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Then she looked to the north, and saw a deep but narrow valley lying between two rocky mountains, and a third mountain that shut off the valley at the further end. Westward the fertile Land of Ev suddenly ended a little way from the palace, and the girl could see miles and miles of sandy desert that stretched further than her eyes could reach. It was this desert, she thought, with much interest, that alone separated her from the wonderful Land of Oz, and she remembered sorrowfully that she had been told no one had ever been able to cross this dangerous waste but herself. Once a cyclone had carried her across it, and a magical pair of silver shoes had carried her back again. But now she had neither a cyclone nor silver shoes to assist her, and her condition was sad indeed. For she had become the prisoner of a disagreeable princess who insisted that she must exchange her head for another one that she was not used to, and which might not fit her at all. Really, there seemed no hope of help for her from her old friends in the Land of Oz. Thoughtfully she gazed from her narrow window. On all the desert not a living thing was stirring. Wait, though! Something surely WAS stirring on the desert something her eyes had not observed at first. Now it seemed like a cloud; now it seemed like a spot of silver; now it seemed to be a mass of rainbow colors that moved swiftly toward her. What COULD it be, she wondered? Then, gradually, but in a brief space of time nevertheless, the vision drew near enough to Dorothy to make out what it was. A broad green carpet was unrolling itself upon the desert, while advancing across the carpet was a wonderful procession that made the girl open her eyes in amazement as she gazed. First came a magnificent golden chariot, drawn by a great Lion and an immense Tiger, who stood shoulder to shoulder and trotted along as gracefully as a well matched team of thoroughbred horses. And standing upright within the chariot was a beautiful girl clothed in flowing robes of silver gauze and wearing a jeweled diadem upon her dainty head. She held in one hand the satin ribbons that guided her astonishing team, and in the other an ivory wand that separated at the top into two prongs, the prongs being tipped by the letters "O" and "Z", made of glistening diamonds set closely together. The girl seemed neither older nor larger than Dorothy herself, and at once the prisoner in the tower guessed that the lovely driver of the chariot must be that Ozma of Oz of whom she had so lately heard from Tiktok. Following close behind the chariot Dorothy saw her old friend the Scarecrow, riding calmly astride a wooden Saw Horse, which pranced and trotted as naturally as any meat horse could have done. And then came Nick Chopper, the Tin Woodman, with his funnel shaped cap tipped carelessly over his left ear, his gleaming axe over his right shoulder, and his whole body sparkling as brightly as it had ever done in the old days when first she knew him. The Tin Woodman was on foot, marching at the head of a company of twenty seven soldiers, of whom some were lean and some fat, some short and some tall; but all the twenty seven were dressed in handsome uniforms of various designs and colors, no two being alike in any respect. Behind the soldiers the green carpet rolled itself up again, so that there was always just enough of it for the procession to walk upon, in order that their feet might not come in contact with the deadly, life destroying sands of the desert. Dorothy knew at once it was a magic carpet she beheld, and her heart beat high with hope and joy as she realized she was soon to be rescued and allowed to greet her dearly beloved friends of Oz the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion. Indeed, the girl felt herself as good as rescued as soon as she recognized those in the procession, for she well knew the courage and loyalty of her old comrades, and also believed that any others who came from their marvelous country would prove to be pleasant and reliable acquaintances. As soon as the last bit of desert was passed and all the procession, from the beautiful and dainty Ozma to the last soldier, had reached the grassy meadows of the Land of Ev, the magic carpet rolled itself together and entirely disappeared. Then the chariot driver turned her Lion and Tiger into a broad roadway leading up to the palace, and the others followed, while Dorothy still gazed from her tower window in eager excitement. They came quite close to the front door of the palace and then halted, the Scarecrow dismounting from his Saw Horse to approach the sign fastened to the door, that he might read what it said. Dorothy, just above him, could keep silent no longer. "Here I am!" she shouted, as loudly as she could. "Here's Dorothy!" "Dorothy who?" asked the Scarecrow, tipping his head to look upward until he nearly lost his balance and tumbled over backward..

