linda Lin Dai graced Li Hanxiang blockbuster opera film The Kingdom and the Beauty and the four hour love and war epicThe Blue and the Black. Vivacious Cheng Peipei, Chan Ping and Lily Ho played the lovelorn trio in Shaw lively, MGM style musicalHong Kong Nocturne, directed by the Japanese import Umetsugu Inoue. But Cheng Peipei steered Shaw in a new direction when, at the age of 20, she played a solemn warrior goddess in King Hu seminal wuxia film,Come Drink With Me. With the success of Chang Cheh The One Armed Swordsman, which triggered a martial arts craze in Hong Kong, the company focus switched on a dime from femme to macho, and Run Run Shaw became the kung fu mogul. The 1972King Boxer / Five Fingers of Death, starring Lo Lieh as the man with the Iron Fist, was the first martial arts film to be widely released in the West; in America it earned more than 12 times its $300,000 production cost, a year before Bruce Lee's breakthroughEnter the Dragon. In 1978 Chang Cheh introduced a quintet of new stars inThe Five Deadly Venoms. A quarter century later, Quentin Tarantino would blend the ferocious action of the Chang Cheh movies with the implacable heroine of Come Drink With Mein his two part Kill Bill which began with the Shaw Brothers scallop and trumpet fanfare. (READ: The 1973 story Men Behind Kung Fooey by subscribing to TIME) The pictures produced by Run Run and his sibling Runme from the 1950s to 1985 set the colony standard for opulence, vigor and splash in a dozen genres. But for decades Run Run refused to put his old films on video, or even allow film museums to show them. The studio action classics were seen, if at all, in muddy bootlegs that often chopped or squeezed the wide screen panoramas down to TV shape and dubbed the Mandarin dialogue into an Anglicized cacophony of kung fu grunts and maniacal giggles. Shaw empire extended beyond movies. He was the founding owner of Television Broadcast Ltd. (TVB), by far the most popular Hong Kong television channel for 45 years. He made his billions in entertainment and gave back nearly as much in philanthropy, especially for medical and scientific research; it sometimes seems as if half the public buildings in Hong Kong have his name on them. But he didn get rich by being a softie. A 1960 TIME story, titled Makes Run Run Run? described him as mixture of Barnum Bailey and Todd AO. He is the master of the Asian hard sell. And what he sold, Hong Kong, China and the world bought. (READ: TIME 1960 story Makes Run Run Run on Oct. 10th or 14th in 1906 or Shao Yifu was the sixth of seven surviving children born to Shao Yuh Hsuen, a Shanghai textile manufacturer. (Hence Run Run's later nickname, Uncle Six.) The family is said to stretch back 14 generations to the Ming Dynasty. Learning English in private schools and at the YMCA, Run Run interrupted his studies at 19 to join his three elder brothers: Zuiweng (later Runji), Cunren (Runde) and Renmei (Runme). Runji, a lawyer, wrote a play to be staged there, and the Shaws quickly made a film of it: A Man Came to the World and He Made Good. They founded the Tianyi (Unique) Film Company, one of the three major producer distributors in the fledgling Chinese film business. Runji and Runde worked in Shanghai, Runme and Run Run in Singapore. In 1934 Runde opened a branch in Hong Kong. Buying theaters to showcase their product, the Shaws built a business that by 1939, according to John A. Lent's book The Asian Film Industry, "included [139] theaters, nine amusement parks and legitimate theaters in Malaya, Singapore, Thailand, Borneo and Java." In 1940, with the Japanese occupying Shanghai and threatening Singapore, Tianyi moved its operations to Pak Tai Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong, changed its name to Nanyang and made Cantonese films for the local market. "During the Japanese control of Southeast Asia," Lent writes, "Shaw theaters were confiscated and Run Run was imprisoned on charges of subversion. But after the war they were back in business at full strength, thanks to the hoard of jewels Run Run had hidden." (READ:The Empire of Run Run Shaw) In 1947, the brothers re opened their Singapore film studio and released their first postwar film, Singapore at Night. The studio produced 167 Malay films before it closed in 1967; the last film was Nora Zain Female Agent 001, one of many Shaw films to exploit the James Bond craze. Throughout his career as a studio boss, Run Run borrowed every occidental movie trend, lending each the special Shaw glamour and pizzazz. In 1950, Nanyang reclaimed its Hong Kong production facility, renaming it the Shaw Brothers Studio, and calling the company Shaw and Sons Company Ltd. (Perhaps their father had become reconciled to financial success.) To challenge the dominant MP GI studio, Shaw expanded in 1957, bringing Run Run and Runme from Singapore to head a new company, Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd. He shaved 60 feet off a hill, to even the land, and built Movietown, which opened fully in 1961. (READ: The wild and free Hong Kong stock market, 1960) Run Run developed a studio system along Hollywood lines but with a Hong Kong work ethic: 20 40 films a year produced