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They had dug a trench about 12 feet deep and nearly 30 feet long along a leaky side wall of the house on Mount Albert Road. Mr. Kierson had been left alone in the ditch and was trying to climb out for a lunch break when his foot got stuck in the sand at the bottom and at least 2 tons of dirt fell into the hole, trapping him. "We jumped in and started digging him out, but the dirt kept falling," said Joe Kirsch, a Baywood carpenter and work crew member. While three workers tried to help Mr. Kierson, the other called 911. "Fire and rescue told us to get out," Mr. Kirsch said, "else we'd have been five in instead of one." Nearly 60 rescue workers from Howard, Carroll, Baltimore and Montgomery counties took part in the methodical task of freeing Mr. Kierson not only removing the dirt but attending to the medical needs and morale of the trapped worker. Early in the day, he could be heard crying out, "Oh God, get me out of here!" He was urged to remain calm and still. Karen Bathras, a Howard paramedic, talked to Mr. Kierson throughout the afternoon. An oxygen mask was lowered to Mr. Kierson, and eventually an intravenous tube was run into his arm to drip glucose and fluid into his body to prevent dehydration. A Howard County firefighter, Dave Couvillion, was slightly injured as he worked near the trench when he slipped and he was struck in the ribs by a piece of wood. He was released after treatment at Howard County General Hospital. As the dirt around and under Mr. Kierson was slowly shoveled away, the rescuers put a jacket around his torso. A rope, draped over a 24 foot ladder leaning against the side of the house, was attached to the jacket to help support Mr. Kierson. Rescuers above the ditch kept calling down to Mr. Kierson as the work progressed, asking how he was doing. His girlfriend, mother and grandfather were standing nearby as he was freed and placed, smiling, on a stretcher for an ambulance ride to a field at the Glenelg Country School. A state police Medevac helicopter was waiting there to take him to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. Kierson was in serious condition. It was not known whether his lower extremities were permanently damaged by the cold dirt and pressure of being buried all afternoon. Howard Fire Battalion Chief Don Howell said it appeared the workers had failed to shore up the trench a precaution he said was needed when digging 3 feet or deeper and should have dug at a slant rather than straight down. The official investigation was begun at the scene by representatives of the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health agency, which can impose fines for violations of state regulations at a work site. 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They dont know if you are even a good trainer. Offer a guarantee that if they arent please with your service, you will give them their money back. That will make them want to work with you. A second factor is they are spending a lot of money to work with you. So show the benefits of working with you and explain what a value they will get with you training you. Offer a free trial for two visits or so. It makes the client feel comfortable and they will want to stay with you after the free trial is over. They are self conscious and uncomfortable. The client doesnt want to be embarrassed. Assure them that you can help them and put them at ease. This is probably not the first time the client has tried to lose weight. They have probably tried several diets and didnt have any success so they may be cynical that you can even help them. Make sure to listen to what they are saying and empathize with their failures in the past. Make sure to demonstrate how you can help them. Show them the value they will be getting. Take pictures of other clients to show the new client that you are confident and successful. Once you have started working with them, ask for feedback. After they have trained with you for a period, they will want to share their opinion with you. Ask them for referrals too. Above all, continue marketing and getting new clients. Next >Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 September 2010 01:29Who's OnlineWe have 285 guests and 1 member online Silic0n3fr Site StatisticMembers : 51015 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15249243 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Iguana Reflect Silver Cargo Khaki Quilted,Byline: ZOE Zoe(born c. 978, Constantinople 1050, Constantinople) Byzantine empress. The daughter of Constantine VIII, she married Romanus III Argyrus in 1028. He died in 1034, perhaps poisoned by her, and she married her lover and chamberlain, who became Michael IV. CHAMBERLAINTHEY are the shoes that are definitely top of the FOOTSIE index.Because these Eternal Diamond Stilettoes have gone up for sale inBirmingham's Jewellery Quarter The Jewellery Quarter is situated in the south of the Hockley area of Birmingham, England. It is about one mile north west of Birmingham city centre, centered around grid reference SP060876, and is an Anchor Point of ERIH, the European Route of Industrial Heritage. at a cool pounds 100,000 a pair.The spectacular shoes are the most expensive in the world, havingbeen made entirely from solid gold and encrusted with 2,200 diamonds. He appeared in over 45 episides throughout the show's 243 episode run.His roles as an actor are mainly police officers. Shellis, who also runs three shops in the Jewellery Quarter.''Shoes are something women find totally irresistible andI wanted a way of showcasing my skills of goldsmithing, diamond settingand design in a way that was really attractive."Christopher, 52 and from Quinton, already has orders fromThe father oftwo refuses to name potential owners of his shoes. Butthe likes of Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Tweedy and even infamous shoecollector Imelda Marcos Imelda Trinidad Romuldez Marcos (born July 2, 1929 in Manila) is a former First Lady and influential political figure in the Philippines. She is known as the "Steel Butterfly" and remains a controversial figure not only in her home country, but around the world. could be in the frame."I can't name the celebrities because they'll cancelthe order or demand I pay pounds 15,000 to use their name!" smiles"All I can say is they are VERY high profile people."