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Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Chrome Yellow Reflect Silver Platinum White Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Grey Pink Quilted Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Green Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Grey Pink Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Tiffany Blue Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Black Gym Red Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Black Gym Red Wolf Grey From the corner of East Roosevelt and South Columbus near downtown Chicago, you can very clearly see both the old and new Soldier Field. The stadium was recently renovated to make it a modern facility while still retaining some of its historic traits. The stone columns that have been there since the 1920s were preserved, but newly built stands now jut out over them, making the grand pillars look almost as if they were hiding. You can't even see the columns from inside the stadium like you used to. Above the stands on one side, rows of black and aqua colored glass enclose the new luxury boxes, and they're very futuristic looking. This blending of the old Soldier with the new Soldier looks a bit odd, unnatural, science fiction y. Which isn't to say that anyone did a poor job designing it. It just looks strange, that's all. Now let's say we were discussing both the old and new Chicago Bears only they wouldn't be stacked one on top of the other, the way designers did with Soldier. And to simplify matters, let's limit the discussion to Bears linebackers, of which there have been many standouts over the years. The old would be Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary, to name only the best. Both men are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Butkus inducted in 1979, Singletary in '98. The two are by no means carbon copies of each other, but both were intimidating by nature, both seldom missed tackles, and both hit blockers and ball carriers very, very hard. The new would be 28 year old Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who has played six seasons in the NFL. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in five of those. In 2002, he broke Butkus' team record for tackles in a season (190) with 214 19 of which were for a loss of yards. And last year the Associated Press named him NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He's one of the best if not the best players at his position. Urlacher is kind of like Solider Field. He's new, but he's also got a lot of old stuff in him. Like Butkus and Singletary, he hits hard, tackles well and intimidates. Also like them, he's not flashy. After making a great play and he makes many he doesn't celebrate. Commentators, coaches and sports fans consider him a tough guy, a blue collar guy, a throwback. Urlacher's newness resides in his rare speed and athleticism for a player of his size and position. He's 6'4" and around 260 pounds. (In person, he's taller than you expect, resembling a burly NBA forward as much as an NFL linebacker.) Sometimes in a game, he'll make a tackle that most linebackers wouldn't have the speed to make. He'll sprint from the middle of the field to the sideline to nail a running back behind the line of scrimmage before he can turn the corner and move upfield. And in a game against the 49ers last season, when Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher picked up a missed field goal and returned it 108 yards for a touchdown, setting a league record, Urlacher used his speed and athleticism to make what looked like three different blocks to help his teammate go all the way. "The game is so much different now than when they played," says Urlacher, referring to Butkus and Singletary. "There's so much more speed now and so many good athletes. I feel like I'm a new breed of linebacker." Here are a few other things you should know about Brian Urlacher. He's from Lovington, New Mexico, where, in addition to football, he ran track and played basketball while growing up. In track, Urlacher did the long jump and ran the hurdles, relays and 100 and 200 meter sprints. In the summer after seventh grade, to prepare for high school football, he started lifting weights. At first, the coaches wouldn't let him do much in the weight room he mostly ran but in high school he was allowed to lift more, and he stuck with it year round after that, getting stronger every year. During the football season, Urlacher and his younger brother, Casey (who looks exactly like Brian but is about 6 inches shorter), would get up at 5:30 in the morning three days a week to lift weights. His main lifts were squats and power cleans. Although never a big bencher, Urlacher has benched 390 pounds in the past, which is quite good for someone as long armed and tall as he is. "I was always more of a leg guy," says Urlacher. "My high school coach instilled in us that you were gonna hit legs no matter what. Squats and power cleans, that's what he wanted us to do. If we didn't get our bench in, he wasn't too worried." At Lovington High School, Urlacher was an all state wide receiver and defensive back, but he wasn't heavily recruited by colleges. "I went to a small high school, so that's probably why," he says. "I wasn't huge I was 195 pounds but I could still run fast." The University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque was the only college to offer him a scholarship. He played at UNM as an 18 year old true freshman in 1996. That same year he added a lot of weight by continuing to lift hard four days a week. "College is where I made most of my gains," Urlacher says. "I gained a bunch of weight, and my lifts all jumped up. I got to school at 210 pounds, and at the end of my freshman year I was 235. I gained 25 pounds of muscle that year alone. We busted our asses in college and had a great conditioning program." Urlacher's primary position during his four years at UNM was free safety, but he also returned punts and kickoffs and even caught some passes. It was only in his sophomore season that he played linebacker full time. By senior year, he weighed 245 pounds and was as fast as ever. At the 2000 NFL combine, Urlacher ran the 40 yard dash in a swift 4.57 seconds. When the Bears drafted him with the ninth pick in the first round, he was power cleaning 405 for a one rep max and squatting as much as 555 pounds. "And," he notes, "I haven't maxed out since." There's nothing old about the Chicago Bears training facilities at 1000 Football Drive in Lake Forest, Illinois, about 45 minutes north of Soldier Field. Nothing, that is, except some black and white photographs of former players on the walls, a few murals celebrating the Bears' rich tradition which includes nine world championships and the fact that the indoor practice field is called the Walter Payton Center. The facilities are likely no more remarkable than the average NFL team's, but to the nonprofessional athlete, they're impressive. The main building, which houses the weight and training rooms, is called Halas Hall, named after the late George "Papa Bear" Halas, who founded the Bears organization in 1920 and coached them, off and on, for 40 years. (His initials, GSH, can still be found on the left sleeve of the current Bears jerseys.) Inside the training room are hot and cold whirlpools, electric stimulation machines and more or less everything else you might expect to be used to prevent and treat football related injuries. If you play for the Bears, you'd rather not have to see head athletic trainer Tim Bream too often; spending hours every day in the training room means you're injured and probably not playing much. Yet Urlacher logged countless hours with Bream back in 2004, when he missed seven games because of severe hamstring strains and a compartment syndrome in his lower left leg. But Urlacher didn't miss any games in '05. Bream attributes this to the linebacker's thorough rehab, but also strange as it may sound to a more healthful diet. The Bears provide breakfast and lunch for the team both in and off season; they also encourage players to eat lots of complex carbohydrates like pastas and whole grains, which the muscles use for energy. "My first five years in the league, I ate like crap," Urlacher says. "I just ate junk. And it didn't bother me on the field. But as I'm getting older, I'm trying to eat better so I can keep my body in shape. I'm still not where I need to be with my diet, but I'm getting better." The weight room at Halas has been furnished to accommodate 50 or more players lifting at the same time. It has all the basics: three heavy duty squat racks; four incline press racks; three flat bench racks; two wooden powerlifting platforms with Bears helmets painted on them; multiple dumbbell racks; various Hammer Strength, Cybex and cardio machines and so on. There are also a lot of esoteric pieces of equipment, which remind you that enhancing performance on the football field not just looking good in pads is Job One. These include an agility ladder, a Reebok Core Board, some odd looking stretching contraption, a heavy bag and even, off in the corner, a tackling dummy. Other than that, it's just a regular weight room. Rusty Jones is the Bears' head strength coach, and Urlacher swears by him. "Whatever he tells me to do, I do," says the linebacker. "Seems to be working." Jones believes in having balance in his program by hitting nearly every major muscle group in each training session. Everything Jones tells his players to do has a purpose, not that Urlacher or most others would necessarily understand all that comes out of his mouth. Here's an example: In explaining the philosophy behind Urlacher's Monday Wednesday Friday lifting routine and his Tuesday Thursday football specific running program, Jones uses terms like functional movement screening differentiation proprioception level to 15 in your pass drop sprint to 40 and drop to 12 training at 180% 210% of your VO2 max attacking quad dominance by stretching so the glute doesn't shut down when your IT band and psoas get tight that kind of stuff. But Jones' bottom line for training Urlacher and the rest of the Bears is easier to digest. He believes in incorporating "true specificity of training" that is, doing in the gym and on the practice field only what's going to help you be a better, stronger football player. And that makes perfect sense. What, for instance, would be the point of running long distances when the average football play lasts about five seconds? That Wednesday in May when we photographed Urlacher, he wanted to actually work out, not just act like he was. At the time, he was in Phase 2, the strength phase, of his off season lifting program, which means performing sets of mostly 5 6 reps. That