on 12 sound stages that operated in three eight hour shifts, with employees signed to eight year contracts that paid about HK$2000 a week plus room and board. Many lived in four dormitories Shaw built on the lot. In the mid '60s such future stars as Yueh Hua, Lily Ho, Chan Ping, Jenny Wu, Li Qing and Cheng Peipei were all on the same floor. "We look to their living quarters, their comfortable living, their dresses, their social problem," said the paternalist Run Run in an interview he gave in English in 1964. "The only thing that we cannot control is their loving [sic] affairs." Everyone worked 60 hour weeks; it is said that some found the only way to supplement their incomes was to become involved with the local triads. The studio became known as Hollywood East and earned that appellation. and India. "Each of the Shaw brothers evolved and set up separate companies within the Shaw empire," wrote critic Stephen Teo, who describes Run Run as "a shrewd promoter and Cecil B. De Mille type showman who was no less an aesthete and a true connoisseur of film." TIME reported that Brothers Karamazov, starring bald Yul Brynner, played the Shaw circuit, Run Run organized a head shaving contest with a prize for the shiniest pate [and] started a teen age craze for bald heads. (READ: A Hong Kong Roundtable chaired by Michael Elliott) In the '50s and '60s Shaw created and nurtured a galaxy of female stars: Li Lihua, Lin Dai, Lin Cui, Le Di, Ling Bo, Li Jing, to name just the actresses with "L" names. "We have at least 50 actresses, 24 actors, saidRun Run in a 1964 interview. Hong Kong the actresses are more important than actors, because we have more beautiful girls." From The Beauties of the Shaw Studio: believed that for his actresses to be married was bad box office. He exercised enormous control over their lives. If an actress wanted to leave for a rival studio he could be quite ruthless." Tanny Tien Ni, who starred in Shaw's spate of erotic dramas in the '70s, recalled: "I had a Taiwanese passport. The Shaw studio had always sponsored my work permit. So they used this as a weapon. Suddenly, without warning, they withdrew their guarantee. If this had happened, I would have been forced to leave the country." To stay in Hong Kong, Tien Ni kept busy: she made 51 feature films in six years. Raymond Chow had been Shaw's first head of publicity and then, asvice general manager, the supervisor of production. In 1970 Chow left to form Golden Harvest, which soon rivaled and then overtook Shaw. Run Run dominance bred arrogance or maybe it was the other way around and a midlife calcification. When Bruce Lee, born in San Francisco to a prominent Chinese opera star and his wife, returned to Hong Kong after co starring in the ABC TV series The Green Hornet, Shaw lowballed him with a contract offer of HK$10,000 a film. Chow beat the offer and Golden Harvest reaped the reward of Lee international stardom before his 1973 death. Chow also outbid Shaw for one of the many martial arts actors hoping to be next Bruce Lee and voil,Jackie Chan proved to be the biggest worldwide star the colony had ever produced. In the mid '70s Shaw had a few international co production deals: with Hammer Films (Dracula and the 7 Golden Vampires) and with producers from Spain (Bloody Money), Italy (Supermen Against the Orient) and West Germany (Mighty Peking Man). Run Run also helped finance Ridley Scott Blade Runner a flop on its 1982 release, a science fiction classic soon after. Raymond Chow was succeeded as the production chief byMona Fong Yat wa, a former minor actress (she can be seen singing "Have Fun Tonight" in the 1957Mambo Girl) and one of the few women to run a film studio in that era; she also kept company with Run Run after working hours. He concentrated on TVB, which began transmitting on Oct. 12, 1967 as the first commercial station in Hong Kong. It regularly attracted 70% plus of local viewers with predecessors of American Idol (song contests) and The Sopranos (longform drama). Its Cantonese language Jade channel was supplemented by the English language Pearl channel. Shaw also stayed active in Hong Kong as the owner of office blocks, malls, hotels, apartment houses and an amusement park. And in 2002, when Celestial released the first 10 features of its Shaw Brothers library, Run Run, evervital at 95, presided over a star laden party reuniting many of the directors and actors who had worked, and lived, under his knowing eye. (READ: Corliss on the 2002 rerelease of Shaw Brothers classic films) Run Run 50 year marriage to (Lady) Lily Shaw, a Malaysian, produced two sons, Vee ming and Harold, and two daughters, Violet and Dorothy, none of whom cared to join the family business. Lily died in 1987, and 10 years later, in Las Vegas, Run Run married Mona Fong. He stayed nimble by practicing Chi Gong exercises each day. Into his second century he kept showing up, relatively fit, at TVB anniversary functions, and didn surrender control of the company until 2011. Spotted a few years ago at the Hong Kong airport in a wheelchair steered by his housekeeper, Shaw claimed his health was fine. He was just hitching a ride.

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