Store Online Cheap Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Iguana Reflect Silver Cargo Khaki Quilted,Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Choosing a proper fitting running shoe can be difficult at best. Dr. Nirenburg of America's Podiatrist, however, claims it may be impossible because the average foot may undergo four different shapes at any point in time. To illustrate, the static shape is that of the foot at rest, while the weight bearing shape is when the foot's 26 bones shift during standing. Functional shape occurs during walking or running, and thermal shape is the foot's response to temperature and humidity. It is thus difficult to find a shoe that accommodates each of these shapes, particularly as the foot can expand by one and a half shoe sizes during jogging. What may ensue are painful injuries, such as Morton's neuroma. This is a growth on one of the nerves that causes severe pain and burning on the toes or ball of the foot. The term "shin splints" refers to leg pain that occurs between the ankle and knee. This pain, which can affect runners of all ages, is commonly caused by inflammation around the tibia. Running shoes are one of the greatest contributing factors to shin splints, as those that do not provide adequate shock absorption and support can actually cause shin splints to develop. Northcoast Footcare suggests that purchasing a supportive shoe is one of the most important steps in preventing shin splints. A flexible shoe, on the other hand, will increase a runner's chances of developing this condition. In addition, some shoes, particularly those for distance running, are specifically designed to prevent such injuries as shin splints. Those shoes absorb the shock of running by sending shock waves up the leg and to the torso, thus providing a more comfortable run. According to Northcoast Footcare, friction blisters are one of the most common foot injuries sustained by runners. They commonly develop on the back of the heels and on the toes. Considered a defense mechanism of the body, blisters are occasionally unavoidable. In most cases, however, blisters occur because of running shoes. Runners Rescue explains that shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause friction in the toes or sole areas of the foot. The best method of prevention is therefore purchasing running shoes that fit well and are intended for the purpose of running. Feet can also be lubricated with Vaseline or talcum powder to reduce friction inside the shoe. Achilles tendonitis and related calf injuries are those most commonly suffered by runners. Running shoes that fit properly can help prevent injuries to the Achilles tendon and support those who are recovering from such injuries. Conversely, the wrong shoe can also increase a runner's chances of developing tendonitis, prolong recovery and lead to a reoccurrence of injury. Shoes should also have a flexible sole and correct arch support for the wearer. For example, flat feet need more arch support, while high arched feet need less. Both types of feet are linked to a greater chance of tendonitis, so it is important for runners to know their foot shape and purchase the right shoes for balance. One problem that often develops with older, worn running shoes is plantar fasciitis, or heel pain. Afflicting one million runners every year, plantar fasciitis is the result of too much stress in the plantar fascia ligament located along the foot's bottom. That stress, usually the result of low quality or worn shoes, can lead to tearing, inflammation and pain. New running shoes that do not fit properly can also lead to plantar fasciitis. The solution, and best method of prevention, is to therefore purchase high quality shoes with adequate support and stability, and replace them as needed. Sore Calf Muscles Caused by Shoes Ill fitting or sky high shoes can cause a number of unintended consequences besides a few extra blisters. For one, these types of shoes. How to Break in Running Shoes Running shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any runner. Taking the proper care in selecting and breaking in running. The Causes of Random Foot Pain The human foot has a complex structure consisting of dozens of bones, muscles and tendons to absorb shock and support weight. Pain. Problems With Athletic Shoes Athletic shoes can do more harm than good if you are not well informed. Expensive shoes may come with promises to make. Common Problems With Running Shoes Holes in the Mesh Running for sport or fitness requires the correct shoes. Keeping your shoes in good repair will reduce the likelihood of shoe failure. Shin Splint Remedy The inflammation of the muscle that runs down the front of the lower leg is called shin splints. Shin splints is usually. What Kind of Shoes for Running? Wearing appropriate running shoes is important for injury prevention and optimum performance. Determining which footwear is best depends on your foot shape,. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Iguana Reflect Silver Cargo Khaki Quilted Insiders reported that on Tuesday December the 13th, they bought and sold $422 million of stock in almost 300 separate transactions in 192 different companies, including selling $149 million worth of stock and buying $273 million worth of stock. These transactions have to be reported within two days of the trade, so the transactions reported yesterday occurred sometime after the middle of last week. We culled through these 300 or so insider buys and sells (based on yesterday SEC Forms 3, 4, and 5 filings), as part of our daily and weekly coverage of insider trades, and present here the most notable trades reported Tuesday (for a general discussion on how to interpret insider trades, please look at the end of this article): Altera Corp. (NASDAQ:ALTR): ALTR manufactures programmable logic devices, FPGAs, and application specific ICs for telecom and industrial markets. Insiders currently hold 3.3 million or 1.1% of outstanding shares. On Tuesday, Director Robert Finocchio exercised options and sold the resulting 40,000 shares (regular sell) for $1.4 million, ending the day with 20,001 shares. Mr. Finocchio, a former CEO and Chairman of Informix Corp., has been a Director of ALTR since 2002, and he is also a private investor and part time professor at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA. ALTR currently trades near the lows, and is approximately flat for the year. It trades at a premium 16 17 forward P/E compared to the 13.3 average for its peers in the logic semiconductors group. St. Jude Medical (NYSE:STJ): STJ develops cardiovascular medical devices for cardiac rhythm management, atrial fibrillation, cardiac surgery, cardiology and neuromodulation. Insiders currently hold 7.3 million or 2.2% of outstanding shares. On Tuesday, Group President Michael Rousseau exercised options and sold the resulting 75,000 shares as part of a 10b5 1 plan for $2.7 million, ending the day 19,529 shares. Overall, during the past three months, insiders sold only a total of 19,000 shares (buying none). STJ currently trades near its lows, and is down approximately 20% year to date. It trades at a discount 9 10 forward P/E and 2.5 P/B compared to averages of 97.3 and 3.7 for the medical products group. Nordstrom Inc. (NYSE:JWN): JWN operates 207 high end department stores in 28 states offering apparel, shoes, cosmetics and accessories for women, men and children. Insiders currently hold 17.8 million or 8.2% of outstanding shares. On Tuesday, President Blake Nordstrom exercised options and sold the resulting 106,466 shares (regular sell) for $5.1 million, ending the day with 1.62 million shares (and an additional 72 million shares in indirect holdings). Mr. Nordstrom is the great grandson of John W. Nordstrom, a Swedish immigrant that founded the Seattle area chain, and he represents the fourth generation of the Nordstrom family to run the company. He started as a stockperson in 1974, then sales manager after 9 years, then merchandising manager, and so on, working his way to the executive suite. JWN trades at 13 forward P/E compared to the average 13.5 for its peers in the apparel and shoe retail chain. Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (NYSEMKT:GTE): GTE is engaged in oil and gas exploration in Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. Insiders currently hold 18.5 million or 7.5% of outstanding shares. On Tuesday, CEO Dana Coffield 300,000 shares (regular sell) for $1.5 million, ending the day with 2.2 million shares. This is in addition to the 200,000 shares that Mr. Coffield reported selling on Monday, so that together he sold 500,000 shares for $2.5 million in the last two days. Insider selling is not that common at GTE as the last time insiders sold prior this week was in January, and overall insiders sold only an additional 190,000 shares during the past year (buying only 20,000 shares). GTE currently trades near its lows, at a discount 8 forward P/E and 1.2 P/B compared to averages of 15.2 and 1.5 for the Canadian Exploration and Production group. Dunkin Brands Group Inc. and 56 foreign countries. Insiders currently hold 1.6 million or 1.3% of outstanding shares. On Tuesday, Director Jon Luther sold 36,446 shares (regular sell) for $0.9 million, ending the week with 1.3 million shares in direct and indirect holdings. Also, Bain Capital Investors LLC sold 633,385 shares for $15.7 million on Tuesday, ending the week with 22.2 million shares. Bain at the end of Q3 was the second largest holder of DNKN with 24.9% of the outstanding shares. DNKN just came public in late July this year, and currently it trades at 20 21 forward P/E and 4.1 P/B compared to averages of 18.2 and 10.6 respectively for the restaurant group. Insiders currently hold 2.8 million or 0.8% of outstanding shares. On Tuesday, CEO Thomas Watjen exercised options and sold the resulting 312,230 shares for $6.7 million, ending the week with 0.9 million shares (and an additional 12.9 million shares in indirect ownership). UNM trades at 6 7 forward P/E, slightly below the forward 8 P/E average for its peers in the Insurance group, while earnings are projected to increase at 9% compound growth rate from $2.69 in 2010 to $3.17 in 2012. On top of these, some additional large insider trades included a $3.6 million sell by CEO Nicholas Howley in aerospace/ defense company Transdigm Group Inc. (NYSE:TDG); a $6.2 million sell by Chairman Emeritus of the Board Herbert Simon in property REIT Simon Property Group Inc. (NYSE:SPG) that owns, operates, and develops regional malls, outlets and shopping centers; a $1.3 million sell by COO Awadhesh Sinha in fashion footwear company Steven Madden Ltd. (NASDAQ:SHOO); and an $11.9 million sell by eight insiders in discount retailer Dollar General Corp. (NYSE:DG). Disclaimer: Material presented here is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this article should be taken as a solicitation to purchase or sell securities. Before buying or selling any stock you should do your own research and reach your own conclusion. Further, these are our and we may be wrong. We may have positions in securities mentioned in this article. You should take this into consideration before acting on any advice given in this article. If this makes you uncomfortable, then do not listen to our thoughts and opinions. The contents of this article do not take into consideration your individual investment objectives so consult with your own financial adviser before making an investment decision. Investing includes certain risks including loss of principal.

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