phase lasted from May 1 to June 4, and that was after he did a strength and endurance phase in the previous three weeks, with sets of 8 10 reps. "I take pride in being in the weight room," says Urlacher. "Eleven months out of the year [he takes a month off after the season], I'm in there training, trying to get better. Now that I'm getting older, I realize that the weight room is going to keep me healthy. I hate missing days in the gym. I grew up lifting, and I just love being in there and being around my teammates." On that day, he wore orange Bears shorts, a white sleeveless T shirt and white Nikes. His hair was cut very short, almost buzzed, like it always seems to be, and you could see the barbed wire tattoo on his right arm that makes him look pretty tough, not like a lot of guys who get that tattoo and look corny. Before doing any lifting, he performed some core warm up exercises, was stretched by Jones on a training table and ran through the quick foot ladder. Clearly, in the NFL, warming up before training is crucial to minimizing injuries and therefore taken very seriously. "The thing about the pros is, you don't want to get hurt in the weight room," Urlacher says. "There's no doubt that you train hard, but you don't want to push the weight around like you do in college. At UNM, we'd max out every five or six weeks. I've never maxed out in the NFL. There's really no reason to put that much weight on the bar and risk hurting yourself. We train smart, we train hard, but we don't do anything crazy." That said, Urlacher still went plenty heavy on his first lift, incline barbell presses. He did seven sets, including warm ups, with his last three heavy sets at 295 pounds for five reps and one "comedown set" after that for 10 reps at 250. He supersetted Hammer Strength rows with the inclines and got up to four plates on each side for sets of six. Urlacher supersets a lot and likes to move quickly through his workouts, so much so that our photographer fell behind the pace. After the incline/row supersets, he paired rear delt flyes with a hip extension machine, then supersetted incline dumbbell presses with standing one legged calf raises. He used 110 pound dumbbells on the incline press, which is a heck of a lot of weight considering his vast wingspan. "I lift by myself a lot because I like to do supersets," Urlacher notes. "A lot of guys don't like to do them, but I do so I can get through my workout quicker. I feel like I've built my endurance that way, too." Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green,Technological convergence offers business the benefits of two or more technical services in one. A convergence that is gaining worldwide popularity is fixed mobile convergence, or FMC. This innovative technology combines mobile phone use with VoIP services. These include calling, web connectivity and video and media functionality. Fixed mobile convergence is especially beneficial for business communication, as its cost reducing features help businesses to achieve better return on investment. Think of all of the features that make mobile phones indispensable to businesses: They can be taken anywhere in the world, they run vital business applications and, most importantly, they offer instant connectivity. However, the downside of mobile phone usage is high calling costs, low quality signal and dropped calls. Now think of VoIP technology. It's seamless, has a high level of functionality, and offers calls at very low rates, or for free between users. However, VoIP is immobile and impersonal. When FMC merges VoIP technology and mobile technology, the results are a powerful combination of the two: A handset offering mobility, personalised settings, crystal clear reception and low calling costs. Clearly, FMC has the ability to revolutionise business communication and significantly cut costs. Fixed mobile convergence is especially useful for those working from home, and those who are needed in various locations at a single site (for example, in a large office or at a building site). It's also beneficial to those who spend a lot of time travelling for business, but who need to remain in contact with the office. Features of Fixed Mobile Convergence The following features of fixed mobile convergence are a combination of the benefits of mobile phones and VoIP technology: System administrators are able to manage VoIP functions and usage from any location worldwide. Increased assistance with service management relieves VoIP users of having to deal with the functioning of the telephony hardware, unless they wish to. In this case, they are able to access phone settings across a web interface themselves. Benefits of fixed mobile convergence The dual mode of FMC allows for the use of one cell phone to manage regular and VoIP communication. This means that the use of desk phones and cellular handsets can become a thing of the past. Calling, conference calling, web access and call transfers are all capable through a cellular handset with VoIP. Mobility is increased, whether in the office or on the move, and global flexibility becomes more possible than ever before. FMC services are easy to set up and have no impact on existing business telephony systems, as they integrate fully and are scaleable to any system currently in use. Costs are minimised through reduced capital outlays, cheaper mobile calls and web access tariffs. This allows you more time for necessary communication without the stress of having to keep calls to a minimum to reduce communication costs. Clients and colleagues can be reached worldwide, improving client service delivery and internal operations. Revolutionise business performance with FMC Efficient business communication is paramount to a business' success. Fixed mobile conversion is a viable option for businesses looking for an economical yet highly functional telephony system that improves communication while cutting costs. Those relying on out dated forms of communication are being left behind in the global business economy by businesses harnessing VoIP technology as their preferred method of communication. 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Where Can i Find The Size 5 Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green,Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/funnyuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. No posts that make no attempt at humor We won remove posts where the humor is crappy or unfunny (that a subjective judgement), but every post must make at least some attempt at humor. Read more here. 1. No reaction or HIFW posts How I Feel When posts belong in /r/HIFW. Reaction gifs belong in /r/reactiongifs. 2. No posts with their sole purpose being to communicate with another redditor. Click for an Example. This includes asking for upvotes. 3. No Posts for the specific point of it being your reddit birthday. Cake day posts are not allowed. 4. Posts which result in harassment of any individual, subreddit, or other entity may be removed at the moderators discretion. Posts with titles such as "I got banned from /r/___" or "This got removed from /r/___" are not allowed. 5. No Politics Anything involving politics or a political figure. Try /r/politicalhumor instead. 6. No Pictures of just text This includes pictures of text with irrelevant images that don add context. Make a self post instead. Example Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green "It has been an honor to serve this community, but it is also time for someone else to prepare for the next term beginning in 2015. I have made the decision to not seek re election. It was not an easy decision," Jakobsson said in an email sent to supporters. "There is still much to be done in the next year while finishing the term I am in and will continue to represent you until January 2015." Richards followed Jakobsson's email with his own, saying that Jakobsson had asked him to run for the seat representing the 103rd District, which includes almost all of Champaign and Urbana. "Representative Jakobsson has asked me to run for state representative," said Richards, a county board member from Champaign and a legislative liaison to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. "Whomever wins this seat will have big shoes to fill." Richards said that Jakobsson "has not only stood up for our progressive values in Springfield, she has fought for the area's interests, successfully fighting for Health Alliance and securing funding for Lincoln Hall. Champaign Urbana and the U of I are the innovation engine of Illinois, and we need to ensure we have leadership in Springfield that can continue to successfully advocate for our community." It's not likely that Richards will be the only Democratic candidate for the House seat, and a number of Republicans also have been patiently waiting for the politically popular Jakobsson to retire. Jakobsson's decision not to seek another term in the House means that it's possible that Champaign Urbana could lose both of its veteran state legislators in 2015. State Sen. Mike Frerichs, D Champaign, is considering a run for the Democratic nomination for state treasurer. Jakobsson, 71, spent 12 years as Champaign County recorder of deeds and worked as interim director of A Woman's Fund and executive director of the University YWCA before ousting state Rep. Tom Berns, an Urbana Republican, in 2002 by a 1,489 vote margin in 2002. In 2004, she won a three way race against Republican Deborah Frank Feinen and Socialist Equality candidate Thomas Mackaman. Mackaman got 1,466 votes, Feinen got 14,250 and Jakobsson received 25,700. Last year, she easily defeated Champaign businessman Rob Meister, 69 percent to 31 percent. Endorsements are best expressed by endorsers, not by endorsees. It seems too power grabby, and a little bit pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Moreover, it's creepy to even insinuate that the people's representatives should be hand picked by the powers that be. It reeks of oligarchy. Having known Naomi Jakobbson since about the time I was born, I know she's too smart and too respectful of democratic principles to dictate a successor upon her constituency. I also think the Dems would be wise to nominate someone who is not considered a party hack. If Michael Richards is the nominee, the only thing we'll hear about for five months is his DUI. As a resident of the 103rd District, I want to thank Representative Jakobsson for her years of dedicated service. We have been so very fortunate to be represented by a person who genuinely cares about our community, state and country and was willing to put the work in to make them all better places for us to live. Thank you again Representative Jakobsson and best wishes in your future endeavors.

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